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1500pt of Nurgle sweetness

Ok so here is my basic list at the moment (it changes way to often), please let me know what you think. The only thing im worried about is that my dread will get popped in an instant since he is the only vehicle, poor guy.

Deamon prince (wings, warptime, MoN)

Dreadnought (missile launcher, EA, CC arm)

Fast Attack
8 Raptors (champ, PF, 2 meltas, IoN)

8 Plague Marines (champ, PF, 2 plasmas Icon)
8 Plague Marines (champ, PF, 2 plasmas)
9 Plague Marines (champ, PW, 2 plsamas, icon)

Heavy Support

= 1500pts

Thanks guys

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I would definately consider grabbing rhinos for at least one of your PM squads. It really helps to get out there and kill stuff while defending home objectives and such. I would also run the 2 oblits in one group so they don't get picked off too fast.

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What dread? You haven't put one in your list! Drop your units doen to 7 (nurgles number) with the points spare pick up a rhino or two!Also give one of you PM squads melta instead of plasma!
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With a little tweaking:

Daemon Prince - 175
-Wings, Warptime, MoN

Plague Marines(7) - 261
-Champ w/Fist, 2X Melta, Icon, Rhino

Plague Marines(7) - 261
-Champ w/Fist, 2X Melta, Icon, Rhino

Plague Marines(5) - 145
-2X Plasma

Lesser Daemons(7) - 91

Chaos Raptors(7) - 250
-Champ w/Fist, 2X Melta, IoN

Obliterators(2) - 150

Obliterators(2) - 150

17 extra points, could give the plasma squad 2 flamers and a rhino.

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I also think that you should drop the squads down to seven and buy rhinos. Keep the dread but the best thing to do with them is to get three and make them all dual DCCW with heavy flamers and EA.(In my opinion).

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I am liking the list. The inclusion of the raptors gives you an edge in the speed department that is sometimes lacking in Nurgle forces. I also like the use of the oblits as this helps with the Anti tank. I will say that the Lessers are not as needed in a Nurgle force, IMO. I would drop them in favor of buffing out the 5 man squad. even if they are just to objective camp the extra bodies will be helpful and that is a couple more bolter round you can toss downfield as well.

I would not drop the plasma in favor of flamers. I love flamers but that will mean that you need to get up close and they will not be able to hang back and hold objectives as well. Plus you have tons of bolters, 6 meltas, and the oblits so you should be able to deal with most things. The toughness of your PMs will see you through most scraps.

If you drop the Lessers and add another 2 bodies to the 5 man squad I end up with 62 extra points. You could use this to buff the Raptors to 10 and get the full benefit of the MoN, as it costs the same regardless of how many troops in the unit, or grab a rhino with some tweaks for the Plasma squad to ride around in and toss plasma death from the fire points. either one is a solid idea.

Good luck with the list.


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