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Default Khorne Berzerker army

Ok guys iv made the decisions to play a berzerker army and would like some suggestions for things to add or drop (not purchased anything yet).

Kharn the Betrayer
Zhufor the Impailer (forge world khorn lord)

4x 10 men Berzerker squad, Rhinos for each

2x 10 men Raptor/ Warp talon squad

2x 10 men Terminator squads, up to 1 Land-raider for each

2x Predator tanks
OR 2x Defilers

Thx for any help
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Are you building for any specific points limit?

I'm not a fan of Warp Talons. Raptors are better, but I'd probably not go with either one. I think you'll find that most Chaos players will suggest using Bikes instead. That extra toughness, Jink, Hammer of Wrath and a combi-bolter for only a few points more than raptors? I'll take that any day.
Warp talons are just wat too expensive.

I'd consider adding a Land Raider to transport a squad of berzerkers and Kharn.

Are you planning on ignoring flyers? 'Cause otherwise you should consider some anti-air, since you have none at the moment.

I don't see many Chaos players out there still using defilers, after the points increase.

2 10 man terminator squads with Land Raiders? You realize that's almost 1100 points right there?
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Also, land raiders cannot take a full 10 man squad of terminators. So you would need 2 to keep them together. Which means one would take up a slot in heavy support or one set of termies is foot slogging.

I personally like defilers, they are not competitive, but if used right, can be fun.
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Yup--since each Terminator takes up 2 transport slots, you can only transport 5 Termis per Land Raider, unfortunately.

You'll also need to drop one of the Berzerkers from two of the squads to fit in the independent characters you have, there, unless you want them all on their own outside of a vehicle--a rather silly way to deploy them.

Raptors are rather more versatile than Warp Talons, seeing as they can still beat up marines in comat (getting the charge+HoW+probably MoK attack), but can also buy special weapons like, say, meltaguns. Another point to consider is that everything Raptors do, Bikers do even better, for very nearly the same cost. A unit of 8 or so bikers would be much better than a unit of 10 raptors: they get +1T, twin-linked bolters that (thanks to Relentless) they can still fire and charge, they can go flat out to travel up to 24" in a turn, they ignore cover for the save of moving and charging (well, they still take dangerous terrain tests, but those are almost laughable these days)...etc.

I don't know Zhufor's stats, but is he better than the quite cheap and incredibly deadly option of a Lord with the Axe of Blind Fury (and the MoK, a SoC, and perhaps a bike/jump pack if you want him in that unit)?

Finally, I'd go for 2 Predators with autocannon turrets and either lascannon or heavy bolter sponsons (probably lascannon, to get a bit more anti-tank into the list).

The biggest real problem this army has is its total lack of anti-air. I'd suggest a (lovely, wonderful) Heldrake or something to help counteract that...

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thx guys learnt a lot already but yes i know of the land raider restrictions,
Zhufor is WS7, BS5, S5, T4, W3, I5, A4, LD10, SV2+(5+), with a good deal of special rules including eternal warrior and allows a squad of terminatours to be included in his HQ slot
And will scrape defilers
Also will look into bikes and i have no AA as we have very little at my club
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