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Originally Posted by MontytheMighty View Post
Long Games of Carcharias
Your kidding right? That story is excellent, it shows exactly why the Alpha Legion are dangerous, what makes them such a different and deadly enemy to face and how devastating their method of warfare is when it goes according to plan.

LotN - The Kabal of Shattered Souls Project Log - Check out Talk Wargaming for reviews by Lord of the Night.
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News from BL Live - already done and posted on Bolthole by Shaggy It was a great event - even if it had less info on new releases and actually new books to buy.

Sons Of Horus Q&A (Graham McNeill).
What is GMc currently working on? About 2/3rds way through "Gods Of Mars", third in the "... Of Mars" trilogy. Should be finished in 3-4 weeks. The whole story arc is your classic 'quest', only when they actually find the treasure, they're probably going to wish they hadn't...

GMc is getting married in May (BIG CONGRATULATIONS, MR MCNEILL!) so his whole schedule has been somewhat disrupted. From what he said, I infer that there's going to be a bit of a gap in his writing (understandable).

Talked a bit about Vengeful Spirit (VS) - Horus finally getting stuck in, not just standing back, plotting evil and twirling his moustaches - after all, it's his name over the door.

In July (probably) GMc will start writing "Crimson King" - sequel to "A Thousand Sons", novel length.

Q: Who would you like to write about that you haven't so far?
A: "Not sure - I've done almost all of them!" Then.. Lion El'Jonson (Dark Angels were GMc's first army as a kid). But Dan Abnett & Gav Thorpe are doing good stuff, so doesn't really want to muddy the waters much.

Q: When is the next Uriel Ventris novel coming out and where is the story arc going?
A: Was discussing this with the editors last week. "Swords Of Calth" is the next project (presumably meaning after "Crimson King") for around the end of the year (start date? finish date? not sure) - release for next summer?
No details about the story or overall arc.

Q: The corruption of the Sons Of Horus (SOH) is more subtle than that of other traitor legions - where are you going with it?
A: Horus has been (at least in his mind) corrupted 'rationally' - he's still in control (or believes he is) - feels that it came from him. In VS, the SOH get a number of warriors similar to the Gal Vorbak of the Word Bearers, just not quite as outlandish in appearance. The corruption of the SOH isn't one big step, but lots of little ones. This is a weapon to use, this is a tool to employ, all rational choices, this and this and this... then only at the end is there the realisation that all has changed in the legion. At the end of VS, Horus is realising this.

Q: What drew you to writing Iron Warriors (IW)?
A: A fascination with siege warfare. All of the different aspects of it... storming actions, mining, lulls in battle (a siege is a mix of action and inaction), small stories & acts of individual heroism within the bigger picture - interesting to write. Specifically mentioned reading David Gemmell books early on - the first DG book he read was "Waylander", but then "Legend" - which has epic siege. Also read "Fire And Stone" by Christopher Duffy, factual book about the science of sieges (Vauban forts etc). GMc likes IW for their bitter & twisted outlook, but not overtly chaotic in nature. They have a great sense of injustice, that they've been wronged. GMc likes to write heroic stories/characters ("who doesn't?"), but it makes a nice change to go all bitter & twisted every now & then. It's cathartic - and fun to write.

Q: How will the siegecraft of the Iron Warriors change (and get more chaotic?) by the time of the Siege Of Terra?
A: It's already changing... some chaos machines being used in "Angel Exterminatus" (AE). Also, IW are gradually getting more bloodthirsty & uncaring of the fates of mortals. in AE, Perturabo still has some recognition of the existence of mortals... by Terra, that won't be the case. IW are going to take chaos & make it more mechanistic... it's their cold & calculating mindset, more about numbers than mindless frenzy.

Q: In AE, who did GMc root for - Perturabo or Fulgrim?
A: Easy - Perturabo. GMc enjoyed writing Fulgtim's descent, but by AE he's really disliking the guy. AE was originally intended to be the direct sequel to "Fulgrim", all about the EC & their primarch - but when he started writing it, he found that it was becoming Perturabo's book. Interesting thing about Perturabo - his biggest flaw is what is normally considered a virtue - his word is iron, he NEVER breaks it. Until he did, razing Olympia & by association, breaking his word & his links to the Emperor. Perturabo swore his allegiance to Horus because Horus showed understanding (faked?) whereas Perturabo was sure that the Emperor wouldn't. Perturabo was a blank canvas, and everything after that is writing his new direction. Back to Fulgrim - got a lot of beatings in AE because GMc getting to dislike him. But not finished with the EC yet... still plenty more depravities for them to try - need to be less obvious ones, bored with previous excesses. Bit of speculation as to what these could be - making battles more theatrical? (GMc joke - "Terra : The Musical"!).

Discussion on pre-Heresy stuff. GMc originally thought about doing a novella on Ullanor - but it's way too big a story. Could do a novella about the final assault on the Ork chieftan, but doing that could diminish any future novel(s) about Ullanor - the ending's already been written! But would like to write some pre-Heresy Emperor & Horus action.

When writing "False Gods", GMc was reading "Horus Rising" and really liked the way that he was forgetting that Horus becomes a bad guy - because he started off so good. Horus becomes evil, but nice to remind himself sometimes of the tragedy of his fall, that he was good once - still part of GMc wishes it hadn't happened (my note - don't we all? Every time I re-read the first couple of HH books - and some of the later ones - I still wish in some ways it had stayed with the 'golden age' route).

Q: Writing about the Thunder Warriors - why and what's next?
A: Originally had just intended to insert them as just some big gene-forged thugs, an irrelevant remnant, sort of throwaway bit-part types. But as he was writing "The Outcast "Dead", grew to want to see more of them.
What sparked it all off was that it was never originally stated what happened to them all. A whole army of genetic warriors just vanish after the last battle? Not going to happen. Discussion about the Emperor building in a genetic kill-switch & how the Thunder Warriors obviously wouldn't be happy about that if they knew. Analogue - the Astartes wondering later on what would happen to them when the Crusade was over and there was no more war. Will the Emperor do the same to us? That's part of the seed of Horus' doubts (as per his 'confession' to Petronella in "False Gods"). Did Horus become more than the Emperor intended? (as in, not just a leader of warriors).
The Thunder Warriors are a ticking time-bomb... we WILL see them again, but it may be a way off. What GMc has in mind for them may well involve a fair bit of pathos.

Q: Is writing HH easier/more free than 40K?
A: Yes and no. Yes, because HH is largely a blank canvas, only a few major events already described, lots of gaps to fill. No, because of the existing continuity that they are building around. When the HH books first started, there wasn't much planning - now there is. Example given of big wall-chart at meetings, all the different story/character threads being shown - very confusing. Example - lots of different threads leading to the Imperium Secundus arc, very tangled.
HH forces writers to 'up their game'... makes them feel that they want it to be special, better than 40k.

Q: Is it harder to write about the primarchs knowing what happens later?
A: No, makes it easier - they know the ending, just have to write the journey. Perturabo becoming bitter & twisted, Angron going from sympathetic character to frothing maniac. But also yes... makes it harder to write bad things happening to a character than author has grown to like.

Q: What would any surviving/missing loyalist primarchs think of the 40k universe?
A: They'd be horrified.
Q: Would this start off a new 'heresy'? (as in, primarchs fighting against the religious forces of the Emperor?)
A: Probably... would likely head for Terra to tear it all down & start again. Ultramar - rebuild the Five Hundred Worlds?

Q: Is there any character you'd like to kill, but can't?
A: What, like Erebus? (universal laughter). Yes, Erebus... never get tired of punching that face. "Oh, wait a minute - he hasn't got one!" (laughter). A lot of the EC - Julius Kaesorian? - never liked him.

Q: Is there any rivalry between HH authors?
A: "MONKEY KNIFE FIGHTS!" A lot of the authors are likely to be going to the gym in the run-up to the Siege Of Terra story arc being written (much laughter).

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Next part:
The Great Wolf Q&A (Chris Wraight).

CW was initially very nervous about writing "Battle Of The Fang" - was unsure he'd get the Space Wolves (SW) right - possibly the most written-about chapter? Willam King etc novels? Then again, maybe that's the Ultramarines. Fascinating doing SW - steep learning curve.
Also was interested in doing the Thousand Sons.
Would definitely like to write more White Scars (WS) - very different to SW in that there's a lot less baggage, almost no coverage so far in HH or 40k - an open playing field. Still open on how to do the differences between the WS in HH and 40k.
CW has written a short story for WS directly following on from "Scars".
Has chatted about writing "Scars 2" (joke - "Scabs") - there is definitely more for him to do on the Khan. Some bits were deliberately put into "Scars" as seeds for future WS stuff.
(Note: I may have got some of this next bit wrong, because I've not read "Blood Of Asaheim" (BoA) yet!).
One of the characters in BoA was in the Deathwatch - speculation: more coming about his time in the Deathwatch? Maybe. Would like to do something standalone about Onyx Squad - novel, novella, short story, whatever.

Q: Is it difficult writing about primarchs?
A: It's great fun. CW thinks that the whole HH series is/should be primarily about the primarchs... fundamentally, it's a family dispute. Everything the Astartes do and are (genes, methods, etc) comes from the primarchs. Eg: Argel Tal in "The First Heretic" reflecting on how the whole legion was turning along with Lorgar.
CW's favourite scene in "Scars" is 4 of the primarchs chatting together at the Triumph at Ullanor. "But yes - writing primarchs is hard".

Q: Will we see more of the space battle at Chondax between SW and the Alpha Legion?
A: The battle was changed from the original telling in "Visions Of Heresy" - there, the Khan refused Russ' request, wouldn't fight and went straight to Terra. CW thought that was wrong. The problem with writing the loyalist legions is that they're always reacting, always being taken by surprise - CW wanted to show the Khan taking the initiative (at which he's probably the best amongst the primarchs).
The battle WILL be revisited in some way, not decided how/when yet.

Q: Has CW been involved in the Forge World books?
A: Not yet. CW sees himself as a "new boy" in HH... plus it's not yet time to put SW or WS in the Forge World HH books. There will obviously be a Prospero book. There's a lot more discussion in HH now about continuity than when the series was first started.

Q: Any plans to do more Iron Hands (IH)? (in 40k or HH)
A: Only so much time... would like to, but doesn't know. May write some short stories. CW likes IH because all of their clans are different (my note - don't see that myself, but there you go!). CW talked about their 'the flesh is weak' mindset being a misunderstanding of their primarch's views. Would like to explore their psychology more.

Q: Is there any area of Warhammer Fantasy that you would like to do?
A: CW is currently writing an Empire book, involving (amongst others) Ludwig Schwarzhelm. Nick Kyme is currently writing the 3rd in the "War Of Vengeance" series (called "Elfdoom") - CW will write the 4th. CW commented that he was pleasantly surprised that people were asking about Warhammer Fantasy.

Q: Didn't hear the question - something about research.
A: 40k is very detail heavy. CW doesn't have a gaming background, which can be a disadvantage (not having lots of backstory detail in his head) but also means no baggage - maybe offers a different perspective. So he does lots of research. Says that 40k draws heavily on the real world (eg: SW are 'space Norse' - mentioned that Dan Abnett did loads of research for "Prospero Burns"). CW has tried to get some level of immersion into Viking culture, but his schedule is very demanding - not enough time.

Q: How long did you spend in Mongolia researching "Scars"? (laughter)
A: Apparently there's some sort of Mongol/Genghis Khan anniversary around this time. CW has been reading "Genghis" by John Grey. Also getting into falconry - the whole "Warhawk" concept.. Kazakh eagle hunters, big birds.

Mentioned that Dan Abnett's "Little Horus" short story was the first sighting of WS in HH (my note - actually, he's wrong - "Descent Of Angels").
WS fly far out, everyone loses track of them, but they always come back. SW will always take the most direct route to the objective, but WS are much less direct. Stems from differences in homeworld? Fenris is deathworld, the culture is all about survival, no time for much else. Chogoris is different... you get lots of different cultures across a planet, the Khan swept across & united the world, resulted in a melding of cultures.

Q: Would you like to write more about Bjorn (the Fell-Handed)?
A: Yes. CW likes the contrast between the living Bjorn and the dreadnought - intends to show more progression of the character. CW would love to tell the story about how Russ abandoned the chapter & left Bjorn holding the bag.

Q: Are there any events for WS or SW that you'd like to write?
A: Bjorn & Russ, as above. Is writing a novella called "The Hunt For Magnus", prequel to BOTF... explain why most of the chapter hared off based on very little information.

CW thinks that the Space Wolves are the most written-about chapter - although could that be the Ultramarines?- possibly not, they're featured in other novels, like "The Emperor's Gift" (TEG).
CW loved Dan Abnett's re-imagining of SW... sorry, "The Rout". Amazing reboot. Liked the depiction of them being honourable in TEG. "Ahriman : Sorceror" includes SW, CW likes John French's take on them.

"Stormcaller" is a direct follow-on from BoA, and increases the scope (BoA was about one pack - "Stormcaller" will be about more). Will include Death Guard.

Q: After writing "Wrath Of Iron", would you like to look at the IH psychology in HH?
A: IH are involved in several strands in HH - Imperium Secundus, the Shattered Legions, and will see more of them in the war in the Sol system.
The IH character in "Scars" - wanted a contrast with the Salamanders (who were more focussed and with a sense of duty, rather than revenge).CW thinks that psychologically-speaking, the Salamanders are the epitome of Astartes. The next HH novel "The Damnation Of Pythos" about the Shattered Legions will feature lots of IH.
CW thinks that some of the loyalist legions are in some ways more troubling than some of the traitor legions. Example - the Thousand Sons have very high ideals, but end up on the wrong side... IH are on the right side, but they are certainly not 'good guys'.

Q: Any plans to do more about the SW squads sent out on primarch-sitting duty?
A: Not immediately... there's not going to be any more HH from CW for a while, his schedule is too crowded. Also, he's more interested in SW as a fighting force than as 'primarch police'. Difficult warp travel makes the whole idea harder (and the Ruinstorm makes it harder still). CW thinks that the idea has been covered enough anyway.

Q: Any plans to do more Malcador? (after "The Sigillite" audio)
A: CW isn't sure that audio was the right intro for Malcador. We've not seen how tough he is (survived Lorgar clobbering him in TFH) but he is still essentially mortal. CW feels sorry for him - has a bad time in HH, and his eventual fate is horrific.
CW wants to explore the decision on Nikea. Why did they de-fang themselves when the Emperor at least (and Malcador?) knew what was out there? Was it to avoid going down the same road as the Eldar? Malcador is at the heart of this, and CW wants to get deeper into that.

Q: Which primarch would win in a one-on-one fight? (I didn't hear the question properly - might have asked who would win if it was <insert primarch> vs Khan)
A: Depends on the type of fight - what's the objective (eg: Angron vs Russ in "Betrayer" - who won? Both?). Joke - the Khan will always win.

OK, that's some of the notes... plenty more to come, but will have to wait until later.
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Part 3

Forgefather Q&A (Nick Kyme).

(One of the attendees decided to leave fairly early on in this session, due to not having read "Vulkan Lives" (VL) - despite Nick Kyme promising to keep it as spoiler-light as possible. All credit to NK who really, really did try to keep the guy there.)

Q: What have you got against Vulkan? (much laughter)
A: Nothing. The plan was to put him completely through the wringer - only through adversity do you know who you are (my note - Nietzsche?). A whole set of trials - physical, psychological, spiritual - part of his journey.

Q: How did you come up with the torture methods?
A: Joke - watched all of the Saw films! The point was to attack him on the psychological level. How to hurt him the most? Not physical (still hurts him, of course, but that's the easiest for him to withstand) - different pressure points.

Q: How much collaboration between you & Dan Abnett on VL and Unremember Empire (UE)?
A: None - Vulkan is mine, all mine! (laughter). Seriously - lots, in all areas. A lot of links between the two books... like between "Know No Fear" & Betrayer, or between "A Thousand Sons" and "Prospero Burns". UE & VL similar in that regard.

Q: The Cabal appear to have a sudden hard-on (questioner's words! :lol: ) for Vulkan. And after HH, he's disappeared, not dead. Will they still be after him in 40k?
A: Depends on what happens to the Cabal! <Eldrad Ulthuan is mentioned by someone in the audience> - yes, but he's not a member of the cabal, he's got a different agenda. And he endures longer than the Cabal (my note - that looks like a spoiler for what might be about to happen to the Cabal... not that we couldn't really see it coming).
Q: Will we see more of the Cabal and/or their agents later on in HH?
A: Probably.
A question was raised about whether the Salamanders would (later on) decide to hunt down the Cabal for their actions towards their primarch. NK isn't convinced that the Salamanders would be bothered with them... they'll have more important things to worry about. But we will see more of the Cabal & their dealings re Vulkan later on.

Q: What are you working on now?
A: Just finished "Rebirth" (40k Salamanders). Some HH Salamanders stuff coming up, post-UE. Bunch of short stories, having a bit of a rest between novels. NK says it's hard to juggle a full-time job and write novels as well - evenings and weekends - says that writing shorts energises him a bit.

Q: What do you read?
A: Mainly crime fiction. A lot of the John Connelly "Charlie Parker" novels, some classics... not much SF or fantasy. Advice for budding writers... read lots, from all sorts of different genres.

Q: Is there anything that has been written in HH which makes you say "I wouldn't have done it like that"?
A: Not going to answer that, not fair on the other writers. There are some things he'd have done differently, but any author could say that about anything, and 'different' doesn't necessarily mean 'better' even with hindsight.
Mentioned a couple of Dan Abnett HH novels... "Legion" and "Prospero Burns" both introduced new stuff and twists - NK really liked them. Then went on to mention "Know No Fear"... said that he struggled with reading it at first, until about Chapter Four, when the writing style sort of clicked with him. Said he was a bit nervous about the thought of sending back an entire Dan Abnett novel to be re-written! (laughter)

*NOTE* : I can't remember who said this or in what session... but it was mentioned that a lot of people don't bother to read the acknowledgements in a novel ("I'd like to thank...") - but authors absolutely live for mentions like that. Peer praise.
This bit just reminded me of that...

Q: How are books allocated?
A: "Fistfights!" (joke). NK said he was fortunate... nobody gave a **** about the Salamanders, that gave him an opening (semi-joke).
[Apologies... I kind of faded out a bit at this point... all I remember of the next couple of minutes is a joke about making an audiobook featuring the Sisters Of Silence - no dialogue!]

They're trying to 'break up' the legions a bit, have them spread out all over the place, rather than it just be the whole legion following their primarch around. That gives more opportunities for other writers to get stuck in.
When it came to "Know No Fear", everyone was expecting Graham McNeill to do the Ultramarines, but he was already busy. Dan Abnett was ready for a new book, so he took it on - KNF & the whole Calth thing had to be the next bit written. GMc wanted to, but couldn't. Cried a bit (joke).

Q: What's your relationship as a writer with the editors, being an editor yourself.
A: NK says that it's much harder - he has to jump through more hoops.

Q: With so much HH material now out there, are HH books getting harder to write/edit?
A: Have to limit re-reading to selected works (those most closely linked to the project) and then rely upon The Continuity Goblin (Laurie Goulding) to fill in the gaps. For VL, NK re-read "Legion", "Fulgrim" & KNF.

Q: Having almost destroyed Nocturne in 40k, what are you going to do next?
A: Go bigger! <laughs>. Seriously - shift focus, make the scope smaller, concentrate more upon developing characters. No scenes on Nocturne in the 1st book of the new trilogy.

Q: Why did Vulkan slip into obscurity after HH? Especially as he had close links with his people on Nocturne?
A: Vulkan wants a simple life. Also, same reason as breaking up the legions - too much power in one place, in one pair of hands. Plus, given the state he was seen as in UE, maybe he feels it would be better if he was out of the way.

Q: Are you going to write any more books with Dwarfs?
A: Yes, the 3rd book in the War Of Vengeance series in Time Of Legends - called "Elfdoom"

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from when writing the Salamanders?
A: Making it up as I go along! Draw a lot of it from existing lore... including, believe it or not, an African baby names website! (also adding 'an' or 'ion' onto the end of modern-ish names can work.) Researched blacksmithing a fair bit, played Fable 2 a lot, read some military history and some 40k rulebooks.

Q: Which traitor legion would you like to write about and why?
A: NK mentions that he has a cool idea for Fulgrim & EC that he might pitch to Laurie. But... Death Guard - there's a lot that could be done with them before their fall to Nurgle in the warp. NK sees Mortarion as Horus' right-hand man... all of the other primarchs are too nuts, frenzied or otherwise untrustworthy.

Random bits:-
There will definitely be more Iron Hands stuff coming. Mentioned Ferrus as being "headstrong - but neck weak!" (laughter)

NK mentioned an HH anthology due out soon (May?) called (I think) "Sedition's Gate"... he's got a story in there, but damned if I can remember what he said it was about!

I asked a question (but as I was paying more attention to the answer, I didn't write down what he said, so only remember a bit of it - d'oh!):-
Q: With the precedent already being set in BOTF & Mortarion's Heart (audio) of having (traitor) primarchs appearing well after the HH, given that Vulkan appears to be immortal, do you plan to write him into a 40k offering?
A: And I don't really remember what NK said, but the general gist of it was... don't rule it out.
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Part 4:

The Remembrancers Speak Q&A (Chris Wraight, Gav Thorpe, Graham McNeill & Nick Kyme).

Q: What's next with Corax?
A: Another novella "Corax : Ravenlord" coming soon, continues the story from "Corax : Soulforge". More about the guerrilla war vs Horus - refusing to accept that the traitors will definitely reach Terra. Horus has been testing the waters with the Emperor's Children, World Eaters etc... now unleashing the Sons Of Horus. The Raven Guard are setting out to stop that, or at the very least slow Horus down, make life as difficult as possible for him (one reason why it took Horus 7 years to reach Terra).

Q: Anything about the two missing primarchs?
A: NO!!!

Q: Anything on the Death Guard before their conversion to Nurgle in the warp? Any more Garro?
A: Yes to both. "Vengeful Spirit" for the first - DG fighting next to SOH - and there will be some DG vs Dark Angels (I think someone mentioned Corteswain vs Typhon? - I may have got the DA character's name wrong)

Q: Didn't hear the question properly - something about killing off heroes.
A: Loken in VS is broken. GMc is OK with killing heroes if there's a good reason... the more of a problem he personally has with it, the more as an author he wants to do it. CW says that death is often not the worst fate for a hero... falling into corruption? GT says that he likes killing heroes... pointed out that he'd written the Last Chancers novels! NK says that he just does it over & over again (Vulkan). Nobody gets a free pass...

Q: What's coming for relatively-untouched legions?
A: Lots of touching! (oo-err! - joke). GMc says that the EC are on the way! Seriously... the DA have some coming. CW says that the WS come late to the party & turn up relatively intact. All of this (losses, damage, etc) changes the relative influence between the primarchs (or at least the perception of it). GMc says that the SW getting hammered at Prospero changes the way that Russ acts (see beginning of VS).

Q: Any more insight into the internal workings of the Alpha Legion?
A: CW says that he deliberately gave us no AL POV in "Scars" - they are unknowable, wanted to keep the mystery. NK says that there is a plan to show them as more traditional battlefield Astartes - much more than just covert ops types, saboteurs etc - but still with their own character. There is Forge World stuff on AL coming up.

[Aside : In one of the breaks I had a quick word with Graeme Lyons, and asked him about forthcoming Forge World books... the 3rd one is going to be the rest of the story of Isstvan V, including the legions there who haven't yet been covered (so that's Raven Guard & Alpha legion then). After that... there will be a Prospero book, of course. Also said that one of them will also contain a segment for the Imperial Fists (I think it was their big dukaroo with the Iron Warriors, but not sure)). ]

Q: Are the DA going to feature more in HH?
A: GT - yes. Showing the Lion as a kingmaker? (Imperium Secundus). Also will have a focus on the relationship between the Lion and Russ. Also - the Lions is one of the best strategists amongst the primarchs - got to have him involved somewhere.

Q: Any thoughts/spoilers/hints about upcoming Forge World stuff?
A: Some awesome Dark Mechanicus stuff coming. Sicarius, Fire Raptors. The panel like the crossover stuff between Forge World and Black Library - runs both ways (and they get too see & play with lots of cool stuff before anyone else!).

Q: Anything more about the two forgotten legions? (general noises of derision from the audience)
A: Who??

Q: Will we have more about Thiel?
A: NK says that Thiel is regarded as a 'milestone character', too important to drop - is sure there'll be more about him.

Q: Do you put your own personality into any characters?
A: NK - well, I'm not going to test to see if I'm immortal! But yes - some. Panel point out at the fact that CW is obviously either the wild & frothing Angron or the wild Khan! (as he's the quietest one up there!). GMc jokes that he is all Fulgrim.

Not sure where exactly this came in , but GMc says that he & James Swallow are kicking around the idea of doing more about the survivors of Isstvan III (eg: Ancient Rylanor) - GMc deliberately left that thread open.

Q: How do you maintain interest in a character after he's fallen to Chaos?
A: GMc - Fulgrim didn't struggle, just dived straight in, Magnus doesn't believe that he's fallen, Perturabo is still trying to remain an independent person. There are all sorts of levels of 'fall', allowing the exploration of several different types.

Q: Anything more about Oll Persson's journey?
A: You'll have to ask Dan Abnett! (laughter). Graeme Lyons chips in with - yes, he will return, but not as expected.

Q: Will we have any non-legion-perspective books?
A: That's hard, the whole HH is mainly an inter-legion war. Both "Legion" and "The Outcast Dead" (my note - and "Nemesis"!) were largely Astartes-free, but still had some. There may be a book with more of a mortal focus, but will inevitably have some legion stuff. GL mentioned Mars- will definitely come back to the conflict there.

Q: Is it a conscious choice to leave the Emperor out of stories?
A: Yes - it's very hard to do him right, he's just such a powerful and fundamental character. But we will be seeing more of the Emperor and the stuff in the Palace 'basement' - Aaron Dembski-Bowden's next HH contribution? GMc mentioned his 10k-word story "Wolf Of Ash & Fire" - the Emperor & Horus fighting side-by-side.

Q: Where will BL go next once HH ends?
A: Lots of choices - the Scouring, the Age of Unity, etc. NK - possibly go back to add more bits to specific parts of HH. But the end of the HH is a long way off yet and more keeps getting added. They'll carry on as long as they have stories to tell.
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Also Counter is such a lovely fella - it was great to see him. And Rob Sanders next AL short story will be coming soon - probably at HH weekender
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Thanks Anakwanar, some interesting notes.

Originally Posted by Anakwanar View Post
But... Death Guard - there's a lot that could be done with them before their fall to Nurgle in the warp. NK sees Mortarion as Horus' right-hand man... all of the other primarchs are too nuts, frenzied or otherwise untrustworthy.
Although I'm loathe to see Kyme get near that particular story, it's an interesting angle to see Mortarion as Horus' right-hand man... That would be interesting to explore. The post-Isstvan politics of the traitor Primarchs would be fascinating to see.

Originally Posted by Anakwanar View Post
Q: Any more insight into the internal workings of the Alpha Legion?
A: CW says that he deliberately gave us no AL POV in "Scars" - they are unknowable, wanted to keep the mystery. NK says that there is a plan to show them as more traditional battlefield Astartes - much more than just covert ops types, saboteurs etc - but still with their own character. There is Forge World stuff on AL coming up.
Thank god that there is a plan to show them as more 'traditional battlefield' Space Marines, hopefully this may be the start of the salvaging of the Alpha's portrayals. I'm very much looking forward to Forgeworld's take on them.

Originally Posted by cegorach View Post
I do love how we don't even need CotE to comment anymore, chances are he has already said something intelligent before that can be re-applied to the current situation.
Heresy's Background FAQ. (Fluff Project)
CotE Reviews: Prospero Burns (HH Review), Age of Darkness (HH Review).
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Ankwannar....thanks for the notes, exciting stuff!!
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Originally Posted by theurge33 View Post
Ankwannar....thanks for the notes, exciting stuff!!
Should thank Shaggy from the Bolthole since they are his notes.

You really should source that stuff Anakwanar. Only fair to give credit where credit is due.

LotN - The Kabal of Shattered Souls Project Log - Check out Talk Wargaming for reviews by Lord of the Night.
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He did mention Bolthole but still gave the impression they were his. Still thankful that he took the time to post it.
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