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Default 1500pts new to Eldar, help!

Hey guys,

New to Eldar, looking for some advice. I picked up a large bundle on Ebay and made a 1500pt list. Besides whats listed, I can include a vyper, 7 warp spiders, another 10 guardians, 5 more fire dragons, and 8 swooping hawks. If possible keep the recommendations to that range (eg no wraithknights or flyers).

Only strategy I'll mention is that the Dire Avengers are Eldrad's bodyguard, and the scorpions infiltrate.


- Eldrad- 210pts
- Dire avengers x6- 78pts
- Guardians w/ scatter laser- 120pts
- Guardians w/ scatter laser- 120pts
- Striking scorpion x 10 w/ exarch/ claw- 210pts
- Fire dragons x 7 w/ exarch/ fast shot- 174pts
- Wave serpent- 115pts (for dragons)

- Fire prism w/ holo fields- 140pts
- Dark reaper x5 w/ exarch/ missile launcher/ flack missiles/ fast shot- 200pts
- Falcon w/ star cannon- 130pts
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Drop a dire avenger and use the falcon to transport eldrad and them around
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Welcome to the craftworlds I'll help as much as I can.

Eldrad & co can't squeeze into a Falcon so I guess they're walking? T3 4+ means that they won't get far, unfortunately :/ I'd suggest putting Eldrad into Guardians to buff both blobs and mount the Avengers to keep them alive and capping. Maybe even a Warlock or Spiritseer to help the Guardians who form the basis of your list stay alive? (The psykers are easy enough to convert from pretty much anything)
Your aspect warriors look fine apart from the Reapers, IMO. Their exarch is no incomparable hunter so he'll force the whole squad to shoot at a flier.. at S5! You'll get better AA value out of them by ditching the Exarch altogether and buying S8 missiles for everyone. If I were you, I wouldn't trouble with Reapers at all, though, and just trade the whole lot of them to Spiders ;)
Falcon's pulse laser is an anti-tank gun and the starcannon less so.. Changing the cannon to a scatter laser gives you more shots with which to hurt vehicles and twin-links the pulse laser to make sure you score at least some AP2 (instakilling) hits

Good luck and let us hear how it goes!

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Falcons can hold 6 people, so if you drop a DA you can fit the squad plus Eldrad inside. However keep in mind that he won't be able to use his psychic powers since there's no fire port and hence he can't get line of sight to anything.

One possible variant would be to give the wave serpent to the Dire avengers and the falcon to the fire dragons, ideally you'd upgrade the dire avenger squad to 10 people, one way to save points could be to drop a guardian squad for a ranger squad. Then eldrad either moves with the dire avengers or stays with the guardian squad.
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- Eldrad- 210pts


- Dire avengers x6- 78pts

As others have said these should go in the Falcon, you don't need Eldrad with them but they need a ride.

- Guardians w/ scatter laser- 120pts

Eh, a Star Cannon or a Bright Lance. A Scatter laser is nice but you will have trouble cracking certain units until your Dragons get there, give at least 1 a bright lance and a Scatter on the other. you will see the difference.

- Striking scorpion x 10 w/ exarch/ claw- 210pts

These are fine, just be careful where you put them. Hopefully out of LOS to start.

- Fire dragons x 7 w/ exarch/ fast shot- 174pts
For the cost of that Exarch you can get another Dragon. While the Exarch is BS 5, a extra body can be very important. With so many metla guns firing the extra BS won't make that much of a difference. But the extra wound will.

- Wave serpent- 115pts (for dragons)
If its for the dragons it should have a Holo Field and a Star Engine, while it does cost more, it helps to ensure they make it to their target. Its optional however, try it both ways and see which you like.

- Fire prism w/ holo fields- 140pts

The holo fields are VERY nice to have especially if you can get behind some nice Ruins, but with such a long range gun you won't really need it. Always deploy this FAR away from your troops and force your enemy to split up if he wants to kill it.

- Dark reaper x5 w/ exarch/ missile launcher/ flack missiles/ fast shot- 200pt

He doesn't need Flakk. Just give him a Krak Misile and have Eldrad guide them to shoot down planes or MCs. Otherwise it looks fine. I reccomend a 8 man Aspect squad however, 5 is "to low" but 10 is "to high". Trust me on this, if you can't find the points or models 5 is better than 3.

- Falcon w/ star cannon- 130pts

If you plan on this moving up, especially with a troop in it, you will want something like a Scatter Laser and a Holo-Field. The Star Cannon is nice, but what isnt is getting it close to Melta and MCs. AS basic Shuriken Cannon is fine too, in other words try not to spend points on something that will be getting close enough to be killed by 12' weapons.

Edit: I keep forgetting the new codex has the same points cost for most weapons on vehicles, take whatever you want.

Edit 2: You don't really "need" eldrad at 1500 points, instead try taking two farseers for 5 points less and +2 powers. A double Psy Scream will handle most units or MCs

The Eldar, more than any other army, should not only look at the output of each unit individually, but the synergy of multiple units together and their role in the force as a whole. - Fable

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