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Default Fog of War

Normal army selection
Terrain is suitable for deception and chamoflague (ie, no open plains)

Every unit has a 'blip' marker and is numbered. For every three units a player has, they get an additional 'false flag' blip.

Players alternate placing their blips in suitable terrain. Vehicles models that have camo netting may be placed in the open as blips, otherwise vehicles must be in cover or deploy naked (this is one way of saving blips - more on that later).

The Game
During a player's turn, he may engage in one of three options. These are in addition to normal shooting, moving, and assaulting.

Movement Phase
(1) Move a blip 6", obeying normal terrain restrictions.
(2) Replace a blip with the representative unit and move accordingly
(3) Replace a unit that is out of line of sight to any enemy units with up to three blips and move each blip 6", obeying normal terrain restrictions.

Shooting Phase
(1) Recon by fire. A revealed unit may shoot at a blip. If hit, the owning player requires a Ld Check against their Army General's Ld. If failed, and the blip is a real unit, replace the blip with the unit and resolve wounds. If failed and the blip is a false flag, remove the blip. If passed, the blip remains in play.
(2) Replace a blip that moved with the representative unit and fire accordingly.
(3) Get Eyes On. The unit makes a Ld check to reveal any single blip within their line of sight. -1 to Ld for every 12" seperation. If passed, the blip is revealed as either a unit or false flag and removed. This is in lieu of shooting.

Assaulting Phase
Blips cannot assault
(1) Assaulting a blip. If the blip represents a unit, it is revealed. Otherwise the blip is removed.

Blip Management
A player has a number of blip counters equal to the total number of units plus 1 blip for every three units (rounded down). Any false flag blips that are revealed are discarded. Blips belonging to actual units, however, are saved. In the event a unit tries to go back 'under cover', the pool of blips held by the player is used to provide up to three blips. The purpose of this rule is to allow units to fade back into the fog of war, but to decrease the amount of fog as the game progresses.

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I would say that shooting would auto reveal blips, but I like the LD spotting rule.
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As an Ork player I like the idea. It could work. Especially if it saves me from being shot early in the game.
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Maybe you could include more blip markers for units with fast movement such as bikers and jetbikers. For instance, you could forgo any number of 6" increment in your movement range to create a decoy and place it in your remaining movement range. That would represent the fact that your unit is taking time to get out of radar or is emmiting false signals and what not.

troop unit could have the option of spliting up as long as they pass a leadership test modified by the number of model below the squad minimum. For example, suppose a squad of 14 Necron warriors split up in one squad of 10 and one squad of 4, in order for this to succeed, the Necron player must make one leadership test whith no penalty and one leadership test at +6 on the die roll as the minimum number of model for a squad of Necron warriors is 10. If it succeeds, the player places two blip markers and he does not tell which squad is which and how much models are in which squad ( he must decide right away).

And some stealth tactics too.

For example, suppose you have a (jet)biker that is in shooting range at the begginning of its movement phase, you resolve shooting and call a number of rally point, one for each 12" increment of shooting range plus one for each 12" increment of movement range of the bikers (which is usually 1). This represent the fact that the squad had split up to run a hail of shots on the opponent from all directions then rallyed at a planned point. Then you make a Ld test for each model in the unit (you can call any number of model and make the test count for each of them). If failed, the model could not rally, because he got lost and possibly ambushed or got a lost bullet. Anyway, it counts as a casualty. Wheter or not the model rallies successfully, it gets to fire its shots. All weapon used with this manoeuvre gets the pinning quality and denies cover saves due to terrain unless the unit choses to get to the ground, in which case cover will apply normally. All other saves aply normally. In addition, you choose one of the rally point you called in the begginning as your true rally points, all other becomes baits.

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