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Originally Posted by DaisyDuke View Post
I was looking at a Warpsmith MoTz SoC, This would give you a 2+/3+ hq that can face down threats in combat with 4/5 pow axe attacks. He can also shoot his melta and his flamer in the same shooting phase, all for 150 points.
Nope, sorry. He only has access to the Chaos Gifts table, not to the Special Issue Wargear--meaning that he can only buy an Aura of Dark Glory, not a Sigil of Corruption. The Warpsmith is an underrated character, I feel: give him the BBoS, AoDG, and MoK and stick him in MoK Chosen with flamers and meltas... delicious!

Originally Posted by Creepwar View Post
I cannot ofc speak for other fliers but what I do know is that one of the strongest advantages of the heldrake is supposed to be its str 7 vector strike, on average 3 str 7 autohits on another flier, and since you have passed over it it cannot fire on you the next turn unless it is a "hover" type, and if it choose to fire on you while going into hover well then the rest of your army can fire at it ))
Unless you Vector Strike a Stormraven, in which case its twin-linked lascannon turret with a 360 degree FoV can spin around and hit you right in the rear armor while the 'Raven zooms on. Ouch.

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Have a hard time seeing how that autocannon is going to serve the drake any better than the flamer vs the raven, you can fly over it and vector it or it can fly over you and hit you in the rear anyways, both are fliers with 36 inches max movement while shooting, if he has decided to put that lascannon to good anti-air use, which he should he just might aswell do it.
If you are facing a raven anyways your baleflamer will be aiming at marines, which is probably the best use you can get from a baleflamer, most marines being autohitted, wounded on a 2+, getting no cover or armour saves and unlike necrons and their like they are not resurrecting afterwards.

And stormraven aside, the necron night and doomschytes have their twin linked tesla destructor which id say is to be feared, the vendetta assualt flier from IG has 3 Twin linked >hull mounted< lascannons, now that is something you DO NOT want to be infront of, ever, in which case your flying over them ASAP to get out of range, or so I see myself playing that out everytime I want my dragon to be alive.

On a sidenote: this is 40k and not a mathhammer comp game, its supposed to be fun and id say it stays fun if you go for what strikes you as cool, nice, interesting etc, in the end, a mechanical dragon-deamon with a gatling gun in its mouth is just so hardcore its insane.

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What I might suggest, and you don't have to agree (in fact, you probably wont), is to drop the Daemon Prince. with those points you can beef up your Rubric squads a bit. You can drop your Sorcerer to Mastery 1 and strap him with the Brand if you want, and then since he's ONLY mastery 1, you have a 50/50 chance of giving him the non-witchfire power, which could allow you to actually beef him up in close combat. If you wanted. You just need to decide what you're going to do with your Sorcerer... you really have no means of dealing with close combat. Even with the DP, you only had one good melee unit, which makes me leery. That being said, I did the same thing, with only a Sorcerer and some Terminators as my h2h unit.

As for the lack of Overwatch, that's very true, but with SnP, you have an effective bolter range of 30" if you're moving forward. Sure, you can't take a charge with bolters... but I say there's no Overwatch becayuse of how good those Inferno bolts are.

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