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Default 2nd place tournament 1000pt DE list

1000 pts dark eldar


Punisher, tormentor helm, plasma nades, haywire nades, combat drugs, shadow field, apts vitally (sp?) =156


9 Wyches, Wych weapons, plasma, sucubus (Agonizer), Raider, horrorfex =214


10 warriors, 2x Splinter cannons =100

10 warriors, 2x Dark lances =100

8 Warriors, Splinter cannon, Raider =129

Heavy Support

Ravager, Night shield =125

6 Scourges, 4x Splinter cannons = 176


In the tournament i played guard, necrons, two marine players and eldar(the only ones to beat me )

eldar list: 1000pts

The avatar, two small squads of dire avengers, a falcon, harlys and two fire prisms
Tournament realy do bring out the worst in people !

I take the archon for the extra wound, attack and Inititive,
Having the wyches insted of incubi allows me the ability to assault first turn which can be vary handy

Im considering this expansion.

10 mandrakes =150

10 mandrakes =150

5 Warp beasts+beast master =75

Ravager, Night shield = 125

Total 1500pts

Having the mandrakes should allow me to keep some units tied up for a turn or two, or give me some extra punch in combat just when i need it. The warp beasts will probably move with the warrior splinter squad, to engage any threats comming for them. And the ravager just for some extra anti armor/ big critter. Ive not had the change to try the expansion out yet as im been playing Dark heresy

Any questions/opinions please feel free to post
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what do you feel went wrong at the tournament? not that there's anything bad with 2nd just curious as to how you lost?

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That eldar guy beat me he came first O and at the start i forgot to add points for the slaves

I trashed one fire prism first turn, and took out a venger squad in the seccing the avatar counter attacked the wyches, and neither the lord or the wych succubus managed to cause a wound he was only killing one wych a turn but i eventually ran and he cut me down. A mistake i made against the harlys was to move forward into a building insted of away out of assault range

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Unless the Dark Eldar Codex has changed since i last read it. The wych unit is under points.

10x Wyches = 120
Succubus = 8
Agoniser = 20
Raider = 55
Wych Weapons = 10
Total = 213

Thats not including the plasma grenades and the horrorfex on the Raider.

****Scrap that comment, i just noticed that it was actually 8 wyches + Succubus not 9 wyches + succubus. I write my army lists differently which has cause the confusion on my part****

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Ye normally i put the points after each items so ( succubus-8 ) would have explained that one of the wyches had been given the upgrade.
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sweet, nice one, dark eldar are ace

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Default Update

Well i tryed the full 1500pts this weekend, and it did realy well i played Necrons and nids and got a 5 pointer and a 4 pointer respectivly, sadly a stealer squad got some good roles and i didnt get a change to shoot at them, though sacrificial warp beast and warriors slowed them down while i took care of all the gaunts until i could take care of them .
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Ya looking over your lists they look very solid. I especially like the 1000 pointer and might give it a whirl. If you would like to be kinda helpful a mini tactica would be nice!
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Nice list and congrats on 2nd place. I like that your incorporate Scourges. You dont see that very often in a tourney list. I have been wanting to use them very badly but its hard to fit them in with their higher point value. How have they worked out for you?

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