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Default BL books you just couldn't slog through

Most recently for me:

Angel Exterminatus and Outcast Dead
It's hard for me to accept that the same authour who wrote A Thousand Sons also wrote these two turds. I got to the halfway marks of both books before quitting.

Deliverance Lost
In the Emperor's name, someone rescue the Raven Guard from Gav Thorpe. I couldn't even get through 25% of it.

Runners-up: Almost couldn't finish Fear to Tread, my love of the Blood Angels got me through it. Almost gave up on Promethean Sun. Managed to finish it because of its short length.
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Ravenor Returned - Boring. Just really really boring. Abnett is a mostly hit but sometimes miss author for me.

Honour Guard - Same deal. Gaunt's Ghosts just doesn't interest me. May try again someday but not any day soon.

Malekith - Just found it dull. Couldn't be bothered to keep going with it.

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Horus Rising: The first half of the book was incredibly dull. I may try reading it again in a year or two.

The Ultramarines Omnibus: Reached page 127 before I put it down and found something more interesting to read. May try again sometime after I finish re-reading the Nagash series.

Curse of the Necrarch: With this one it was difficult to get through the first half, in the second half it started to get better.

Ancient Blood: Put it down after 100 or so pages, is on the retry list though.

The Sundering: After practically flying through Malekith, The Bloody Handed and Shadowking, I had trouble getting into Caledor to the point that I have yet to finish it.
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The Outcast Dead. I didn't dislike this book per se, and the reason I put it down was because I gradually lost interest in the hobby altogether. Buuut... it's sat, now, on my shelf wanting to be read... and I'm not particularly interested.

Dark Apostle. The Word Bearers felt cheesy and the pulpy bolter action was dry. Could've been a Space Marine Battle book. Shame, as it was highly recommended. Perhaps if I were younger.

That's about it. I've managed to plough myself through the first Imperial Guard omnibus, Sons of Dorn, a bunch of SMB books (minus Helsreach which is also worth a reread), the first Blood Angels omnibus and Ghostmaker.
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Nemesis - just couldn't stand it, two different stories murder mystery never suited me. If I wanted murder mystery I wouldn't be reading a HH book

I would also say Architect of fate, I read it whilst on a work trip and if it wasn't for the time I spent at airports and on planes with no other book I would have never gotten through it

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So far I've managed to make it through all of the books I've started, but Emperor's Mercy I only just barely made it through. By the time I got to about a quarter of the way through I'm thinking, "Where the hell are the Blood Gorgons? Isn't this series supposed to be about them?" Then a lone Blood Gorgon shows up for a few pages,so I keep going figuring maybe it was just a really long exposition. Half-way through I'm getting kind of annoyed, but there have been a couple of skirmishes that tease the idea that maybe some big fight is coming soon, so I keep going. Then the final climatic battle happens and it's difficult to keep track of what's happening. Almost seems like two or more authors are writing, because when the action is on the main character inquisitor, it's not too difficult to track, but when it skips over to following someone else, it seems like a jumbled mess.

Normally I'm someone who likes to binge. If I start on a series, like say the Blood Angels series, I will read all of the books in the series in a series. With the Bastion Wars series, it was all I could do to finish the first book, there was no way I'd have the kind of mental discipline left to finish the second if it was anything like the first.

I also came close to not finishing Sons of Dorn, but probably only because I had just so recently read the Space Wolf series, and let's face it, Sons of Dorn is essentially the first Space Wolf book only with the Imperial Fists instead of Space Wolves. Huge chunks of the two books are basically identical.

There was also some absolutely horrid novella about Lysander in the Architect of Fate space marine battles collection. You couldn't follow the action, the plot skipped around all over the place, former tech priests and tech marines becoming part of the ship's machine spirit, which seems to be a self-aware AI. I'm far from a purist regarding lore and all that, but that novella was a mess in so many different ways, I think it's fair to say even the author didn't finish it, let alone the editor.
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Deus Encarmine and Deus Sanguinius. Honestly I'm not sure why I bought the second. I guess because the first started off so auspiciously, and despite the fact that it started to suck, I just wanted some closure. After forcing myself through the series, I lost all desire to read anything more by James Swallow.

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Enforcer Omnibus - Matthew Farrer

Some on these forums swear by his writing style, but it is just TOO much for me... I need the story to move forwards, not 17 pages on the intricacies of the customs and practices of the local hiearchy. I am all for descriptive writing, but he takes it to a whole new level, like to the point that when we return to the events I have forgotten what was happening lol. I wanted to love this series, as I find the arbites a fun Judge Dredd type concept within the 40k. But his writing style is just not for me at all.
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Legion (Dan Abnett) - maybe because it was one of my first "heresy" books, maybe because it was one of first English books... it was hard and slow :3
ADB's books are very easy to read, his writing style is awesome.

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Nick Kyme's "Salamander" series was a chore I hope none of you experience.

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