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Default 1750 5th Edition

I tried to play with my old list and got my faced rocked in fifth edition rules. So I modified my list:

Demon Prince 155
MoSlaanesh, Wings, Lash of Sub

Sorcerer 145
Terminator Armor, CombiMelta

4 Terminators 160
Power Weapons, Reaper, 1 chainfist

Dreadnought 125
TL Las

10 CSM 230
Asp Champion w/ PF, 2 Plasma Guns, MoChaos Glory

5 Noise Marines 185
Champion w/ PW and Melta Bombs, 2 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster

5 Noise Marines 180
Champion w/ PW, 2 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster

5 Noise Marines 180
Champion w/ PW, 2 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster

3 Obliterators 225

5 Havocs 165
4 Missile Launchers, MoChaos Glory

Total - 1750

It seemed to work out really well, the noise marines and CSM move and shoot really well to assault the middle objectives. Three deep striking Units to contest far objectives, or shore up the middle ground. The Havocs and Noise Marines can handle any vehicles that are running around.

BTW I found that with the new blast rules Obliterators are just monsters, especially since deep striking seems to be a necessity. God help your SM opponent if your Obliterators deep strike after his terminators, cause you get three chances to get a hit with the plasma cannon dice and he can kiss their asses goodbye.

So I am looking for comments or advice, but here are some notes about my army:
  • I will not use two different gods (i.g. add a squad of plague marines) because the idea sickens me....stupid new codex
  • For fluff reasons the army does not use vehicles, its a foot slogging army, I am considering bikes and raptors though
  • I probably won't wholesale change the army as I am about 4 models away from completing it


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So I can assume with no comments that this list is just to awesome for words (also I just gave myself a bump )
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With the new rules Infantry Rules I think it would be a good idea to fill out the noise marine squads a bit. Maybe 3 squads of 8. Because at 1750 you really probably should have a few more troops in there. As CSM players were normally outnumbered anyway but now with 66% of missions relying on holding objectives not enough troops really will kill you.

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I would actually suggest dropping the dreadnaught in favor of more troops. since for anti-tank you have the daemon prince, the terminator with chainfist, obliterators, the havoc squad, and the 2 plasma guns for the regular csm. besides that one suggestion it looks like a really good list.

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I think I would drop the dreadnaught and then try to squeeze another 25 points for a defiler for some more template goodness. So far those have just faired too well for me not to take them. I know you said no vehicles but a defiler is more of a walker and I don't see much of a difference than a dreadnaught.
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Anyone notice the sorceror not having any psychic powers?

Drop the dreadnought. They're terrible. Drop the melta bombs on the slaaneshi squad.

I'd suggest beefing up the ablative wounds on the havocs.
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