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Default 2000pt Nurgle Tally with, but just a tad different...i hope

Hello all! Well i've seen an uprising in the 'Tyhpus/Tally Bomb list' so to speak. and while the tactic would work, i'd like to disect it alittle bit and see if i can't put my own spin on it. At the end i will explain my reasoning for the alterations and i'd like to know what you think. I haven't seen this list anywhere before, so i dont know if someone has already beatin me to the punch. I would like to know what you all think, good, bad, or meh. Thanks!
Lord w/ MoN, Bike, SoC, Meltabombs, Blight Grenades, VotLW - 140pts
Goes with bikers
14 Plaque Marines w/ VotLW - 355pts
14 Plaque Marines w/ VotLW - 355pts
My core force techincally. Im told running larger squads outside of rhinos is more effective. They will loom in the back field until they get their buffs or both cultist units break.
20 cultists w/ MON - 130pts
20 cultists w/ MON - 130pts
My meat shields. they run ahead of the rest of my force to be attacked. They are designed to die. They will take the shots and run up my tally. The main weak point here is they will break and run. at which point the second squad steps up and takes their place. They will try to get into combat as quick as possible.
Fast Attack:
6 Bikers w/ MoN, x2 Melta, VotLW, Champ w/ Meltabombs - 197pts
My assualt unit. They can go tank hunting in the mean time
Heldrake w/ HAC - 170pts
really just my anti air defense
Oblit w/ MoN - 76pts
Oblit w/ MoN - 76pts
2 Oblits w/ MoN - 152pts
A main weak point of this force is the lack of speed. These guys are to help with that by being long range back up. They can deepstrike or just stand on the board. I might even keep one back with epidmus to guard him. I figure at the point that tactic wont work, im probably loosing anyway
7 plaquebearers - 105pts
I think we know why these guys are here. they will sit back out of troulbe maybe even holding an objective.
Ok, so. The way i see the current tyhpus/tally bomb list, you are spending alot of points on things that your opponent already has to do the same thing. I see tactics to do things like take a bare ADL for typhus and 14 cultists to attack, or run up the field and get into combat and then drop the hive. Why though? there is 2000pts on the other side of the board that are already trying to kill you. why waist 280pts(Typhus/ADL) on that? Just make the opponent deal with the cultist. If he dosent want to do that, then you can control the flow of the match by controlling his models and making him do what you want with your wall of cultists. With those extra points im able to add to my assualt force and add backup plans, and even add more defense to the different unit types (flyers) etc. I didnt take any weapon upgrades on my forces to save points because i figure the tally will make all my weapons wound on 3/4+ and ap2/3 (dont have my codex infront of me) Took the oblits for the same reason, you can mark them. Now i dont have my dexes infront of me, so correct me if im wrong here, but wont the tally make the oblits weapons all ap2/3? im down for that! Even if a majority of my plan fails, the opponent STILL has to deal with two huge sqds of T5, FNP, fearless monsters and 7 T6, fast models. So this list might be a bit of a one trick pony, but (as i see) by no means paper thin. The only real threat i dont have a defense for is psykers. but hey, cant have it all, right? oh and maybe a tank heavy list, but thats what the melta bombs and couple of melta guns are for, plus the oblits. Besides, its 6th edition, you dont see alot of parking lots anymore.Id love to hear what you think, or maybe even anything to smooth out any rough edges.

People take time to comment. So reply in kind

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Some thoughts:

- The main problem this list has is it's pretty defensive, with the exception of the biker squad. How are you going to get that tally up far enough before the very end of the game?
- Also, the bike squad isn't very melee kitted, apart from the Lord, for a designated melee squad. I'd say at least give the champion a Lightning Claw or Power Sword, rather than VotLW (since the Lord already gives them Fearless).
- Why VotLW on your fearless Plague Marines? Just getting the Hatred: Space Marines isn't at all worth it, in my eyes.
- I would group the 2 solitary Oblits into a second squad of 2.

Just my thoughts on the matter.

CSM Plog, Tactica

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So I've got a couple of things, but I'll start with the biggest. The Cultists. Your strategy seems to involve distracting the entirety of the opponents army with 40 Cultists. Not gonna happen. They are too weak and break too easily to serve as a meaningful distraction. Assuming 20 models, only 5 of them have to die before they are forced to take a Morale check. At Leadership 8 that's a 33% chance of failure. Considering that 5 Cultists are not hard to kill multiple times over, there's roughly a 100% chance they will break and Fall Back. Those odds do not a good meat shield make.

They also only contribute to the tally if A.) They have the Mark of Nurgle and B.) They kill something. They do not add to the Tally just for dying which is what they will do. They won't accomplish item B because they do not have the damage output required to do anything effective. They can't shoot and they can't assault. They may get 1 or 2 kills the entire game but hardly enough to make them worth taking.

They also suffer from tactical flexibility. They aren't great objective holders because again it only takes a few wounds to make them Fall Back off the objective. They can't take transports to they won't be going anywhere fast or relocating to counter enemy movement.

The only way I could see taking Cultists is to bring them as sacrifices to Typhus' Destroyer Hive. I'm not a fan of sacrificial units but it's really the only guaranteed trick.

Plague Marines
By far the best troop choice (once unlocked by an HQ) in the codex and possibly the game. They perform basically all roles better than their counter-parts. They're better in assault than Zerks and they can control objectives just as well if not better than the Sons. They can also take dual special weapons at any squad size.

Large squads are generally only good for the assault units like Berzerkers as they can no longer assault out of transports. For a shooty/defensive unit like the Plague Marines you want to always give them Rhinos so they can move across the board to grab objectives, to use as extra protection, and to be able to quickly counter enemy movement. I would break the squads into 2 squads of 7 each. That will give you 4 Troop choices (after you've dropped the Cultists of course) plenty for a 2000 point game. Veterans of the Long War is also not worth it on these guys.

I would also give them dual special weapons. How do you expect to get the Tally up if you don't have any damage output? Bolters?! Hah! I would give three of the squads dual Plasma Guns and one squad dual Melta Guns. They Bikers have the Melta redundancy. That brings me to my next point.

Lord and Bikers
Why is your 'assault squad' not kitted for assault? Your Lord doesn't even have a special close combat weapon! I would give the Lord either a Power Sword or dual Lightning Claws and the Biker Champ a Power Axe. Also consider throwing the Burning Brand of Skalathrax on the Lord for better infantry killing and Tally raising. Again no need for Veterans.

He's your only anti-flyer so if you want to use the Hades Autocannon then go for it, but I'm not a fan of his BS3. It's not particularly reliable as an anti-flyer but he can be a very effective anti-infantry platform with the Baleflamer. He can also Vector Strike a flyer in the Movement phase and then Baleflame a squad in the Shooting phase. Not many units in the game (if there are any others) can target multiple units in one turn.

I would like to see 2 squads of 2 here for more resiliency. Remember they are only Ld8 and NOT Fearless so you have to be careful. But it's really more of a personal preference. Remember also that they have to fire a different weapon every turn so cannot necessarily be a stationary gun platform. Keep that in mind when deploying.

Epidemius and Plaguebearers

My changes would then be as follows.

Lord w/ MoN, Bike, SoC, Meltabombs, Blight Grenades, and dual Lightning Claws

7x Plague Marines w/ 2x Plasma, Rhino
7x Plague Marines w/ 2x Plasma, Rhino
7x Plague Marines w/ 2x Plasma, Rhino
7x Plague Marines w/ 2x Melta, Rhino

6x Bikers w/ 2x Melta Guns, Melta Bombs, Power Axe
Heldrake w/ Baleflamer

2x Oblits w/ MoN
2x Oblits w/ MoN

7 Plaquebearers

Total is 2000 exactly, I believe.

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Originally Posted by Iron_Freak220 View Post
Not many units in the game (if there are any others) can target multiple units in one turn.
Tzeentchi daemons with We Are Legion.

Also: templates, as long as the primary target unit has more models being hit than the secondary target, and blast templates.

Sorry for the irrelevant clarification.

CSM Plog, Tactica

What sphinx of plascrete and adamantium bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination? Imperator! Imperator!
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