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Waaaaagh Grins! Deathskull Orks Warhammer 40k 3500
» Waaaaagh Grins!
Originally I started out playing 40k with the newly release Rogue Trader bloody years ago, and, like everyman worth his salt went for the Crimson Fists who were shown getting the piss blown out of them on the cover (still one of my favorite pieces of 40k art). Having basecoated everything Moody Blue, I became frustrated with the red not covering it, and sacked off the Fists in favour of the Ultramarines, painting them the same (albeit far worse) as the ones within Rogue Trader itself (from the page with all the chapters on (heh, space marine field/military police was it?), and also from the scene they had with IG, squats and Ultramaries fighting chaos.

My best mate at the time started with Orks, and went with the Deathskulls. Being from Liverpool, the aspect of them being thieves and disliked by the rest of the orks seemed fitting. After most of my pals I gamed with went to Uni in about '97 ish, I ended up finishing off the first company, and added a few characters and then shelved them, along with r kid's eldar.

On tour in Cyprus in '08 I was chatting to a good mate I've had for years, only to find he was a massive BA fan and had a ridiculous amount of them, so I went to a shop in Cyp called Isenguard and bought two poorly painted (like a child had done them) 6" limited edition figures of an Ultramarine with a flamer, and one with a Rocket Launcher, which I then repainted during the 24hour guard shifts. Our troop Secret Santa resulted in one kind hearted soul buying me the space marine command squad, which I then painted up. During my leave post tour I spent a ridiculous amount at Wayland Games (online, woop!), starting with AOBR, where I discovered I couldn't bear to paint Ultramarines anymore. SO I started on the Orks.

Two years on I find myself with less time to paint, but still with a lot of mini's from 2009 which I haven't gotten round to painting. I blame this on several things, my brother who got me into Flames of War (I in turn have gotten him back into 40k, and he now is in the same boat with IG), my addiction to world of warcraft and battlefield 2, and trying to juggle a full time job, part time job, writing and bits of real life in between (I try to avoid this though).

Grins history of gaming over :-)
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Name: Warlord Gazdakka Da Green King

Location: Devron IV – A Tropical planet orbiting the single star of the Devron system.

Information: The Tropical planet of Devron IV has been populated by two large warring clans of orks for at least three centuries, the Deathskull clan, identified by their love of the colour blue which they think brings them luck and good fortune in battle, and the Evil Suns, identified by their red clothing, and obsession with driving all manner of vehicles at ludicrous speeds with little regard for their own personal safety, and the safety of passengers and other orks that are passing by.

Warlord Gazdakka is known to both ork tribes as ‘Da Green King’, although intelligence has determined that this is not without a sense of ridicule from the Evil Suns, with whom he has waged a constant, and unusually tactical war. In keeping with clan traditions, he will regularly send out his Kommando raiding parties, lead by his right hand ork, Big Nob Argh-Knee, to procure vehicles, machinery, scrap and weapons from any Evil Suns encampments not well defended enough to stop their entry.

Alongside ‘Da Green King’ is his faithful and ever helpful ally, Big Mek Bigcog, who produces and poorly maintains most the clan’s vehicles and equipment, or at least has his grots paint them blue when the Kommandos return from pilfering the Evil Suns. Warring between the Evil Suns and the Death Skulls reached almost catastrophic proportions two centuries ago when both tribes managed to escape the atmosphere in scratch-built rockets and set about trying to construct an ork rok. Initial tests on both rok’s engine systems sadly sent them both into the atmosphere, almost wiping out life on the planet completely. Sadly they still remain on the planet, and it has almost returned to its former glory, with only the crater sites still devoid of all life.

At the moment the orks which have been growing throughout the forests of Devron IV have started to join up and gather with the already established tribes and belief is that a Waaagh!! is emerging. If this is the case it could be one of the largest and most spectacularly bungling Waaaagh!!’s in history.
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06/30/2012 17:48
aww, its a kitty :D

oh, hey theres some neat orks too!
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Ring Master "Honka"'s Avatar
04/05/2012 05:10
in the first picture you have a very interesting stompa or squiggoth in the top right of the picture. very good fur effect. but seriously that army looks dead killy
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ChaosDefilerofUlthuan's Avatar
05/05/2011 14:27
Thats a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
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LukeValantine's Avatar
04/15/2011 11:24
Since everyone deserve a comment on their army I am going about do just that to validate peoples hard work on their hobby.

Looking good so far, but it will look even better when that super heavy is painted. Primed super heavies make Jesus cry.
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