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Default Baron 1k Against Noob Tau =]

Hello there all.
I have been interested in running a baron list for a while, and one of my friends has just gotten into the hobby, and plays tau, so i figured as I'm used to playing MEQs, and he's just plain new, we could learn to use our armies together =]


9 Hellions

10 Hellions
-Phantasm 'nades

5 Scourges
-2 Haywire Blasters

10 Mandrakes

6 Reavers
-2 Heat Lances
-Arena Champion
-Cluster Caltrops


I wanted this to be themed to a street gang, like in the fluff, so I don't want to include vehicles.

My opponents list at 1k usually consists of something like this;
2 Crisis Suits
12 Fire Warriors w/ 2 Gun Drones
12 Fire Warriors w/ Devilfish Transport
Hammerhead w/ Railcannon
and a small group of kroot.

Now, My basic plan is to run the Baron with the group of 9 Hellions, giving them the phantasm 'nades they need for assaulting into cover. My 2 groups of skyboarders will move up into 18" range of Kroot and/or Stationary firewarrior squad, to give me the edge in shooting at those targets. The kroot will run towards me of course, so I will spray them with splinters till they stop twitching. The stationary fire Warrior squad will also suffer, as I will be firing 2 shots per model, and they can only fire 1 per turn in response at that range.

My Scourges will make their way up the board, using their haywire blasters to keep the hammerhead shaken and stunned; That rail cannon blast template will give my hellions a REALLY bad day. My reavers will move up fast, either moving in to heat lance the hammerhead, or going after the crisis suits.

Finally, I know the mandrakes don't fit in with the street gang theme, but I figure, since they come out of the shadows, and this is the type of force that would attack in dark, cramped quarters, that these boys were too good to leave at home. Firstly, they deploy 18" away from the enemy. This in itself is good, as my opponent will either A) Fire some shots at the 'drakes, leaving my faster moving elements less damaged, or B) Ignore them, meaning they'll get a second turn charge with 31 s4 Attacks on the charge. Also add the fact that after their first pain token, they get a ranged AP4 weapon, which means they can ignore armour on the other FW squad, making the killing much easier.


If my advice helps in any way, please hit the +Rep Button like a man :D

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Nice fluff army for sure.... Only things i would do is drop the Sol and blaster out of the scourge squad and the champ and ag from the reavers. Reavers should never really get in to true hand to hand as they should just run thou units and cut heads off, I would also drop the heat lances and pick up blasters. But these are just personal thoughts.


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If you're sitting 18" away from a squad of 12 Pulse Rifle armed Fire Warriors, what stops them just from stepping 6" forward in their Movement phase and then toasting you with 24 BS3, S5 AP shots? That's more than enough to wipe out a 10 man Hellion squad with just average rolling. I think you might want to rethink the idea of standing back and shooting at an army which is specifically designed for shooting... Assaulting them and cutting the poor WS pansies to shreds might be a good thought though...
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Hellions are great at CC. S3 +1 from weapon +1 Furious Charge +1 Combat Drugs. While you are unlikely to get all of them at once, you are still going to have a good chance of being str 4-5 on the charge. If you get locked in, hit and run out in their assault phase to get a second charge.

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