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Default Need help khorne/crimson slaughter?

I need help going in a direction...

I'm mostly afraid to start my painting until I figure out which direction I need to be going in. So my primary question would be can Cimson SLaughter be battle brothers with Khorne daemonkin?

Follwing with... what the hell do I do with this mass of models?

I've always loved khorne. It's been for 8 years since my last game and I've misplaced a good portion of my miniatures moving around. I'm tryin to build a list using the khorne daemonkin codex and the crimson slaughter codex providing that is legal. I love the idea of a Divination Sorcerer. This list is going to be a bit of a project considering I have 3 codexs to read and try to make work with one another.

Whether Khorne is my primary detachment or crimson slaughter is I have no preference.
Here's the catch... I'm going to try and make due using a bit of the models that came with the AoS starter set also. I got it as a gift and didn't have the heart to tell them it was the wrong game. Luckily the forces of chaos are khorne and not to mention BEAUTIFUL. I figured I could do a bit of converting and use the champions as either chosen or khorne berzer champions or soemthing and the blood reavers as hordes of khornate cultist...? Maybe? Would that work? I can see myself also doing some nice work with the large daemon mdel that comes with it (not exactly sure which direction yet though, looks nothing like a bloodthirster or and khorne daemons I'm familiar with so might be a stretch...) But the mount that riden by the stormwhatever eternal could TOTALLY be converted into a juggernaut of khorne IMO. Also there's a familiar for a sorcerer right there probably a spell familiar. Would that stack with Balestar for a double re-roll opportunity?
The OTHER models I have currently are The Dark Vengeance Starter set,
SO all together I have give or take several options for chaos lords / sorcerers
x3 Icon bearers oif nedded
x10-20 chosen (AoS?)
x40 cultists (AoS?)
x2 Obliterators
x1 Dreadnaught
x1 Rhino/pred (most likely rhino as a dedicated transport)
x 24 berzerkers (2 boxes)
x1 chaos biker
x1 chaos lord terminator armor
x 10 CSM
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Default Need help khorne/crimson slaughter?

CSM and Daemons are battle brothers and daemonkin are just a mix of both so it seems perfectly reasonable to ally as same, but I haven't read anything confirming this. I have seen blood reavers used as cultists and they also fit perfectly. If your worried about wysiwyg use the holstered pistol bits from CSM boxes and your done.
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I can confirm that Khorne Daemonkin indeed is battle brothers with both Chaos Daemons and Chaos Space Marines, including both supplements (Crimson Slaughter and Black Legion)
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Just had a look at that Khorne daemon thing you mentioned. Could pass for a daemon prince I suppose. Daemon princes on foot aren't exactly... popular... but I suppose if you wanted to use blood tithe points to get dark apotheosis you'd have a model for the prince

Alternatively just keep it in deepstrike reserve and hope that enough close combat is going on by the time it arrives that it doesn't draw much attention. Give it blood forged armour for eternal warrior, a 3+ and feel no pain and it might do something, but some might suggest you're throwing good points after bad by investing more points in a wingless daemon prince

^ Balanced 40k!
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I have some wings I can throw on him. I'm not sure if I would want him to be a daemon prince or converted into a hellbrute I like mayham pack but hellcult is pretty neat too... It's a toss up between using that bizarre daemon or a vendicator dreadnought as my third hellbrute, but then again maybe i only need one. I also have 13 Terminators that I've been considering sticking a MoK Chaos Lord in termie armor along with in a landraider perhaps? obviously not all 13 of them though! aaand a squad of possessed I'm not sure what to do with exactly. I do like possessed. a little overwhelmed with my painting haha

Another question I ran into... If I'm playing with Crimson slaughter can my chaos lord have MoK still? and if so does that make possessed and berzerkers troop choices?

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