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View Poll Results: Where do you stand of the Heresy?
The Emperor Protects 41 70.69%
Chaos Thoery Rules - Just look at Jurassic Park. 9 15.52%
Going to live with the elves, err, eldar. 8 13.79%
Voters: 58. You may not vote on this poll

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You work hard, prove yourself beyond capable, and your Captain rewards you with promotion to Sergeant. You perform feats of valour and dedicate yourself to heroic deeds in the name of the Chapter, you become a member of the 1st Company.

You work hard, slaughter some Imperials, and generally have sound leadership. Unfortunately, there's a brawny fucker who nicked a Thunder Hammer as your rival. You lose the Murder Duel and you die unremembered.
You do no work, betray some people, and manipulate your way into being a Champion of Chaos. You steal a suit of Terminator Armour, and wander around doing unspeakable things and get rewarded lavishly by the gods. Unfortunately, your brothers think you're doing a little too well, and as you sleep one of them comes and slits your throat.

Your leg is severed from the knee by a roaring Ork. As it's axe comes down for the killing blow, your Battle Brother plants a bolt shell in it's eye, blowing it's head off and dragging you into cover. There's a fully stocked apothecarium on the Battle-Barge, and you get an augmetic and a piece of MkVII armour to replace the damaged one.

Your leg is severed from the knee by a roaring Ork. Your brothers see you go down and retreat, leaving you to the Orks until they return to loot your corpse. Luckily, you survive and crawl off, swearing revenge. You're taken to the old ex-apothecary who has to use his Gladius because your warband hasn't seen a Narthecium in four centuries. He takes one of your jokes the wrong way and hacks off the other leg before throwing you to a Spawn.

Yeah, I think I'd go Imperial.


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Torn about this one. On the one hand you've got free tentacles [worts'n'all] on the other hand you've got a medic to back you up and the potential for nice shiny medals.

I'd be a Adeptus Custodes... oops fails.

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WOW The results are ?

Most Heretics ... aren't.
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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post
The noble and compassionate galactic unifiers, or the insane, warped, sick and demented traitors who rebeled for a basket full of petty grievances?
When you put it like that, I'd say emperor, but being that the imperium is really just a great slave master I'd be tempted to go with the Eldar. They would just think I was a douche for being human, but since I don't really care what people think of me I could live with that! After a little time I might become an acceptable douche to them haha
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Death to the False Emperor!
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Emperor of course. I share his vision of secular galaxy free from religious idiocy. Death to the slaves of sentient warp storms :D

Your honour is your life. Let none dispute it.
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Id become a renagade denoucing the emperor but rejecting the chaos gods.
I would be a space marine without a cause and no mutations! Free to live by my bolter and own morals.
I would be able to choose my own allies when it suited and equally slaughter them if it took my fancy!

your life is mine to take, this truly is end of days
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Well as a Space Marine I'd go with "Better the Devil you know". Chaos gives you freedom but you're a space marine, freedom is for normal humans, space marines are soldiers they were trained to go to war and that's what they should do and I'd much rather fight for something than fight to destroy something.

From a human point of view though I can see why Chaos is terribly tempting and I'd be open to them, as a marine though I'd probably remain loyal.

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Chaos gives you the illusion of freedom.

You're their slave and in the end, your soul will be tortured for an eternity (unless you become a daemon prince which is very rare).

I'd rather side with the Imperium, at least their reliance on science offers some glimmer of hope (rejuvenat tech, etc.) of remaining immortal and they can only torture your physically.
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Kind of a pickle here. After reading Legion, I almost want to say that I would side with the traitors--just so I could kill the emperor and bring about the destruction of Chaos forever. It also sucks to see how decrepit the Imperium has become. It's strayed so far from the ideals the Emperor stood for that it's almost not worth fighting for.

But if I were caught in this dilemma without the benefit of foresight, I would side with the loyalists. The Emperor protects!

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