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Default New player Iron Warrior 1500 point army list


Daemon Prince -205
Power Armor


CSM Squad x10 -185
Melta gun
Aspiring Champion w/Power fist
Heavy Bolter

CSM Squad x10 -160
Close combat weapons x8
Aspiring Champion w/Power Weapon

CSM Squad x10 -165
Plasma Gun
Heavy Bolter

Cultists x20 -114
Autogun x19

Cultist x20 -90

Rhino -57
Combi bolter
Havoc Launcher
Dozer blade

Rhino -52
Havoc Launcher
Dozer blade

Rhino -52
Havoc Launcher
Dozer blade

Heavy Weapons

Obliterator x3 -210

Predator -127
Lascannon sponsons
Havoc Launcher

This whole list gives me around 83 points left, so I was thinking about taking a 3 man biker squad, and find some way to afford 2 melta guns for them. Otherwise my tactics are to push up with my close combat cultists and ccw CSM squad with the DP (attacking any troop targets), while securing objectives with my other troops and keeping my heavy weapons as support to help soften any tougher armored targets. Please let me know what you think!
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I really like your army, having lots of troops it fits the background nicely. I want it to do well. That said, I think it could struggle to win games in the current edition of 40k because there are powerful codexes out there (codex CSM isn't in the higher tiers) and your list probably doesn't hit hard enough to scare them and isn't resilient enough to weather the storm in turn

To make it more resilient but maintain the character of the list you posted I'd go for an MSU type of build. Put down more units than the opponent can hope to kill during the course of the game

This is how I'd adapt your list to increase the number of units but keep the overall character

Daemon Prince with wings, armour, mark of nurgle 220

5 CSM with power fist, melta gun 110
Rhino with havoc launcher, dozer blade 52 (162)

5 CSM with power weapon, flamer 95
Rhino with havoc launcher, dozer blade 52 (147)

5 CSM with plasma gun 90
Rhino with havoc launcher, dozer blade 52 (142)

5 CSM with melta gun, combi-melta, melta bombs 100
Rhino with dozer blade 40 (140)

20 Cultists with 19 autoguns, flamer 114

3 Bikes with two melta guns, melta bombs, VotLW 98

3 Bikes with two melta guns, melta bombs, VotLW 98

Predator with autocannon, heavy bolters, havoc launcher, combi bolter 112

Predator with autocannon, lascannon sponsons 115

2 Obliterators with mark of nurgle 152


I reduced the CSM squad sizes, took away one obliterator (but made them T5) and swapped a cultist squad for some bikes then added some units with points saved. Now there are 15 units which should be pretty overwhelming at 1500 points

The daemon prince has a mark of nurgle so it can get a 2+ cover save when it jinks. Without that it would probably be the most appealing target for enemy shooting, but now it's going to be a lot harder to shoot down and should help it get into combat more often.

The obliterators may be the next most appealing target to shoot at but you could limit how much fire they take by using the plasma gun CSM squad's rhino as a shield so line of sight is blocked to them. Obviously make sure your obliterators can see at least one unit for them to shoot at as they walk up. The havoc launcher, plasma gun and obliterators can all shoot when they move 6" so they should work together quite well

Otherwise the opponent is faced with lots of cheap units to shoot at so I think you'll do quite well in maelstrom missions

^ Balanced 40k!
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