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Default Eldar 1750

Here's the list I will be using for my Eldar. I think it will be a pretty good list. Your guys' opinions though?

1 Avatar of Khaine

1 Autarch
-Power Weapon and Shuriken Pistol
-Avenger Shuriken Catapult

9 Striking Scorpions
1 Exarch
-Stalker and Shadowstrike

9 Howling Banshees
1 Exarch
-Mirror Swords
-War Shout and Acrobatic
1 Wave Serpent
-Scatter Lasers
-Spirit Stones

9 Dire Avengers
1 Exarch
-Power Weapon and Shimmershield
-Bladestorm and Defend
1 Wave Serpent
-Scatter Lasers
-Spirit Stones

20 Guardians
-Scatter Laser Weapon Platform
-Warlock with Conceal Power

20 Guardians
-Scatter Laser Weapon Platform
-Warlock with Conceal Power

Heavy Support
1 Wraithlord
-2 Flamers or Shuriken Catapults

1 Fire Prism

Total is 1748

I think it will be a good strong list. I may drop a couple Guardinas from each squad and give the Wraithlord a Brightlance also to help out with Anti Tank duties but I'm not sure yet. I think that will really depend on how heavy a tank force is that I'm playing. I'm also thinking about dropping the Wraithlord and a couple Guardians from each squad and adding a second Fire Prism. The adding power to each other is a great ability. What do you guys' think or suggestions?
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This list looks pretty solid. It looks like you're trying to do a strong h2h power move and hold objectives with guardians. That will be difficult in most battles I think. I would drop the Howling Banshees and their wave serpent and buy a unit of Swooping Hawks and give the Autarch wings to roll in with them. This should also free up the points from the wave serpent allowing another unit of guardians or at least beefing them up.

Troops are going to be your backbone here and it looks like you're putting too many eggs in the "dear god let my h2h not suck."

But then again that's the eldar dilemma.

Originally Posted by Red Orc View Post
have you read any existing fluff? Really; don't mean to be rude, but have you?

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Very good ideas, but I just don't like Swooping Hawks. They have never been very effective for me. And Howling Banshees are a very nasty unit under the new rules. It's a bitch to wound with a strength 3 close combat 'specialist' though. I would kill for the Banshees to be strength 4 and the Scorpions to be strength 3.
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I think an Executionner will be better on the Banshee Exarch seeing as how you don't have Doom; the S5 attacks will come in handy.

If you're planning on going the "Reserve Target Denial" route by using the Autarch's Master Strategist, I would recommend swapping the Wraithlord for a second Fire Prism. In this sort of list the Avatar is an iffy choice as well but with so many guardians it's not a bad idea. Plus with your army being a bit weak in the AT department a MC with a Meltagun is going to be pretty useful.

If however, you are not using the Autarch for his Master Strategist and prefer to set up your army in a more traditionnal way (Still very good IMO) I would drop him. I don't know how competitive of a list you are going for but a Farseer is usually a staple in Eldar armies. The Autarch is cool but S3 PWs are just not that great without Doom to back them up.

I agree that Swooping Hawks are not the way to go, unless you go for the minimum sized-rubberhawking squads. Their weapons are pitifully weak.

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Yeah I was thinking that also as I was going over my list. I could drop the Wraithlord and some Guardians from each squad, the Autarch, and add a second Fire Prism and a Farseer. Not sure yet, and won't be until I play test it shortly. But I wanted to post it up and see if there was anything you guys could think of that I hadn't. It's always a good idea to get a second opinion, even if you don't like it.
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Judging by hte lack of responses, I made either a really good list. Or a really crappy one. I'm not sure which is the case yet.
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