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Thread has been done literally a billion times before, just with more recent context this time.

Regardless of writing style, ADB's lore seems more on-point and feels like an extension of canon, as opposed to an adaptation.

Never been a fan of this de facto logic of an author ''owning'' a Chapter, Legion or race.
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Originally Posted by bobss View Post
Thread has been done literally a billion times before
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Originally Posted by bobss View Post
Never been a fan of this de facto logic of an author ''owning'' a Chapter, Legion or race.
Nor am I, but you misunderstand my point.

I mean that I prefer the interpretation that Swallow has when he writes the Blood Angels, as I prefer Rob Sanders' interpretation of the Death Guard, and so on and so on. I don't believe in an author owning a Chapter/Legion/Race/etc but I do believe that they all have different interpretations of how those things should be portrayed, that is what I want when I say I want Swallow to keep writing the Blood Angels and Sanders to take over the Death Guard.

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I think it was a very hard book to write as about 1/3 of the way through they all went bat shit crazy and there minds changed massively.

I think Kano and Meros were left a little thin, I didn't feel as upset as Abnet makes me about many of the Ghosts but that maybe because of how many characters we were introduced to in FtT.

Raldoran and Azkaellon I can justify more as they are stoic stalwart and there thoughts and feelings are inflexible so I can see how they wouldn't change there mines much. Amit aswell, could of been better but I reckon it was a good attempt.

I maybe biased as I love BAs and no matter if it was the worst book in the world I would of loved it anyway but such is life
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James Swallow has always been a engaging guy when I've met him. Having said that, Fear to Tread is one of those marmite novels (for me anyway). I really enjoyed Amit's characterisation, but wasn't so much keen on Sanguinius's portrayal.

The scene when the fleet enters the Signus System, involving planets 'changing' is over cooked and doesn't fit at all right for me. All that for some Chaos form of banter haha.

Does Fear to Tread sit in anyone's top 5?

Anyway on topic. Who else is there beyond ADB, Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill currently?

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Originally Posted by Sequere_me_in_Tenebras View Post
Anyway on topic. Who else is there beyond ADB, Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill currently?
After reading The Crimson Fist, The Last Remembrancer and Ahriman: Exile I would be thrilled to see John French writing more for the Heresy. Same goes to Chris Wraight after the beautiful job done in Brotherhood of the Storm. I get bored of people just offering those 3 writers time and time again and then moaning that the series is getting boring. Any series with over 2 dozen books is going to get boring without adding some new blood every now and again. Not to mention I like Swallow and Gav Thorpe as writers as well (Thorpe's depiction of the Dark Angels in The Lion as well as their portrayals in Ravenwing and Angels of Darkness is the best I have seen).

As for on topic I thought Fear to Tread was great. I love the deliberate slow build up and the machinations of Chaos flowing subtly in the face of the Angels (not to mention the traffic signs and subway network "daemons" was a joy to imagine and a great touch for me). My only complaints being the little difference between Kanos and Meros and that I did not see Sanguinius to be as compassionate as I thought he would be.

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So be it.
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Oh god, no. Have you seen my writing? No? Keep it that way.

On a more serious note, I liked swallow in his 40k books, havent read the HH one(s) yet but will be getting to that as funds allow. Based on the rafen chronicles (or whatever the hell they're supposed to be called) I have no problem with him writing the new ones - he did a decent job of showing the inner struggle, his DC was pretty good, and his references to Sanguineous seemed not-so-out of place.

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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
Indeed, I know everyones got different opinions and all that jazz, but it truly, incredibly baffles me on a mind boggling scale as to how quite a few people have rated FtT so high. I'm actually going to go right out and say this, and I know there will be outcry on this, but I genuinely rate Fear to Tread lower than Battle of the Abyss, BftA was crap, no doubt about it, but hell at least I liked Mhotep and Skraal, hell I more than liked them, I genuinely think they were good characters. Something FtT lacks entirely for me.

So yeah, I've said it. Fear to Tread, for me, is the worst book in the Heresy series.
I stopped reading FtT when I reached the part about tire irons and sign posts coming to life.

Thank goodness for Lexicanum spoilers otherwise I would not know what happened next in the story or what the big reveals were.

In regards to ADB taking on the BA, I'm a bit worried he might make them sound too similar to the Black Templars or in some ways the Night Lords. I didn't get a feel for the World Eaters or a sense of who they were as a legion in his Betrayer. They didn't seem as reinvented as we were led to believe but as I've stated before, GW's lore department are 99% at fault for placing such restrictions on the World Eaters ages ago.

I kind of believe certain legions fit certain authors and for them to deviate and try writing about other legions tends to not work out that much.

In summary, I think fresh blood is needed. John French perhaps? He hasn't tried his hand at a HH novel or been given a legion to write about.

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Blood Angels are seriously badass after signus so need a badass author to give us that. swallows angels were awful in 40k and just plain sad in 30k so a change of direction is definatly needed. lets see what abnett does with them in unremembered empire but i think it is probably time for ADB to step in and prep BA for the siege of terra because they are gonna have to be super apeshit when taking on traitor legions, daemons and such like.

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I was thinking French but I also thought about Reynolds. What happened to him? Gav Thorpe really dissapointed me. I hated his Heresy Novel.

I think its going to be a while before we get an exciting plot. Too many of the important plots have already been written very mediocrely. So prepare for the milking to begin. I don't want to sound pessimistic, but it seems that even with better writing performances theres not going to be promising novels until the siege unless they make up stuff on Horus' journey to Terra. Theres just so much they can do now.
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