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Help with Mono Slaanesh 1000p

Ok first off yes I know its slaanesh, and who would want to but I just want it because my other friend is building a keentch(Khorne&Tzeentch) army and I dont want to deal with the Slow&Purposeful of nurgle so any suggestions would help.

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Well, I'll just go ahead and say it, Mono god lists blow. Slaanesh is pretty cool though. Fiends are slammin, and Slaanesh princes with Musk are pretty sweet too IMO. I also use Daemonettes all the time as a troop choice, they are basically Genestealers. As for HQ, the keeper is a real monster. He rapes everything on initiative and has all the MC goodness. Seekers are pretty good too, though I'd take fiends over them any day. Of course since Soulgrinders aren't really dedicated to any particular power of the warp, you can paint them up in pinks and purples and roll them with a Slaanesh themed army if you'd prefer them to Princes, but save yourself the problems and hassles and take at least two . Not sure what else to say

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Everything I've read says the fiends are the way to go. I'd assume get the troops for objectives and get them in after the first wave? Seekers seem to have to be at least 10 model strong so I'm not sure you want to dedicate that many points to a single unit at 1000 points.

I like the Masques fluff but as she isn't IC I'm not sure how best to use her in larger games. She should be interesting at 1000 points though.
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I run a mono-Slaanesh list that takes 1 of every Slaanesh unit and multiples of a few of them. The biggest problem you will have is breaking open tanks, since you need to assault them to do so (a big weakness of the Daemon Codex in general). At 1000 points I would take...

Herald, Chariot, Might, Musk, Icon - This gal is here to take a lot of shots and go to ground with an Icon. Occasionally she will make it into combat with something she can kill, but 6 attacks is just not enough when you need to rely on rending to get by armor. Your opponents will still shoot at her though, saving the rest of your army from small arms.

6x Fiends units - I take at least one of these every Daemon army I play, partially because they cost so much, and also because they are that good. The key to these guys, is to remember that you want to rely on weight of wounds to take down enemies, not necessarily just rending.

Two 12x Daemonettes I have found this to be the magic number for these guys. It is just enough to make it to combat with a decent number of attacks, and the 48 attacks on a tank w/ 8 hits when cruising speed and 1-2 damage results is enough to take down tanks.

2x Soulgrinder - Equip these with Tongue, because it is more Slaaneshy, and then break open tanks. Their neutral status wrt gods gives you what you need to eat tanks.

This should be close to 1000 points and is a good start for a Slaanesh based army.
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My mono-slaanesh army got pseudo-banned from the local store by common consent... it tables a few tourny lists without really trying and then no-one really wanted to play it anymore. That's not to say that it is really that powerful, but it does tend to do very well against the sort of elite armies that many like to run.

AT 1500pts I ran a converted KoS as skarbrand (not technically slaaneshi I know, but it has a slaaneshi feel and he only really works with slaanesh... could have used a KoS, but this was nastier), 18 fiends, 3 units of 10 daemonettes and 10 seekers. It was horrible against some armies, but those with lots of small arms fire tended to mash it pretty nicely.

Overall here's my brief Slaanehi unit rundown:

KoS- good but overcosted... I found that a HQ MC was needed to give me real impact against vehicles in general and walkers in particular.
Fiends- have 18, win games... they're awesome, but since the official models are expensive and look like arse I would use something else. CHaos spawn are about the best non-conversion option.
Daemonettes- not much option but to include them; they're awesome if you have enough numbers.... but too few numbers means they do nothing then get killed when they reach combat. I liked to run units of 10 but have them work together...
Seekers- fiends but with grenades. Could probably build an army without them, but that doesn't stop them being awesome.
MoS DPs- I really don't like DPs, and MoS doesn't do much for them. They'll die easily and aren't fleet, so don't really fit the style of the army.

The one thing I've left out is heralds... many people take the masque, which I think is a mistake. I don't rate pavane that much (I think its useful, but without breath in the army and without any cheap ways of getting it on non-crap BS models I normally go without) and her not being able to join units means she dies very quickly...
What is awesome is the chariot herald. Personally I keep them incredibly cheap with just unholy might as an upgrade: it gives you some solid anti-tank and support units although you'll often be longing for musk (which I take if I have spare points left).

If I was being evil then this would be my list at 1k:

HoS- chariot, might
HoS- chariot, might
10 Daemonettes
10 Daemonettes
6 Fiends- might
6 Fiends- might
6 Fiends- might

... having said that I couldn't run that for more then a handful of games before my conscience forced me to make it nicer, dropping fiends for more troops and some seekers.

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