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1. Celestial Zealots
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Celestial Zealots Space Marines Warhammer 40k 2000
» Celestial Zealots
In 738.M40 the Imperium founded the twenty sixth founding of several new space marine chapters. Among the many newly founded chapters, The Celestial Zealots chapter were forged. The Celestial Zealots have a very strong sense of duty in exterminating the Xenos threat especially the Tyranids.

A great warrior of courage named Lephisto Izgon of the Ultramarines who had served valiantly, was chosen to serve and lead the newly born Celestial Zealots. It was up to him now to make sure that his brothers were trained rigorously to serve the emperor with all their zeal.

The Celestial Zealots were primarily a fleet based chapter soaring through space in endless time. During this time the Imperium had come under attack by the new alien threat known as the Tyranids. The Celestial Zealots had sent many scout ships to monitor the Segmentum Solar system. Luckily one of the scout ships saw the approaching Hive to a certain world. The Celestial Zealots were now in a race against time to defend the planet from the rancid fiends.

Fortunately The Celestial Zealots arrived on time and warned every inhabitant to prepare and defend their planet. Many of the inhabitants were amazed and surprised by their arrival as they had never anything like the Space marines before. However the inhabitants were more than compliant to the orders of Izgon and welcomed their new allies. The Chapter waited for the arrival of the Tyranids and prepared cautiously as this was the first time they had ever faced a foe such as this.

Heavy Artillery and many of the Chapters companies were deployed under Izgon’s directions. The inhabitants were used to make fortifications and to gather supplies for the Chapter. Izgon had make to be sure that this world would stay claimed for the Imperium untainted by Xenos.

Finally the Tyranids arrived but only to their disappointment as they saw that The Celestial Zealots had already prepared to
face them. Both sides engaged furiously in the blood fight. Death tolls on both sides were high. The Ligarius IV had been under attack by the Tyranids for just a few hours and the casualty toll of the inhabitants were already accumulating. Most of the marines on the front line were getting killed faster than they could hold off.

The first company of The Celestial Zealots were in charge of the front-lines, however majority of them were killed and pinned down in the trenches of the front lines. However the Tyranids were also running out of numbers to overwhelm the defence. Izgon knew that this was going to happen. The wise master prepared a huge fortification where all the inhabitants were gathered and the majority of the chapter were armed with heavy artillery to deliver the final blow to eradicate these fiends once and for all off their planet. The wise master and the last squad of the company rushed back to the fortification.

Explosions and bullets were tearing through the skies. The battle brothers at the fort started to open fire but this time with more firepower. Izgon commanded that sets of explosions was to be delivered near their fort. The effect of it was devastating. The whole of the surviving Hive were nearly destroyed. Izgon and his battle brothers arose out of the fort and fought the remaining fiends with all their might. On the corner of Izgon’s eye, he saw the hive tyrant, he immediately leaped forward to slay the beast. Bullets ripping through the rib cage of the tyrant weren’t enough. The master ran out of his bullets and had to rely on his pure strength.

After six long hours of struggling, all the remaining of the Tyranids were now all eradicated. The remainder of the Chapter and inhabitants gathered around the Izgon and the hive tyrant. Tears started to roll down the cheeks of the inhabitants as they saw Izgon as their personal saviour dying in front of them. The rest of the marines knelt and bowed down in honour around the master. As he was lying on the ground he turned his head to the right and saw a young man. He noticed that this young man fought like no other and had great potential. He beckoned him to come over to his dying body and commanded that Ligarius should be recruited to be a Celestial Zealot. The Chapter Master bid his final farewell and left the rest to the Captain of the first company - Lucilius Contino.

The battle reports were sent to the High Lords of Terra and granted The Celestial Zealots Ligarius IV as their home world. Their courageous act of duty was noted. How the Celestial Zealots defeated the Hive Fleet Medusa and Izgon killed the Hive tyrant will always be remembered in the hearts of those that fought in the war. Their valiant service in the name of the Emperor was never to be forgotten.

The people of Ligarius IV saw the chapter’s arrival as an answer to their prayers. They also saw it as a prophecy fulfilled which was prophesied by their leading chief many years ago. The Celestial Zealots were able to defeat the menace. Although their victory was great, it had also come with a great cost. The first company nearly wiped out and their Chapter Master dead. The death toll of the inhabitants would have soared if it weren’t for the timely arrival of The Celestial Zealots.

Contino the Captain made vigorous plans to rebuild the planet and replenish the First Company. The Fortress Monastery was built upon the ground where the Chapter Master died. Lucilius Contino also sensed the great potential of Ligarius and took it as part of his duty to train and recruit him. Since the war Ligarius is now the Captain of the Second Company and also the Chief Librarian. The Celestial Zealots are now roaming through space to eradicate the Tyranids once and for all.
» Army Details
This is my DiY Chapter of Space Marines - The Celestial Zealots. I havent finished painting all of the army yet, but nearly finished. They are Ultramarine successors!

Librarian - 125 pts
ML 2, Terminator Armor, Storm Shield, Force Staff

Command Squad - 250 pts
1x Apothecary, 4x Veterans w/ Bolt Pistol, Plasma Gun, Melta Bombs, Rhino

Dreadnought - 130 pts
Extra Armor, TLAC x 2

Terminator Assault - 460 pts
LRC, 2x TH/SS, 3x TLC

2 x Tactical Squads - 380 pts
Flamer, Missile Launcher, Rhino

1x Tactical Squad w/ AGL - 255 pts
Flamer, Missile Launcher, Quad Gun

Fast Attack
2x Land Speeder - 120 pts

Storm Talon - 140pts


Predator - 140 pts
Lascannon Sponsons, TLLC Turret
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10/17/2013 10:25
Hey mate, really liking your paint scheme there. It's worked out to look pretty damn snappy. Thanks for taking the time to put in so much fluff too, the Army is all the much cooler for it. + Rep... somehow...
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