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Default Fellow Larpers!

Hey, barely a few days back I was introduced into the world of LARP (Live Action Role-Play) which to me is pure fucking-awesomeness.

I was wondering if any of you guys larp`d and if you could show us videos of yourself, as well as any pics of weapons/armour you have
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Good for you mate, hope you've found a good group.

The problem with LARP for me has always been that there is a very thin line between awesomeness and looking like a complete tit. You need to find a group that realizes the importance of good costumes and weapons but is game for a laugh, as apposed to the people who spend 30 mins making a costume and believe they actually are a wizard.

I've been exposed to LARP a few times, but it's always fallen on the latter of the two....so no pics from me i'm afraid.

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A friend keeps trying to get me to larp, thing is when there's a bunch of 35 year old and higher people arguing about fake "people" all day it even creeps ME out (third person did not help...) Then one old fart shot me with a nerf pistol -_- he never got the darts back Hehehhehe (I Cut them to ribbons in front of him, then told him if he shot me again the gun would be up his ass for the rest of his life)
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I've been in a Medievel Fantasy LARP for going on 10 years. We call our realm and game Darkon, http://www.darkon.org/ , a foam "boffer" combat LARP with classes and spells thrown in. It's one of the largest on the east coast of the US, based in the Baltimore/Washington DC Metro area. There has been a widely circulated Documentary made about it, call Darkon, it's availiable on Amazon, Netflix and has been on IFC. I'm the King of the country of Albion, a Knight of the Realm and currently the President of Darkon for 2010.

One of the best pics of me

My country Albion

Pic of me and one of my guys fighting

A video of one of my Noble Tourneys

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* Dubble post, lol *

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@ Varakir, I can really understand what you mean. From some Videos Ive seen, as well as other types of Role-play iim in, its obvious how people cheat, or God-Mod (Basically create extremely powerful characters) with often poor cotumes, and generally a WoW attitude towards it.

(For example, me and my mate are going to be making Chaos Warrior/Dark Elf costumes, which are ALOT more complicated than some foam and gaffer tape, and will cost alot of money and time...)

@ Capt`Alrahhem, nice costume and a good community at that, often none-fantasy/more medievil themed events have less cheating/spell spamming?

Another Q. Are there any, especially Warhammer Larp-groups in Britain? I know its big in other countries like, Denmark, Sweeden etc.
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description whore
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It looks entertaining to say the least and though I would never ever criticise it just reminds me of what me and my mates used to do with bin lids and tubes from the inside of wrapping paper in days gone by.

It looks entertaining and i would applaud anyone that could get into it and make it work
Some of those costumes look equisite but its definitely not for me
However I would love to see more photos

@Capt Al'rahhem: What were the rules i was watching and the people kept kneeling was there a judge that judged when you died or was it at your own discretion... curiosity was gnawing at me?

kudos to lillian thorne for the awesome sig
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well, larping is fun, i use to go larping every year, but have since given it up due to fittness issues(i.e fucked knees, fucked back and fucked shoulder............lol) and due to larping geting more expensive every year.
i used to play in the lorian trust system, which was easy to use (untill they started rules up-dates and screwing up low leval characters), but overall, was always a good time, even with the few arseholes that turned up in order to try and realy hurt some one (i.e useing illegal weapons).
any way heres a couple of pics of me back from the old days of 2000 and 2001, as my character Fynn O'leary, clan chife of the Clan O'leary

As for kit, it can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be, depending on what you playing, my kit, not including weapons, cost about 20 quid to make, a good shirt and some cloth for the kilt, and i was done. weapons can be pricey, depending on which trader you buy em from. the batlieth in one of the pics cost me 75 quid to buy, and that was 10 years ago, and the sword cost about 40 quid

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I think it's fun... It's just the majority of the players are terrible fighters and in horrid shape... Real challenges are few and far between.
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Does anyone know where I can purchase Dark Elf Larp swords? Or generally Fantasy larp swords?

Though better, does anyone make, or know anyone who makes larp swords to your own preferences?
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