WAAAGH! WAZAG (no pics yet)

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1. WAAAGH! WAZAG (no pics yet)
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WAAAGH! WAZAG (no pics yet) Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k 2000
» WAAAGH! WAZAG (no pics yet)
To follow with the release of the new book.
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Warboss Wazag stepped down from the rock. Count Schmidt's head fell to the ground with a sickening thump. A bead of blood fell off the giant orcs axe. A goblin ran over to where he stood. "Master Wazag, the count is dead! The cowerdly man people are fleeing." Wazag grunted his approval. "There is just one issue master" squirmed the goblin, "The g-giant Dren has... has..." The giant orc looked down on the goblin, then up. Even for an orc it is hard to miss a dead giant. He thought (or as close as possible for an orc to do so) for a moment, then crushed the goblin under his giant metal boot.
The orc groaned. He slowly walked over to the body. What a waste. 10 Teef! 10! And the blasted thing isn't even strong enough to last one battle. He stepped over bodies, Empire and Greenskin alike. As he stepped over a particular body it stood up. This he concluded was an odd thing for a dead thing to do. He raised his axe to the dead man's throat and sliced it. The body clunked back to the ground. And then the rest rose...

T.B.C. tommorow....
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05/24/2011 13:44
I swear this army is Orks not CSM...
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dragonkingofthestars's Avatar
02/17/2011 19:53
WHAT! you can't just, leave off like that? what the heck happens?
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