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try here http://www.eldritch.com/
and here

you should be alble to find what your after there

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Thanks Fynn!!

Only just briefly looked through it, but seems like some good stuff.

Anyway, from a non-larp perspective (it will become obvious soon), someone has agreed to - for a reasonable price - agreed to make me REAL Dark Elf armour... (check my avatar... the concept art of Malus Darkblade)
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Originally Posted by bobss View Post
Does anyone know where I can purchase Dark Elf Larp swords? Or generally Fantasy larp swords?

Though better, does anyone make, or know anyone who makes larp swords to your own preferences?
Depends on the price range you're looking for. Because I know a couple of weapon builders. But http://www.palnatoke.com/ is one of the best in the business.

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Making my CSM suit, topic is here.
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@ Horgh: Unless foam-and-latex versions are lurking in the depths of the site, the weapons from blades-uk will get you a life ban from any UK larp event, because they are made of METAL.

Great props for stage and/or Cosplay, but people should be warned before shelling out cash for a weapon they won't be allowed to use.

Originally Posted by George Bernard Shaw
You don't stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.
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LARP, cross country pantomime...

...I think not

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For nearly 10 years (on and off), I used to do non-contact (only touching with consent) LARP based on modern day vampires and werewolves.
I got forced out by someone being a di*k (but that's another story), but I enjoyed every minute of it..my first character was the longest-serving PC character in the whole system (about 6-8?years).
The mechanics meant that my PC's had a chance to get involved in fights (and get beaten up in turn), but it also meant the PC's weren't limited by what the players could physically achieve.
No disrespect to people who play those kind of games, but I think the non-contact way is a much better thing, as it emphasises the 'Role Play' -rather than the 'Live Action'- element of LARP plus, I'm not getting a heart attack for anybody.

I was also a little querying about the more medieval/fantasy styles, as you could spend £XXX on a weapon and some basic armour and maybe a cloak, but then your PC gets killed, so did you just spend it for nothing?
Or would you keep having to play the same kind of PC until you can afford to get different stuff?
Or do people tend to buy a range of stuff at the start so then you at least have some gear to play as most kinds of PC?
Not everyone can afford the big stuff like LARP heavy/plate armour, so does this then restrict those characters to the people who can rl afford the gear...as opposed to letting people have freer rein (within the constraints of whatever the GM's / system / background / etc allow)..?
It's not a criticism, I'm just trying to understand stuff, so grateful for experiences, too.

Urgently trying to trace any living relatives of Private Sam/Samuel "Jock" Wilson (Black Watch, No. 6 Commando, UK Army Service ID 2764432, died 10.06.44). Any info/suggestions gratefully received.

"Mockles! Pent on silpen tree, blockards three a-feening. Mockles! What silps came to thee, in thy pantry, dreaming?"

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Welcome to the Cosplay/Larp/ReEnactment section of Heresy, Andygorn. I'm glad I made the effort to come down to this section of the forum today because LARP & 40k are the hobbys most near & dear to my heart.

I've never played a Vampire type LARP, know people that do and it's crossed my mind every now and then but Medieval LARPing is what I got into. I like the physical aspect of Medieval LARPing as it gives me a reason to get off the couch & stay in a bit of shape but at 35 10+ years of combat are starting to wear on my body. As I said I wouldn't know cause I haven't tried but I think the abstract nature of non-combat LARPs would annoy me, especially if someone had such high level abillities & powers that I couldn't effectively do anything to them. I know that's an extreme example and unlikely but I think it annoy me, maybe that's just 10 years of problem solving by combat talking. I do understand how this does lead to much more RP and your are mostly corect about most Medieval LARPs being more Live Action and less Role Playing, at least in my experience.

I will attempt answer your queries as best I can, from my experience in 3 different Medieval LARPs that are prominent on the east coast of the US (Darkon, Dagohir & Amptgard).

In the LARPs I play, the ones with characters and classes (Dag is more just a combat battle game, with the only real character being our style of garb and how you act) the is no real mechinzem for total Charactor death, basicly your Character never truely dies. When "killed" you spend a prescribed time out of the game then you re enter (usually with no knowledge of events within 5 min of your death). Which leads to some interesting and absurd RP problems, like killing a thief for his crime, then him coming back with no knowledge of the crime or the punishment. Amptgard does have a number of"lives" per character that if you run out of during a quest you can not continue to play in that quest but after the quest and at the next event you can play again as normal.

So there is know really issue with buying armor & garb then not getting to us it. Most people with multipul characters (you can only play one at each event) attempt to have differing garb, weapons & armor of each one, if they can. They're are also those that play one character but change classes as different aspects of that character.

In the LARPs I play there are no equipment requirements for classes, some classes can not use certain weapons, such as a rogue can not use pole weapons (spears, halberds, two handed axes, ect.) or heavy armor. So you could play a fighter class with no armor and a dagger, you'd be some what more effective with plate armor, a shield and long sword though. Some fighters do very well in light armor with light weapons, using their speed and agility to fight circles around heavy fighters. All the games I play use foam (boffer) weapons so it's relatively safe for armored and unarmored people to fight in the same combat.

In the end how much you spend on garb, weapons & armor is up to the players budget and how much they're willing to learn to craft on their own. I can help someone make a relatively effective suit of plate (half-plate in D&D terms) for under $200. It'll make them more survivible but not truely a better fighter, a better fighter will still be able to beat them, it'll just take longer. Most people start off with basic equiment, a tunic and whatever weapons the want to use, then add stuff over time. It spreads out the cost, much like slowly buying a wargame army. I've spent thousands over the years on gear, some of which I use all the time, some given away, some gathering dust on selves and in closests.

Hope I've answered some of your question and haven't rambled to much, I can talk about LARPing for hours and hours.

"Most wars are wars of contact, both forces striving into touch to avoid tactical surprise. Our's shall be a war of detachment. We are to contain the enemy by the silent threat of the vast, unknown desert...." T.E. Lawrence

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@ Capt.Al'rahhem = Thanks for the info. - very useful.

BTW: I'm not trying to convince anyone about the characteristics of the system I played (I loved every minute of it, but glad to be out of it now 'cos of people's OOC evil as no one threatens my family), just 'sharing the knowledge':

Yes, I did encounter a couple of the "I'm invulnerable people" (mainly 'cos I -sort of- was one myself for a little while -lol), but they generally only came out to play in big events.
Also, the mechanics of the system meant that the 'big guys' could still be affected by 'little guys', as it was based on rock-paper-scissors (with more powerful/skilled people getting re-tests for various things). I remember my PC nearly got killed by a new vampire he'd made a few minutes beforehand, despite x times more skill, powers, retests etc. ago. <epic fail>. Sure, it was hard to do, but not impossible.

We used to have a couple of different games:
Each area held their own 'domain-level' game where it's just the PC's of that area meeting up every fortnightly/monthly LARP and doing their own thing. So these were oportunities for people to do things on a local level in terms of finding out news, building up businesses, taking out rivals, learning new skills, investigating local occurrences, and generally conspired and plottted against each other on a regular basis.
But people were pretty restrained and mainly knew not to annoy people in that the big stuff is NPC's (not PC's) who have to be justified (i.e. they kicked ass + ask for stuff when needed and for a reason, but not just 'cos they could, or until they'd been stopped).

Other people in other local games could travel to local ones (and had to be approved by the local GM each time they turned up), so local players also got a feel for wider effects (e.g. if they wanted to set something up between domains like large businesses, smuggling runs, etc).
Alongside local plots in that domain, each region (eg the North of a country) would have ongoing stories and an annual event which might cross from one domain to another...e.g. someone from another area comes to your local game and says "watch out there's these guys on the loose and they might come here"...part of the nearby local games might then be to investigate whether anyone's seen them around, or reinforcing borders and contact networks to get advanced warning in case they show up (or investigating hideouts if they're already here). Also, if the bad guys from one area got their butts handed to them in one domain, they might just die out an fade away, or they may come to another domain which wasn't as well-protected to start up again, etc.

Over and above these would be a national event and national storylines runnign throughout the year (e.g. a domain situation got ignored by the locals, so it spread to other domains who also did nothing and it escalated into a regional, or even a national problem which may then needed a lot of people to get together to solve as -bascially- a load of other poeple had ignored it).

The national events would be where the big guns came out to play (again, mainly NPC's as these are the guys who really held the power), but also kick-ass monsters, too.
However, the people who were dangerous nearly always reined it in and didn't abuse their powers (i.e. if you were new and ended up annoying the wrong guy -or whatever- there are a lot more sanctions they could use on your PC other than getting into a fight and you always got in- and out- of character reminders about consequences of what you were doing, so that you had a chance to apologise/walk away/etc).

Also, the more powerful PC's/NPC's had badges and were recognisable as such and there was a system of status where people have titles etc so, even if you as a player or as a PC had never met them before, you already had some information about people's rankings, likely levels of ability and who to avoid/be nice to.

Anyway, nice to hear other people's experiences and glad it sounds better than I'd initally thought (I'm not prejudiced about anything -let alone larp- but maybe I was 'afraid of the unknown' I guess).

I know it depoends on which system etc, but do people find there's plenty of non-fighting stuff to do?
E.g. If I wanted to play something like an alchemist, herbalist, or a priest/healer, are there generally plenty of things to keep busy/occcupied? (I don't mind things like "sit here and make potions for an hour" or some such, as I adore learning and I find these things interesting).

Maybe I might try to do the more medieval/contact larp stuff, as I need to get some focus and some activity into my life (lol).
I got a pair of proper larpsafe/approved meat cleavers around here somewhere, so maybe it's time to dust them off and 'get back to the war' (or whatever).
Thanks for the inspiration.

Urgently trying to trace any living relatives of Private Sam/Samuel "Jock" Wilson (Black Watch, No. 6 Commando, UK Army Service ID 2764432, died 10.06.44). Any info/suggestions gratefully received.

"Mockles! Pent on silpen tree, blockards three a-feening. Mockles! What silps came to thee, in thy pantry, dreaming?"

Please check out the HOES (Heresy Online Stories) threads and vote for the tales.
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Originally Posted by fynn View Post
well, larping is fun, i use to go larping every year, but have since given it up due to fittness issues(i.e fucked knees, fucked back and fucked shoulder............lol) and due to larping geting more expensive every year.
i used to play in the lorian trust system, which was easy to use (untill they started rules up-dates and screwing up low leval characters), but overall, was always a good time, even with the few arseholes that turned up in order to try and realy hurt some one (i.e useing illegal weapons).
any way heres a couple of pics of me back from the old days of 2000 and 2001, as my character Fynn O'leary, clan chife of the Clan O'leary

As for kit, it can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be, depending on what you playing, my kit, not including weapons, cost about 20 quid to make, a good shirt and some cloth for the kilt, and i was done. weapons can be pricey, depending on which trader you buy em from. the batlieth in one of the pics cost me 75 quid to buy, and that was 10 years ago, and the sword cost about 40 quid
Wow, there's a blast from the past... I do the Lorien Trust, have done since 2000 and there are people in those photos I still RP with at events

The LT redid their rules about 3 years ago, the power levels are back under control now and it's much easier to get into. I'd recommend it as a UK starting point any day.

There is a huge LRP community in the UK, doing everything from high fantasy to colonial and scifi. There's even a 40k and a Firefly game. If anyone is interested in trying it out, I can point you in a direction to suit what you want.

It is unfortunate that the only stuff you generally see is from idiots who give the hobby a bad name. But then, tabletoppers and wargamers get that too, from the image of the sad fat 45yr old who paints and lives in his mums basement

There are 2 rules to being a success in life:
1) Never give out all the information

A random collection of my stuff

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