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Finished 2 a couple of weeks ago
Flesh of Cretacia - 7/10
Outcast Dead 8/10

Finished Space wolf (10/10) tonight, this was amazing
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Damnation of Pythos 4/10
Didn't really enjoy this.
The plot was boring. How many times has this been done now? so predictable. The sub plots were boring, didn't go anywhere or opportunities were missed. I don't think it added anything to the overall heresy story line.

The action scenes however were pretty good and I would say amongst the best in the series.

Not a fan of the writing style in this either. Poor quality opposing metaphors and repetitive unnecessary descriptions, yes, I get it, the warp is a big swirly thing that's dangerous, give it a rest already. You could probably cut the book by 20 30 pages of repeated warp description.
Not sure why this was part of the series myself. The story could have been told in Tales of the Heresy II if they wanted to tell it. Remove all the unnecessary storyline and descriptive work and you could easily tell it as a short story.
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Unremembered Empire: 8/10
Scars: 7/10
Vengeful Spirit: 8/10

My only complaint about Scars was it seemed to drag a little. Vengeful Spirit was excellent but it seemed a little pointless to have the Death Guard there, other than to show that Eater of Lives guy. I guess it's probably setting the stage for the turning of the Death Guard to Nurgle.

Edit: One thing I really enjoyed was seeing normal humans actually hurt Astartes. I feel that sometimes they too easily swat aside regular humans. They actually bled a little.
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DARK VENGEANCE THE NOVEL 7/10 really enjoyable and im hoping there will be a sequel even though you know what will happen
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Vengeful Spirit; 7/10. Couldn't give a shit about the main plot, nor the subplot with the overwrought Loken bit. He should have stayed dead on Isstvan, while the Knights could be seen coming a mile off. However, seeing Horus in action finally, after reading about his exploits in the FW Heresy novels? OH FUCK YES. And his whole "I am the War Master. It is not just a petty title." That was cool.

Damnation of Pythos; 1.5 out of 10. The only reason it's so high is because of the anagram of Lamiad making an appearance - and if that's intentional, I'm not even sure. The worst book bar none in the series to date (even worse than BftA). It's a Space Marine Battles novel, and a poor one at that, with the Heresy label slapped on to generate sales.

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Commissar - 6/10
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post #117 of 331 (permalink) Old 08-15-14, 05:10 PM
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The Unremembered Empire - 6/10 I didn't like the writing style!
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Know no fear(fifth re read) 10/10 in my opinion the perfect novel. Abnett does an incredible job. Oll persson is one of my all time favourite characters
Unremembered empire 8.5/10 I really enjoyed this book. Good to see guilliman given some life.
Vengeful spirit-8/10 a good read. The loken parts are what made me really like it. Glad yes back. There were a couple scenes with horus getting raped that made me cringe
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Dazed and confused.
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Stormcaller: 8/10. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Njal is an absolute beast, so much so that until we see Tigurius or Mephiston in action, he must be the most powerful SM psyker of them all. The shit he pulls off in this harkened back to 2nd Ed, when he was the most powerful character in the game.

It was also nice to see Wraight try to make right the fluff fuck ups he made in BoA.
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Vengeful Spirit 7/10 Good to see the Sons of Horus in action again but I can't say it was very memorable.

The Crimson Fist 8/10 Loved this. The chapters between Dorn and Sigismund were terrific.

A quick question though. When Perturabo looks at the battle outcome, if the Fists had stayed and fought, was he angry because they would have lost?
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