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Default 1750 Slannesh (CSM and CD)

Chaos Lord - Mark of Slannesh, Power Fist, Lightning Claw, Sigil of Corruption, Bike

5 Noise Marines - 3 Sonic Blasters, Blastmaster
5 Noise Marines - 3 Sonic Blasters, Blastmaster
5 Noise Marines - 3 Sonic Blasters, Blastmaster
5 Noise Marines - 3 Sonic Blasters, Blastmaster

4 Bikers - 2 Melta Guns, Mark of Slannesh, Lightning Claw

2 Oblitorators
2 Oblitorators

Herald of Slannesh - Locus of Beguilement, Grimoire of True Names, Etherblade, Steed of Slannesh

20 Daemonettes - Alluress, Etherblade

9 Seekers - Heartseeker, Etherblade


Okay, so there's the list. It's focused around several fast moving assault units, with outflanking options which will try to get their claws into the enemy as fast as possible. Noise marines and oblitorators provide covering fire, break transports etc.

So, thoughts? Obviously there's not much in the way of anti-flyer, but the only way I could see fitting this in would be to drop the Daemonettes, add 5 Bloodletters and an Aegis w/ Quad Gun. It would break the theme of course, but provide a moderate counter to flyers. It would also free up a lot of points for more bikers... :D That having been said, 20 outflanking Daemonettes with 3++ saves are pretty scary to almost anything.

Other things I'm considering including -

- 2 squads of 10 cultists. This would max the troops choices and provide even more scoring units.
- More bikes xD thinking of increasing the squad size and adding an Icon of excess for improved durability
- Keeper of Secrets. Would replace the Herald and synergise less well with the Daemonettes, but would provide a CC beatstick and effectively a 4th CC threat to deal with
- More Oblitorators (because who doesn't love more Oblitorators?)
- Vindicator orientated heavy support. Basically taking heavy support along the lines of 2 vindicators and a squad of 3 oblitorators, then using the tanks as the core of an advance to support the daemons.
- Termicide (mainly because I like the terminator models), thinking squads of 3 with Power Axes and Combi Plasma. Noise Marine lists struggle with dealing with 2+ saves. The CDs' Rending helps to mitigate this somewhat, but 112 point squads of Terminators would also probably be helpful.

That's the thoughts when considering Slannesh. Expanding the army to include a Nurgle section might also be on the cards in the long run...
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my only thing about this, and its really not all that importnant, is that while i like the grimoire oof true names, i LOVE the portal glyph! free scoring units every turn? yes please!

list looks good and al of your subjestions are sound. it really will just come down to taking what you feel you need more.

Ave Dominae Nox
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Your noise marine squads are confused. I highly recommend using 5 with a blastmaster (125pts), or 6 with 5 sonic blasters (127 pts). The blastmaster squad just objective camps and drops templates all game, while the sonic blaster squad controls midfield. The two weapons have different target priorities, so mixing them isn't always the best idea.

As far as your daemon part, I like it. The herald with that loci is an excellent character assassin. Extremely fast too. I only recommend using the herald in a big block of daemonettes over seekers. It means more ablative wounds and more models benefiting from the rerolls. Use the seekers to take out heavy weapon teams and similar units with outflank.

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I was initially considering not taking Sonic Blasters and keeping things cheap, but I then realised that it would leave the list with a serious lack of ranged anti-infantry firepower. Sitting still, the sonic blasters allow the small squads to pump out relatively large numbers of shots for a low cost. While it may relegate the unit to a largely stationary role (and dooming the army in Relic games) it's the best firepower available point for point as far as I can see. The alternative would be to drop other parts of the force and find points for basic CSM as a midfield unit.

As for the Herald, I did consider the Portaglyph, but looking at its durability. I'm really not sure. Chances are that most opponents will find a way to destroy it within a turn... Also, considering that the Herald + Daemonettes, and then the Seekers were originally intended to outflank anyway, it's effectiveness is limited by the fact it's going to be off the board for at least one turn. (though it will mean that it survives later into the game at least). And yes, the Herald is supposed to be joining the Daemonettes to increase the outflanking threat whenever the opportunity presents itself in terms of deployment and terrain. The odd seekers number is more to do with the limitations of the kits themselves...
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