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Default Pre-Heresy Blood Angels

Well i have decided to help all those who want to make a pre-heresy Army! Well i have the most Experience with Blood Angel's so thats what i based this on, i will be updateing the tutorial as i get more questions or feedback! All Pictures are From Bitz & Kitz!

Hq Choices
Azkaellon[Commander Dante]:Herald of the Sanguinary Guard during the Horus Heresy, who eventually supervised the division of the Blood Angels Legion into Chapters

Sanguinius [The Sanguinor]: Primarch of the Blood Angel's, Able to hold his own in combat against any foe.

Raldaron [Gabriel Seth]: Chapter Master of the Blood Angels

Librarian: Still usable, As the Blood Angels where one of the few chapters that supported the Librarian Programs, can not be used with Chaplins.

Reclusiarch:Used after the Emperor Decreed the Banning of Librarians, Can not be used with Librarians.

Captain:Head of one of the Legions Chapters, Remember only one Captian should have terminator armor at a time.

Sanguinary Guard: Great Choice for a Pre-Heresy army, how ever for a pure Fluff Look these should only be run if Sanguinius is on the Field.

Sanguinary Preist:You are fully able to run this unit all you like, They are great support no mater what type of army you play.

Furioso Dreadnought: Used since the Chapters founding, this uniquie choice is perfect for dealing with large amount of enemy troops or tanks depending on how you equip it.

Chaplin:Same as in a non pre-heresy army, However cannot be run if you have a librarian in your army. (Council of Nikita)

Terminators: These Suits of armor where even more rare pre-heresy then Post, Try not to run more then one Squad.

Techmarines: Well techmarines where around during the heresy as well! some people think they wern't but guess again! you are free to run these bad boys with all the Servitors you want!

Sternguard:Once more, No special catch to running these guys they are simply chapter veterans.

Jump Assault Squads: Known as the Blood Angels Signiture unit, and favored way to fight [hitting fast and hard!] The problem is before and during the horus heresy jump packs where rather rare, so for fluff reasons try to run only 2 squads at one time with jump packs to keep the fluff up.

Foot Assault Troops:The Prefered Way to fight of the Blood Angel's During the heresy, A great way too increase assault troops in your army well avoiding being unfluffy with full jump packs.

Tactical Squads:More Common Pre-heresy they served as the blood angels main line trooper Feel free to spam away with these boys!

Scout Squad:Same as post heresy, nothing else i can realyl say.

Dedicated Transports
Rhinos: The workhorse of the spacemarine transports these boys have always been around!

Razorbacks: Ah not here is the downside to pre-heresy! we don't get razorbacks! How ever there is a nice little trick to get around this. during the heresy where was a Varient of the Predator tank used to transport troops, with a little custom work you can turn a rhino into a transport predator and have it "Counts as" I will post a picture of the one i made with a razorback body and FW leman russ turret.

Drop Pod: The Prefered Transport method of the Blood Angels and most marine chapters during the heresy, giving the ability to enter the battle fast and hard there is no better way to land hard.

Landraider: Only Varient we can take is the Godhammer Las-Cannon Pattern, but don't let that limit your fun! With the ability to run more landraiders then any other chapter we can still lay a good armor 14 beatdown!

Fast Attack
Vanguards: The Chapters jump Veterans! try to stick to only one squad of these guys.

Land Speeders: Feel free to run these boy's they where around during the heresy, if anyone doesnt think so let them argue till they are blue in the face then go pull out the Horus Heresy art-book and laugh.

Baal Predator:With the STC recovered during the heresy these are also able to be fielded with any weapon opition you want, the most "true" equpiment would be the assault cannon + Heavy Bolters However.

Scout Bikes\Attack Bikes\Bike Squads: Same as normal, used as scouts and hit and run units. High ranking Bikers would have Jet Bikes.

Heavy Support
Dreadnoughts:Rare during the heresy as well, but run these boys all you want.

Predators:Run any Build you want these boys are the old work horse tanks of all space marine chapters, and one hell of a buy for there points!

Devastator Squads:Same as normal.

Vindicators:Once more standard issue tanks during the heresy.

Whirlwinds: Despite people thinking other wise these tanks are heresy era!

Stormravens: Well THESE WHERE NOT pre-herey however due to the fact they are such great untis i did a little look through the horus heresy art book, and a bunch of reading! Thus i found a few ways YOU CAN run these in a heresy era army, here are some of the models they can be counted as to keep your army fluffy.
-Anti-Grave Rhino (Constructed by the Adaptus Custodes)
-Say its a Proto-type Thunderhawk
-Stormbird (For people who dont know how big they should be...)

Things you cant use
Death Company
Captain Tycho
Landraider Crusader
Landraider Redeemer

How to Model
Well this part of building a pre-hersy army is much easier now then it used to be with the release of forgeworlds mark 2-6 armor set's! How ever as the heresy as experimental age you can still run odd models time to time! try mixing and matching these parts for your own builds. Well i will be honest it is cheaper to build, here are some links to examples\parts you could use that are some of my fave.

Back Pack

Chain Weapon Opitions

Chest Plates

Power Weapons\fists

Shoulder Pads

Bolters\Bolt Pistols
Any of the Forgeworld Pattern ones work



Well you get the Idea! I will post step by step construction for these marines as well when i have the parts on hand to build some more ;)

But lets start with some do it your self helmets! you can take chaos helmets and very easly make a pre-heresy issue version! for example

take this helmet

Cut off the fin's and file it down to be nicely shaped after words, and You now have the helmet from the cover of False Gods!

Same for this helmet just take off the horns!

More to follow!
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You can easily make Mark VI armor from the assault squad box. Use the studded shoulder pad on the right shoulder, use the chest with the crossed belts, use the running legs without the kneepads, and use the corvus beaky head. If you wanna go all out, get a backpack from one of the old original plastic kits or one of the resin ones from forgeworld.
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