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Bark Squig-Grin's Dakka Ladz Ork Warhammer 40k 2736
» Bark Squig-Grin's Dakka Ladz
Close to the galactic core lies the binary star system Alceroin. It's only planet Alceroin I orbit close to the parent star Alceroin Proxima and is covered by a vast ocean. Just 7% of the surface is dry land and it's continent is little more than a ragged wasteland of rocky deserts, sharp cliffs and deep gorges.

But Alceroin I's appearance belies it's worth. The Imperium uses the vast ocean to export water to nearby agri and hive worlds but it's most valued asset is a endemic plant which sap is refined into Promethium and is therefor cultivated on a large scale. The Alceroin system also has huge astroidfields with abundant ores and minerals which are extracted from spaceborne miningfacilities. All this is cared for from Alceroin I's main city and spaceport, Port Von Stohr, and the deserts across the continent have seen battle on untold occasions.

By blind chance Bark Squig-Grins spacehulk exited the warp inside the system and was bombarded by astroids until it slowly crashed into Alceroin I's ocean. Most of the tribe drowned but few enough made it ashore. Since Alceroin is littered with battle debries, the tribe's meks have done what they can to restore and use what their comrades scavange. Soon enough, Bark hope to go on full assult against da humies on da otha side. Once the promethium and water stops flowing off Alceroin, he hopes that his tribe can expect a proppa fight.

The tribes pink/purple colour scheme is a result of the limited ways of producing dyes and paints on Alceroin. Only two ways has been presented. At first the tribe coloured everything with the sap from the wild plants of Alceroin. This gave the tribe a brown/black apperance but also made itself clear at the very first summer when much of the clan perished to self-ignition in the intense sunshine. Soon enough the they found that the dried fruits of the plants made a non-flameble dye. Though pink at first it matures to dark purple given enough time. They orks hordes the dye and everyone keeps their own pot and guards in fiercly against everyone. Who would like to charge forward all dressed up in pink? This has made a second way of telling how high in the hierarchy an ork is within the tribe. The longer he has been able to hold on to the same pot of dye, the more purple his clothing is, and the higher in the hierarchy he is. This also explains the uniforme look to the tribe while still consisting of different klans.

Bark Squig-Grin
According to Bark himself he was born in a Squig-pen during a great cosmic catalysm that Gork and Mork threw in his honour. Bark was though small for an ork at first and with his unusual broad jaw, the gretchins and snotlings that tended his pen didn't notice him among the squigs at first. Some weeks later he had eaten enough snotlings and battered enough squigs to break through the gates to his pen. Along with the squigs he ran amok among the snotling village and killed most of them. Bark was welcomed into the ranks of the boys and was given the name Squig-Grin.

Bark rise to power went fast during a raid on a neighboring tribe. At the time he had slowly risen to command his own mob of boyz and had through threats been gifted a trukk from a mek station. During a great battle he had commanded his trukk into a collision with the opposing tribes battlewagon. Accident or not Bark was flung from the trukk and manage to swing his big choppa, mid air, into the face of the other tribe's Big Boss. After the battle he was honoured to serve among the scarboyz of the Warboss himself.

Soon after the battle the opposing tribe tried to take revange by assulting Barks tribe at their camp. During this fight the Warboss led his scarboyz into the fray and in the chaos that ensued only Bark came out standing. He then claimed the title of Warboss and in a mere year he had united all the tribes of his homeplanet.

Two decades later a Waagh! emerged in his home system which he joined without hesitation. In the cargoholds of a great spacehulk Bark and his tribes soon grew restless and soon they broke from the holds and took control of the whole hulk. In the wake of this mutiny the hulk was thrown offcorse in the warp and ended up in the Alceroin system.
» Army Details
This army is on constant build and the converting part is why I do it. It complement my Eldar painting very well and keep me in the hobby. My tribe has it's own colour scheme with a few exceptions. The part that brings the dakka is mostly Bad Moon orks and the Feral Ladz have more brown on them since they have joined the tribe post-crash.

I have for a long time longed to begin the construction on sumthin' big for my orks. I do not yet know however if it's gonna be a scrapbuilt Stompa or a Battlefortress, he who lives will see.

Meanwhile you can allways follow my endeavours on my plog; Moriouce's Workshop.

Latest update: Pics on the latest Battlewagons, rokkit buggy and Zzapp guns.

Waaagh! contents

Warboss - Bark Squig-Grin
Big Mek - Tin-Leg
Warphead - Da Shuman
Painboy - Stingybitz
2 Meks

10 Nobz - Da Ragg'd Scars
11 Burnas - Da Arsons

30 Slugga boyz - Da Maniaks
30 Shoota boyz - Da Dakkiaks
12 'ard boyz - Da Steel Ladz
12 Slugga Boyz - Da Feral Ladz

Burna Bommer - Firemoth
Dakkajet - Dakkamoth

3 Zzapp gunz
13 Lootas - Da Deffboyz
Deff Dread - Da Big Kan
Battlewagon - Da Killa
Battlewagon - Rokkit Wagon
Battlewagon - Dakka Wagon
Looted wagon - Da Big Loot
Looted wagon - Loottrakk
Looted wagon - Killaboomloot

2 Trukk

Ongoing and Future Projects

In da Meks Workshop
3 Ammo runt markers
1 Nob
10 Gretchin 1 Runtherds - Da Yelps
12 Sluggas

Da Scrapyard
2 Buggy TL Rokkits
Sumthin' big - Da Gorkaforta

Da Planz
1 trukk
1 battlewagon
Da meks are always looking for new stuff!
» History/Fluff

Bark Squig-Grin


Tin-Legs Ammo Grot

Da Shuman

Da Doc



Da Ragg'd Scars

Da Arsons


Da Steel Ladz

Da Steel Nob

Da Steel Ride

Da Feral Ladz

Da Feral Ride

Da Maniaks

Da Dakkiaks





Heavy Support

Zzapp guns

Da Deffboyz

Da Big Kan

Da Killa, first ride of Bark and his Nobs.

Rokkit Wagon

Dakka Wagon


Da Big Loot

» Modelling and Conversion Information

Armyshots 2015-12-31 Bark leads his waaagh across the deserts on Alceroin.
» Comments
Moriouce's Avatar
03/17/2014 13:06
Big thanks everyone!
I'm in the process of finishing painting on my ork Kill Team. When it is done I'll post pics of some Arsons and Dakkiaks.
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Iraqiel's Avatar
03/15/2014 07:20
Wow, these are lovely conversions, very nice paint jobs and I absolutely look forward to seeing the showcase and army expanded!
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01/24/2014 15:22
Great army mait! Love the painting as well!
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GrimzagGorwazza's Avatar
08/02/2013 04:26
Looking forwards to seeing you get soem of the completed units posted up on here. Should be good.
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