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Default Beginner DE

Hello all!
my friend and I were starting back up with 40k after a 2 year break, and things are definitely different from where we left off! He is going with Tau, and I thought I might give Dark Eldar a shot (mostly because I have a ton of ass ugly 3rd edition models I thought Id get some use out of haha).
A question comes about because we were starting at low points, 500 to start, and he was going to use the "start collecting" Tau box, while Dark Eldar don't have one of those. I was using Battle Scribe to see what I could come up with that was comparable, but wouldn't get shot off the map in one turn!
So far it looks like using an Unbound list:
Archon, agonizer, splinter pistol, shadow field
10x Kabalite Warriors, splinter cannon
3x Reavers, blaster
Talos, CCW, twin linked splinter cannon

The Tau list he has is 500pts, while this list is only 426pts. His army consists of an Ethereal, 10 or 12 Breachers, 3 Crisis Suits, and a TON of drones. I don't want to play something unfair...(despite that being the DE I do however, not want to get totally hosed by pulse fire. Is there a better way to start? I was trying to pick "basic" units that I think would show up in a box set. I know there's a lack of Raiders, but since he didn't have the option for transports, I would forego as well.

I appreciate any thoughts!

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Hey im new to Dark Eldar aswell just played my second game yesterday.

So from my very very limited experience, and tons and tons of research done. I think you should def take the transport for the warriors. The DE transports are the furthest thing from unfair and believe me the Tau are really able to kill any kind of dark eldar transport with ease. Every single tau gun is a certified anti tank weapon against DE.

Do NOT feel pity, not because it's the Dark Eldar way, but because this is survival 101 for DE. The rest of your list looks fine to me. I'd say add 2 venoms and split the kabalite units up to fit them. Or add a raider. The talos hasn't done a single thing for me yet, i have no reavers but i have used the archons and warriors to good effect against Tau and i strongly believe you NEED the transport
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first off,
get some raiders. With dark eldar armour, you're not making it up field with your squishy space elves against tau. My buddy plays tau, and let me tell you, you want transports because as the points go up, so do the pants-shittingly horrific shooting phases those commie-fish put out. In a one on one infantry to infantry fight, kabalites will lose to fire warriors. the range on their guns, the AP on their guns, and the strength on their guns are all better.

and they're probably ignoring your cover saves.

so get a raider. get two raiders. put night shields, and splinter racks, and aethersails on them. Get all up in his face turn one. Shoot him after you flat out because the warriors in the boat can shoot. Then get out and punch his tau in the face with your guns that are also covered in knives.

put the armour of misery on your archon. make them run away. shoot them while they run.

I'd also look at getting more reavers. or some scourges. I can't get over how cheap a box of scourges are, too. So there's that.

the Gangs of Commoragh box has 10 hellions and 6 reavers. hellions are meh, but reavers are good, and for 70 bucks it's good value. consider that.

in summary:
no raiders:
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Tau (in truth, any army), even if playing a relaxed list, will ravage a friendly DE list. The Dark Eldar way is the way of low cunning and dirty tricks.
If you want to win, you will have to aim for the eyes (and the sack) of your opponent.
Seriously. When you play DE, there are no friends.
You will learn that you win big or lose bad.
So, always try to outmanouvre, outthink, outgun your opponent. Dance around him. Hide, redeploy, win by scoring points.
Deepstrike a lot (if he has no interceptors, of course), use some Eldar ally, use formations, bend the rules, and always fight for that bit of LoS blocking terrain to be placed on the board.
This said, DE works good if you go MSU, use venoms and Raiders and if you take the best units from the codex.
Succubus with misery armour and Glaive, venoms with witches/warriors, jetbikes, scourges, grotesque formation into etheresailed raiders. This could be the base of an army.
At 500 pts i'd go

Court of the Archon as Hq
2 Lahmean (20)
Venom with dual cannon(65)

5 Warriors, blaster (55)
Venom with dual cannon(65)

5 Warriors, blaster (55)
Venom with dual cannon(65)

3 Reaver Jetbikes, blaster (58)
3 Reaver Jetbikes, blaster (58)
3 Reaver Jetbikes, blaster (58)
(499 total)

3 Venoms will pound hard on anything thats not a vehicle, warriors will sprinkle in some fire, jetbikes will get objectives and maybe kill something with a lucky melee phase...lahmeans sucks their lollypop as usual. At 1500 pts you might want to get a Grotesqurie ( Homunculus, 6-10 grotesques, 2 raiders with ethersails) plus a LOT of venoms and jetbikes.
My 2 cents.

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