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Raven Guard Space Marines Warhammer 40k 3000
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I was browsing the net one day and found a few sites with true scale marines and it got me back into messing with these old minis. I've been slowly converting model after model to make them each bigger and then the new Codex came out and I found a reason to get back to painting.
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An army I've had for years and have used as a teaching tool for my son to learn 40k, I also use it as a break from my usual Imp Guard army.
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As I was converting marines I wanted to play with them. So I decided to work on 3 companies, going with 1st, 2nd, and 4th I can convert and play as I want. 1st and 2nd will be true scale and 4th will be built and painted out of the box. This basically allows me to convert and play especially since it takes me about 3 hours to get each marine up-scaled and painted, and I can get a whole squad painted in that time.
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