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Looks good, cover is awful though.
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Looking forward to it.
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Hope somebody uploads the dramatis personae asap.

All I ever wanted was the truth
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That I can do!

~ Dramatis Personae ~
The V Legion ‘White Scars’

Jaghatai Khan, The Khagan, the Warhawk, primarch of the V Legion
Qin Xa, Master of the keshig guard
Namahi, Qin Xa’s second

Ganzorig Noyan-Khan, Lord commander
Qin Fai Noyan-Khan, Lord commander

Targutai Yesugei, Zadyin arga,
Stormseer Naranbaatar

Jubal Khan, The Lord of Summer Lightning
Khulan Khan, Brotherhood of the Golden Path
Ainbataar Khan, Brotherhood of the Night’s Star
Algu Khan, Brotherhood of the Pennant Spear

Shiban Khan, Known as ‘Tachseer’, Brotherhood of the Storm

Torghun Khan, Sagyar mazan kill-squad leader
Sanyasa, Sagyar mazan
Ahm, Sagyar mazan
Gerg , Sagyar mazan
Holian, Sagyar mazan
Inchig, Sagyar mazan
Ozad , Sagyar mazan
Wai-long , Sagyar mazan

Jaijan, Emchi Apothecary

Taban, Sensorium master, Swordstorm
Avelina Hjelvos, Master of Navigators, Swordstorm

Tamaz, Sensorium master, Kaljian

Idda, Master of the watch, Melak Karta
Erya, Mistress of sub-warp navigation, Melak Karta

The XV Legion ‘Thousand Sons’
Revuel Arvida, Errant sorcerer, and friend to the V Legion

The III Legion ‘Emperor’s Children’
Eidolon, ‘The Soul-Severed’, Lord Commander Primus
Von Kalda, Apothecary, equerry to Lord Commander Eidolon
Azael Konenos, Legion consul and orchestrator
Galian Erato, Vexillary

Ravasch Cario, Prefector of the Palatine Blades
Avanarola, Sub-prefector of the Palatine Blades

Harkian, Shipmaster of the Suzerain

Eleanora Kulba, Shipmaster of the Terce Falion
Fael Alobus, Deck-officer, Terce Falion
Cavelli, Navigator, Terce Falion

The XIV Legion ‘Death Guard’
Mortarion, The Death Lord, primarch of the XIV Legion

Gremus Kalgaro, Marshal, siegemaster

Ulfar, Shipmaster of the Endurance
Lagaahn, Gunnery master, Endurance
Trangh, Master of the watch, Endurance

Imperial personae
Ilya Ravallion, General, Departmento Munitorum

Pieter Helian Achelieux, Novator, Navis Nobilite
Veil, Magister

Khalid Hassan, Chosen of Malcador

Non-Imperial personae

A single unmentioned person makes an important cameo appearance.

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Originally Posted by Brother Lucian View Post
Cant pm you, monty, your inbox is full.
Aargh...sorry about that mate, my bad. I deleted some old messages. Could u pls try now?
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There you go.
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Sadly the double hit of the Eisenhorn and Night Lords trilogies has cleared my book fund out. Might be a while till this one gets read
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Woah, they are really putting out a lot of HH novels this year. They even silently released the Tales of Heresy and Nemesis hardbacks.
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Ooohhh boy, some Emperor's Children! Last I saw of them they were a bunch of incompetent gaggling idiots barely able to formulate or stick to a battle plan in Angel Exterminatus. Is this still the case?

My contribution to the Renegades saga. Check it out

My growing IIIrd legion stuff:

17th Millenial (Homebrew Fluff) - "Children of the Emperor, death to his foes!" (Project Log)

Also my 30k tacticas, for those of you interested:

Crusade Army List tactica - Individual Legion tactica

Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
And for two fucking grand, I could buy enough rum and hookers to 'artistically' recreate the better part of Pirates of the Caribbean.
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These EC is a lot nastier! Eidolon commands them.
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