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Strong Themed Khorne list, questionable competitive edge

Chaos Terminator Lord- mark of khorne, bloodfeeder, icon
Greater Deamon

8 Terminators- Lightning claws all day with one chain fist, icon

6 units of 8 Berzerkers- Skull Champion, powerfist, icon
2 units of 8 Summoned deamons

2 defilers with all CCW

i figure with 8 scoring units i will have an edge in objective games and with my deamon number floating everywhere in the list i will have the blood god's favor. any help would be hot.
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With that quantity of Terminators and Defilers I would say that your list definitely isn't competitive. The Lord is debatable too.

The most effective use of Termies is as a Termicide unit. This is just three guys with Comb-Meltas and a Chainfist. Drop them in, pop a tank and hope they survive to take something else next turn. They're not worth taking in larger units.

I'm really not a fan of Defilers either. A Vindicator with Daemonic Possession would be a more effective choice, and would compliment a mechanised list [-see next paragraph]. This would still let you keep a Defiler too.

The best advice I can give you, is to get every unit of Bezerkers into Rhinos. A simple rush with the support of a Vindicator - 2 if you drop both Defilers. Then your Khorne Marines jump out and cause havoc. Even against an army like Tau it is unlikely most of your units won't make their lines. This could be very formidable. Get some Meltabombs too!

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this list is a 2/5 at the moment but could be a 3/5 if you added transport.

have to have transport!
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I think you need at least squads of ten bezerkers.
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8 zerkers - SC with PF & Rhino with E/A works well for me.
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I like the 6 squads of Berzerkers! Angron approves! But you must put those squads in Rhinos!
The Chaos Lord could be replaced by Kharn for only 5 points difference!
For a major overhaul while still keeping with the Khorne theme:
-Remove the chaos Lord, terminators, and all lesser daemons
-Add 2 Daemon Princes with wings MoK, 6 Rhinos(3 with extra armour), 1 defiler.

With your previous list you would have 6 squads of Berzerkers on foot and 2 Defilers (assuming the Lord and Terminators will deepstrike). So target priority will be 2 defilers. So if the Lord and termies deepstrike near the enemy he can target them completely, while the Berzerkers are still running on foot to catch up.
On the overhauled list you have : 2 Daemon Princes, 6 squads of Berzerkers in rhinos, and 3 Defilers, 3 groups of targets all dangerous, enhanced by the speed with which the Dps and the Berzerkers are now moving.
Even if the Dps and the defilers get killed early, you still have a Greater Daemon to assist the Berzerkers in the carnage!


World Eater

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I quite like Defilers for their versitility. I'd also argue that they're more in keeping with a Khorne army than Vindicators are. However, they do have some major drawbacks, first of all, they're massive; this poses issues both for transporting them to and from your games, and also that you'll rarely be able to hide them from enemy anti-tank. My Defiler has had some sucess starting in reserve and ambling onto the table when as much anti-armour firepower as possible is gone. At that point it can unleash its Battlecannon on hapless footslogging marines whose transports have been popped in the first few turns and advance to tarpit other units.

When building a Khorne list, it seems people completely overlook shooting. That's really not something you can afford to do at the moment, considering how popular Mech armies are. Your list is nice and fluffy but do you have any plans as to how you'll be getting your opponents out of their little metal boxes? If you come up against any Mech list, I think you'd be hard pressed to score a single point against them. Consider investing in some Obliterators (or Predators if you abhor the Oblits models and don't want to make conversions). These sorts of units pack the long range can-opening firepower which you'll need to allow your Berserkers to sink their teeth into the squishy squads cowering behind their metal walls.
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