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Default Khorne Fallen Angels 2000

This is a list I've been running for a while now with pretty good success. The Terminator Lord is my Warlord and he goes with the terminators. They deep strike and cause havoc. The other Lord goes with the large cultist squad. The Fiends are for Anti Air and Anti Armor. The Drakes are for "best thing in the codex spam."

One thing I'm thinking about doing is swapping the second chaos lord for an Aegis with Coms relay.

HQ 267
Chaos Lord
Terminator Armor Lightning Claw x2 Mark of Khorne

Chaos Lord Sigil of Corruption Mark of Khorne Lightning Claw

Elite 161
Terminators x4 Lightning Claw x2 Power Fist x2 Mark of Khorne

Troops 712
Cultists x33 Mark of Khorne Shotgun Flamer x3

Cultists x10 Shotgun Heavy Stubber

Khorne Berzerkers x10 Power Weapon

Khorne Berzerkers x10 Power Weapon

Fast Attack 510
Heldrake Baleflamer

Heldrake Baleflamer

Heldrake Baleflamer

Heavy Support 350
Forgefiend Hades autocannons

Forgefiend Hades autocannons

Grey Knights and Dark Angels Project

Thousand Sons
Grey Knights
Imperial Knights

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Im thinking the comms relay is a good idea. You are walking up your melee guys right? Your gonna take a ton of casualties until your support comes in. Relay will get that support in, thus more bodies in your opponents face!
Otherwise not too bad. Honestly I would love to see rhinos just to get your zerkers up the board faster even if they cant charge out of it. If you went relay option your 10 man cultist squad can babysit so can lose its guns. You could take those 52 points and sink it into rhinos, more bodies, or more toys as you see fit
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Damn, I can only imagine the amount of skulls 3 heldrakes would harvest.


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Yesterday i saw the axe of blind fury wreck shit. Seems to me that its a must for a khorne lord+2 str AP2 +D6 attacks... cmon... that screams MORE SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE. Other than that, nasty list. When you state "power weapon" on the champions, if they aren't swords or mauls, you strike last, if you are usint a maul, its AP4 and probably wont kill your opponent. If its a sword, its AP3 which is good... but neither are really khorneish.... chain axe is fluffy, or power axe is fluffier, but useless i feel....

The true nature of Chaos is beyond any comprehension. No mere mortal can ever hope to understand these matters, and the wise do not puzzle too deeply over Chaos Gods, or try to fathom their wars, rivalries and bickerings.

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Axe of Blind Fury is so sweet. Just make sure you get the charge to maximize its usefulness (+1 STR from Furious Charge, +2 attacks from Rage). You're probably a better tactician than I, but sometimes half my bikers (my lord, once) died before getting to swing the dang thing. Choose their route wisely!

I haven't tried any power weapons other than lightning claws on 'zerker champs. People told me there's no reason to take a power sword over the claw, and I find that they're right. Might as well re-roll wounds. Too bad chainaxes sort of suck. With the amount of attacks a squad of 'zerkers gets on the charge, something with a 4+ is probably still going to get shit on.

Anything that doesn't strike at initiative doesn't seem as worth it, imo. A power fist or axe could be useful in taking on a terminator in a challenge, since both will be striking at the same time, but in that situation both will probably die. Not sure if it's worthwhile yet.

Berzerkers + Kharn has always been the winning combo for me. In a Land Raider they're good, in a Dreadclaw they're ridiculous. Gotta wait until turn 3 to charge, but anything you charge is probably going to die, including heavy armor (VRRRRR VRRRRRR die Land Raider!!!! BLOOOOD!!!!) Just make sure the 'zerker champ survives to eat the challenge so that Kharn and the boys can kill everything else. Even if Kharn rolls 1s to hit, he has Hatred so he can re-roll those, so far I haven't lost a berzerker in the 1st turn of combat, and very few combats have lasted more than 1 turn against berzerkers. Either they die or I do. Lightning claw usually guarantees the 'zerker champ wins the challenge, so a roll on the boon table is nice too. Unfortunately, wiping out the enemy squad leaves them open to gunfire, but that's the way it goes with CC units.

Sorry for rambling, I just get excited about Kharn and Berzerkers .



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