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The Good : Gaunt's Ghosts, Word Bearers Trilogy, Ciaphas Cain, Night Lords, Most of the Horus Heresy

The Bad : Inquisition War, Gav's Eldar series, Blood Angels

The Meh : Space Marine Battles ( Overall this series has it's ups way less often than it's downs ), Ultramarines ( They aren't bad but I think Ventras is a bland character ).

And finally the award for most over rated goes to...It's a tie. Eisenhorn and Ravenor. When other npeople talk about how great they are I am reminded of high school. People used to talk about how great Nirvana were and how Curt Cobain was a genius. I'd look right at them and say "he can barely play 3 chords on the guitar and their songs sound like they were written by a 10 year old." I honestly don't get it. To me the strength of the GG series is the wealth of characters. I feel that everyone who isn't the title character in there series gets short changed. And for a series that lends itself to having a chance at some epic villians, I can't think of one that was really memorable.
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The Good: Eisenhorn/ Ravenor trilogies, most of the Horus Heresy series, I personally really enjoyed both Dead Men Walking and Fall of Damnos also, and Angels of Darkness
The Bad: Inquisition Wars, Flesh and Iron/ Blood Gorgons (although Emperors Mercy wasn't to bad in my opinion) and I also really struggled with Ben Counters Grey Knights series
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Originally Posted by Captain_Daerys_Arrun View Post

And finally the award for most over rated goes to...It's a tie. Eisenhorn and Ravenor. When other npeople talk about how great they are I am reminded of high school. People used to talk about how great Nirvana were and how Curt Cobain was a genius. I'd look right at them and say "he can barely play 3 chords on the guitar and their songs sound like they were written by a 10 year old."
So does this mean you were a Soundgarden fan? Pearl Jam maybe? I felt the same way about Nirvana, and it is weird to see kids today idolizing them over their far superior contemporaries. I guess Layne Staley died about ten years too late for everyone to jump on the AiC bandwagon instead.

Anyways, back on topic:

My favorite so far: I actually really liked Rebel Winter. Granted, I haven't read most of the favorites you guys have mentioned, but it was a fast paced and enjoyable story with a surprisingly strong supporting cast and some really cool battle scenes.

My least favorite: Iron Hands. It is fairly close in quality to Fifteen Hours and Dawn of War, both of which I hated, but it gets the edge for its overworked prose and terrible cast of characters, including one of my least favorite protagonists ever. My book review blog, in which I review sci fi books, mainly of the tie in variety (love Star Wars)

New to Warhammer 40k gentle!
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Good: Ciaphas Cain, Storm of Iron, Legion, Horus Rising,
Bad: Nightbringer, Descent of Angels, Battle for the Abyss

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Best: (in no particular order)

- Legion of the Damned - Rob Sanders
- Storm of Iron - Graham McNeill
- Night Lords Trilogy - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
- Helsreach - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
- Battle of the Fang - Chris Wraight
- Ciaphas Cain series - Sandy Mitchell
- Gaunt's Ghost series - Dan Abnett


- The Space Wolves second omnibus
- Sons of Dorn - Chris Roberson
- Dawn of War omnibus
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I just do not get the love for the William King Space Wolves books! They are quite infantile (although I guess at the time the BL target audience was probably 14 year old boys - glad to say that seems to have changed). Personally far prefer the way recent books have tackled the Space Wolves starting with McNeil and Abnett with the HH books and then Wright with Battle of the Fang and ADB with Emperor's Gift - far far superior treatment (than the absurd "vikings in space so let's drink lots of ale and fight")

However, they are no way the worst. That has to go to...
  • Flesh and Iron - Henry Zou (only managed first 100 pages - awful)
  • Savage Scars - Andy Hoare (what a shame as Rogue Star and Star of Damocles were quite good)
  • Sons of Dorn - Chris Roberson (managed about 50 pages and put it down in disgust)

As for the best. Well I do rate almost all of Abnett and ADB. McNeil is patchy but when he is good he is awesome. Also Farrer's Calpurnia books are very good, oh and Gordon Rennie's Execution Hour. But a top three would probably be...

Ravenor trilogy (if only one then Rogue)
GG series (if only one then Traitor General)
Know No Fear

Yes an Abnett top three but with ADB nipping at his heals.
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Can't say I've read a bad WH40K book yet... some were better than others but otherwise I've been addicted since I started reading black library.

Read so far:
- Gaunts Ghosts series (I started reading WH40k with these guys, and now I'm hooked.)
- Horus Heresy (Horus Rising, False Gods, Galaxy in Flames, Flight of the
Eisenstein, Fulgrim and The Primarchs. I plan on reading The First Heretic next.)
- The Blood Angels Omnibus (I know theres a bit of hate on this book, but its an easy, fun read.)
- The Ultramarines Omnibus (First and Third books were good, the second just seemed like filler)
- Eisenhorn Trilogy
- Ciaphas Cain (nice change of pace)
- Cadian Blood
- Titanicus
- Legion of the Damned (struggled with this one a bit, mostly because the constant squabbling amongst the Excoriators gets really tiresome, and the main character was hard to like.)

Couple of others I can't remember the names of, and a bunch of short stories.

Got a hefty stack of BL books on my shelf to read next...
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Favorite: Enforcer by Matt Farrer, followed closely by The Emperor's Gift by AD-B and Prospero Burns by Abnett. I freely admit that none of them are perfect (Enforcer probably the most flawed, in plot and pacing and POV jumps, etc--but counterbalanced in so lovely a manner by the sheer 40kness that it oozes; The Emperor's Gift for a slightly lackluster depiction of the Wolves [except for Bjorn], and a general anticlimax by the ending, since little could top Armageddon; and Prospero Burns for the padded beginning and rushed ending), but they are stories that cleave most truly to the breathing heart of 40k, in my mind. WHF-wise, I'd have to go with Wine of Dreams as my favorite, followed by The Burning Shore.

Worst? I could rattle off a chain of names most people here would know and agree with, since we've all heard the horror stories of those poor souls that read them--Goto, Sons of Dorn, etc--but the truth is, I've steered clear of those particular books. I'd say my least favorite BL book I've read is... Ghostmaker, for that steaming atrocity that is the framing tale.

CSM Plog, Tactica

What sphinx of plascrete and adamantium bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination? Imperator! Imperator!
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Quite surprised that more haven't specifically mentioned The First Heretic and A Thousand Sons in the favourites category (these are my favourites).

Having only read Horus Heresy novels, I cannot comment on the other series as spoken about by others. However, I can say that I have enjoyed them all, though BftA was a bit like hardwork.

I have just started Space Marine by Ian Watson which is a rather different writing style from any of the HH novels thus far. Could be a good thing, could be a bad thing, we'll see.

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Legion or the Night Lords Series by ADB.


Fallen Angels is the worst I've read but I'm sure there are some out there that are even more horrendous.
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