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Default My First (Fantasy) Minotaurs Army

Hello all you wonderful people. So - I am a 40K player, and everyone keeps telling me I should play Fantasy.

Now, I paged (confusedly) through a bunch of Codex books (a friend of mine told me which ones were to avoid) - and I really like the look and feel of the Beastmen. Nice and... Savage.

Now, the idea here is 'low model count' - and this is what I came up with.

Here is my first stab at a 2500 point army

One tactic I've been suggested: When deploying I start w/ the Chariot's - near the center. By the time they are done deploying, most of my enemies forces are on the table, and then I can select which side to load up.

Run the bulls forward, and sweep from the flank.

Lemmie know how it goes:

Doombull (General)
+ Armor of Destiny
(I was told that the Doombull needs armor to make him very good)

Great Bray-Shaman
+ lvl 4
(more magic is better, yes?)

x2 Gorebull (1 is BSB)
(I do not fully understand the BSB thing - but i'm told i need it)

x8 Tuskgor Chariot
(Wanted to keep numbers low, and this one is also rather fast to help run things down, since the minotaurs cannot)

x2 Minotaurs
3x2 each
+ Musician +Standard Bearer
(Also, like the BSB not sure why I want a Musician or Standard Bearer, but I am told its what I wanna do)

and 1 Ghorgon

Cause, he big and scary!
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Well, I would suggest reading the rules before you jump into army making..because this is what happens. The list looks cool, but you need to understand the basics for the game. This is indeed a low model count, and has a lot of wounds on the table, but its just easy to pick off everything. Nobody will run away from you, because everyone will be steadfast. You don't have any power to break people. They can simply grind you down.

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It by far not the worst list i've seen from someone learning.

Modifications based on what you have listed so far would be:

Doombull - Heavy armour, Shield, Ramhorn Helm, Sword of swift slaying, The other tricksters shard, Gnarled hide.

This is your general. He doesnt like things that ignore armour but he runs around with a 1+ armour save, which he can reroll doing an extra attack for each save he passes. Ontop of that his sword makes him always strike first and models in base contact have to reroll their ward saves. This guy litrally chews threw units on his own....but hes not going to be on his own....

Gorebull A, Battle Standard, Armour of destiny, Extra Hand weapon, Shield.

This is your BSB, like your Doombull this guy rocks in at T5 and is designed purly to stay alive. Amour of destiny helps by giving him a 4+ ward after his 4+ armour save. The reason he needs to stay alive (and going back to basics here) is he allows your units to reroll their leadership tests. Now a Doombull lead army only has a general leadership of 8 which is quite low so you really need the rerolls to not only keep you from running but to allow the units with primal fury to reroll their fury tests.

Gorebull B, Armour of Silvered steel, Extra Hand weapon, ironcurse icon.

The 'mino bus' unit needs a 3rd model in the front rank to protect the rest of the minos behind and this is your last guy. 2+ save T5 and the iron curse icon to give the units a 6+ wardsave against any warmachines shooting the unit.

6 Minotaurs Full command, Bloodkine has armour of Blackened Plate

Same number as you, one less command and a magic item. This is the unit that hides behind your Doom/gore bulls. They give the characters 2 ranks to help stay in combat. in addition the Bloodkine has a magic item giving the unit a 4+ wardsave against flaming attacks. Its an expensive unit so defence is needed.

8x Tuskgor chariots

Low model count core, this is a low as you can get I've not used it myself but I've heard that when these hit things they hit hard. As Atreyu has pointed out what you'll struggle with here is lack of ranks so you'll rely on using these units togeather to create active combat rez to counter the static score of a ranked up unit.

5. Ghorgon + Caster

Firstly the Ghorgon T5 helps him to a degree but lack of armour will easily see S3 units with lots of attacks dragging him down quite fast. You'll almost rely on his swallow hole to keep him alive, stubbon 10 to keep him in combat and the thunderstomp to do damage. Best monster in the beastmen book (imo) but still nothing amazing.

Secondly the Great Bray shaman. With the changes listed above I'm really struggling with this guy. As your only caster and unable to join effectivly with anything else in the list this guy will get picked off early giving your opponents magic dominance.

Two thoughts on this matter - Firsty accept a lack of magic and take a second Ghorgon in place of the GBS. You've now got 2 large tough monsters with stubbon helping out hold things in place for your chariot core to slam into.

Second option is a lvl 3 GBS and 2 lvl 1 Bray shamans. Taking two level ones with the signiture in shadow to spam early in the phase and then a lore of your choice on the lvl 3 to follow up for the rest of the phase. These guys have no items or upgrades, while they are cheep their far from ideal but I cant see how to fit a decent magic phase in with a single unprotected caster.

Like I said not a bad start. Unfortunatly the 'mino bus' unit doesnt really work in small games so the usual advise to have some smaller games first to learn the rules isnt as easy to do. First thing to do is definatly give the rule book a second look over to learn what the things you've been told do and why. Also dont be affraid to ask people why they are suggesting things to you rather then it be a case of I must take XYZ because everyone said I should. As with 40 learning why things are good are 100% better than usinging things just becuase they are good.


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Thanks for the advice.

I think I documented myself poorly above:
I had 2 units of Minotaurs, 6 guys each (3 wide, 2 deep - why I had 3x2)


Thank you, VERY much!

Now, i had been looking over your advice - how would you feel about 2 units of Minotaurs 5 (Musician & Standard Bearer) + Bloodkine w/ Blackened Plates.

And this would mean either 1 Chorgon
or a Gret-Bray Shaman (3) & Bray-Shaman (1)

And as for the magic vs monsters: I'm really torn. Having magic seems /really/ useful - but the monsters are nice too.

if I do 2 units of Minotaurs, that cuts the monsters down to 1 (@2497 pts) - but mages to 2... so...

What do you (all you Heratics) think?
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A unit of that does sound pretty cool, just remember you can only ever take a magic item once in the army. If you cut the monster down to one, do the Ghorgon. Very fluffy and effective. If you want magic, I would go with a great bray shaman with shadow and then the other with either beasts or death. It is your preference.

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Well, I sat down and re-tweaked a few things here and there.
The highlighted portion is the area I have the most "is this a good idea" or not.

The main thought is that this sword would prevent him from loosing frenzy, ever...which means he never looses the extra attacks.

General, Heavy Armor, Shield, Berserker Sword, Ramhorn Helm, The Other Tricksters Shard, Gnarled Hide

Gorebull (a)
Extra Hand Weapon, Shield, BSB, Armour of Destiny

Gorebull (b)
Extra Hand Weapon, Armour of Silvered Steel, Ironcurse Icon

x8 Tuskgor Chariots

Minotaurs (a) x6 (3x2)
w/ Musician, Standard Bearer, Bloodkine w/ Blackened Plate

Minotaurs (b) x6 (3x2)
w/ Musician, Standard Bearer

Great Bray-Shaman (lvl 3)
Lore of Beasts

Bray-Shaman (lvl 1)
Lore of Shadow
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I've gotten some advice elsewhere - and I'd love to hear what you all think of this change.

We're 2268 / 2500 - the rest of the space (232) is for Magic Items, if ya wanna suggest some.

Oh, and Thank You- Everyone.


Great Bray-Shaman

Extra Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, BSB


Minotaurs (9) (3x3)
Extra Hand Weapons, Musician, Standard Bearer, Blookine

x8 Tuskgor Chariots
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i admit i don't know much about beastmen but i have a couple questions.

are minotaurs core choices? i always thought they were special. if they are special you have no core choices and the list is illegal. also i think you're only allowed 3 of each unit (tuskgor chariots) i'm not sure you're allowed to have 8 unless you're allowed to take them in chariot units like the tomb kings.

also on your BSB, no use in having a shield and extra hand weapon. you cannot use both in close combat. he's already going to kill lots of stuff, just stick with the shield to keep him alive longer.

just my thoughts with the limited knowledge i have.
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Default Minotaurs 3K Upgrade

After a quick stop at my FLGS I was able to find out /everyone/ plays Fantasy @ 3K

So- I found myself with more points!
I decided to beef up my Minotars, and magic up my Shaman's more.

So here is a newly improved list.
Please, let me know what you think. =D

Feedback welcome, if not craved.


Lords: 673/750
General, Heavy Armour, Shield, Sword of Swift Slaying, Ramhorn Helm, Dawnstone, The Other Trickser's Shard, Gnarled Hide

Great Bray-Shaman
Level 4, Skull of Rarkos, Obsidian Amulet, Lore of Beasts

Heroes: 748/750
Extra Hand Weapon, Shield, Battle Standard Bearer, Armour of Destiny

Extra Hand Weapon, Armour of Silvered Steel, Ironcurse Icon

Level 2, Extra Hand Weapon, Dispel Scroll, Lore of Shadows

Level 2, Extra Hand Weapon, Staff of Sorcery, Lore of Shadows

Special: 778/1500
Minotaurs (12)
Shields, Standard Bearer, Musician, Bloodkine w/ Blackened Plate

Core: 800/(750+)
x10 Tuskgor Chariot

Thank you all again for your feedback, input, and excellence.
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Ultra1, Beastmen are nasty in that Chariots are Core. He's perfectly legal, as his most recent army shows. I have to agree, however, he's never going to break units in combat due to lacking ranks. He's going to slaughter many many in every round, but his opponents will hang in there stubbornly. Though I have to say a few chariots can really knock a unit down. It's an interesting army, should be fun. Though if he loses, he could easily break.

Secondly, there's too much magic in this list. Beastmen aren't known for their magic. I'd drop the LVL 4, make one of the LVL 2 beasts, and then buy back the Gorgon.
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