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Default 1500pt Chaos Army List

Daemon Prince with Wings and Mark of Khorne-140pts
6 Chaos Marines with Icon of Chaos Glory- 100pts
6 Chaos Marines with Icon of Chaos Glory- 100pts
6 Chaos Marines with Icon of Chaos Glory- 100pts
6 Chaos Marines with Meltagun-100pts
6 Chaos Marines with Meltagun-100pts
6 Chaos Marines with Meltagun-100pts
Land Raider-220pts
Land Raider-220pts
Land Raider-220pts

Duty calls, put it on hold!
The Chosen of Kyal-2903points
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Yup looks like an army list. I think anyone would play you simply because it has very little potential.

What is this being fielded as / against? Any fluff themes to be aware of?

For positive's It's alot of scoring units and triple Raiders will always cause concerns for those not able to deal with them. Other than that, this list has nothing.

For downsides: Other than many objective games it's really going to get canned. Melta guns can't fire from land raiders and CSM's are wasted just sat in that Land Raider which will be going 12 inches forward to protect the prince (in which case they aren't firing), going slow to pop shots off (which nullifies the princes wings since he'll be an open target getting shot) or sat still (Meaning the marines are footslogging and getting shot, or they are sat inside singing Kumbaya doing nothing). If you plan to get them into CC - not a power weapon in sight which means your less potent than a 5 man tactical with a sergeant with a PW. The Khorne Prince is possibly the worst Prince Build you can get.

This list needs more bread and butter components: Zerkers, Plagues and Oblits. Otherwise I just don't see anything good coming from this.

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3 Land Raiders in one 1500 points army list makes no sense in my opinion.
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Default Add more personality

This list feels rushed to me, the list feels very unpersonal and from a tactical point of view it's pretty bad are you using models from a SM or BA army?

The Daemon Prince with wings is a good start but scrap the Khorne mark as this only gains him an extra attack and stops him using any psy powers. Slaanesh with lash of submission is a good and popular choice.

I totally agree with Moonschwine this list needs some CC wargear and specialized units, but if your set on the standerd CSM units you really need to have at least 8 - 10 in a squad with the choas glory, a flamer/melta, a champ, power weapon and in a rhino.

Any units not in transports should be ranged such as havocs and chosen, as they don't need to run into CC whilst getting hammered by your enemies ranged weapons. I personally like 5 man nosie marines with a blastmaster.

evilturtle also is right in saying 3 land raiders is pointless. A landraider should really be carring some some better units, 9 berzerkers/plauge marines with a choas sorcerer is good for mixing it up or terminators with a heavy flamer and some lighting claws and maybe a chainfist for chewing up tanks and rapeing higher armour vechiles.

All in all the list leaves great room for, it also come across as rather dull..

But on a high note: SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!
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Yeah this list kind of blows IMO. It's not even like "hey this list blows but it's fluffy and cool because.." It just doesn't really have anything other than 200 bucks worth of tanks. One land raider and a posse of Rhino's at 1500 is choice if you ask me. Fill the raider with Kharn and some berzerkers, fill the rhino's with regular marines with melta's or flamers, and one with some plague marines with plasmas. Good times had by all.

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The only way to rip this list apart more is to play it. All the above comments are good advice.
If you don't have any other models at least increase the size of some of the squads. Maybe 3, 30 man squads melta each and one 6 man squad to sit on a home objective, a Nurgle Prince or Lash Prince that leaves you some points left over.

If you give a list of the models you do have, or will get, we can get a whole lot more creative

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