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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
Posting a new thread as it's not really a discussion about the novel itself and I don't want to see any accidental spoilers.

So yeah, is anyone else waiting this one out until it's released in novel format or complete ebook format. Because Black Library can seriously go fuck themselves if they think I'm going to pay 18 for an ebook when they normally cost 6/12(if enhanced edition). I mean really, why the fuck would I actually do that, I've got the money for it, no problem, I'm just not doing it on the basis that they are blatantly ripping people off under some pretense of a 'new exciting format', how the fuck is it exciting to read a book over twelve damn weeks?! Talk about killing any flow you might have.

So yeah, still can't quite believe they are pulling this stunt, and won't be buying it until it's available in a complete and cheaper format(shit pay 2 more and you get the hardback collectors edition!). Wanting to know what's happening is killing me, but i'll let that ride out before supporting this.

I am with you on this, mainly because I don't like reading in digital format, and I already have all of the hardcovers as it is lol.
One thing that is getting me frustrated with BL is exactly how much more things are worth getting them early.
That is why the ebook serialized version of Scars is going to be so expensive. IF you buy all twelve parts, you are still getting it a decent bit before the hardback drops. So they think they can over charge the ever living shit out of you.
That has to be it right? They think getting it a few months early is equal to doubling the price, yes?
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That does seem to be their current marketing method. We now have:

Buy the serialized ebook for 18
Three months later(assumedly), buy the collectors hardback edition for 20 or the enhanced ebook for 12
Some three/four months after that, buy the trade paperback for 12
Before finally six months later being able to buy the 'Legacy' edition paperback(the original format) for 8 or the ebook for 7.

What, the actual fuck are you playing at Black Library. As bad as EA.
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I'll go further and say that I'm waiting til the softback. Hardbacks are too expensive in these hard times...
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I am with you guys for variety of reasons. I always prefer real book before digital. Its price is stupid. I want to read whole book at pace of my choice [usually 2-3 following days] not parts of it every week. Also new upcoming edition of Warzone/Mutant Chronicles made me almost lose all interest in wh40k which was always only replacement for many years of silence in Warzone/Mutant Chronicles games.

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I like the idea of serialized novels, but for the price, BL can jog on. I did laugh at the comparison of The Count of Monte Cristo in their blog when using examples of past serialized works.

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Me. Fuck that idea.

Serialisation is good, if it's cheap and a risky new story. This is a core element of a (too) long running series and, along with all the other side shoot stories, is actually a complete pain in the arse for those of us who buy the books to read the story.

I mean - at a tangent, but linked - At Warhammer World for a tourney in early July BL had a stall where they were selling an event-only exclusive hardback called "Imperial Truth". I'd never seen or heard of it until I saw it that day. What the actual fuck?

This is why I am seriously considering chucking reading the series, as it is too drawn out, spread over too many formats and of patchy literary quality.
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I won't buy it till its out in whatever paperback format is available and then I'll wait some more until it drops in price on Amazon.

I have no problem with BL's strategy as long as all the options are still available to its readers.

If you choose to pay an absolute premium to buy one of their books in 'early release format' then you are in effect supporting their marketing decisions.

If no one bothered then we could all simply read the same books at the same time for the same price.
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I couldn't help it. I wasn't going to but I cracked and bought parts one and two.

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I suppose I have just lost that desire and passion for HH, at least in the sense that before I always found myself so pissed off that the damn international mail was taking so long to get to me and I needed to read it NOW! lol . But after Mark of Calth, Vulkan Lives, and The Imperial Truth leaving me upset because of how much money I had to spend on them and the sub-par stories I received... triply so with The Imperial Truth because I had to eBay it... Thanks again Black Library...

Just all of it is feeling like I am giving them so much money, and receiving lacking products in return... and in some cases just complete disregard for me, and a return email in short saying "sorry you weren't lucky enough to be born in the UK". The pure potential for Unremembered Empire certainly has me intrigued, and even more so because I know who the author is. So chances are basically a guarantee that I will buy it (thanks OCD and my need for a perfect bookshelf...), just sucks that I will probably hate myself after I buy the damn book lol. This is mostly just the case with the HH books, I still love collecting and reading the 40k books... I wonder if that is because of quality or simply because they are not over priced like fucking hell?
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I'll be waiting for the hardback. I wouldn't buy a regular ebook so no frakking way i'm spending extra to get one in bits and pieces. As to BL sales tactics, I could care less. I just don't buy into it. I will be upgrading my HH collection to hardback but that's because the hardbacks are of better quality.


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