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all the models in the photos are NOT finished yet when they are I will put new photos up...

I have not put a points allocation in as im new to the game. im learning how to play by watching it on you Tube lol.

this is just some of what iv got round to painting..

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Grimhad's Avatar
07/30/2013 05:59
i am doing another flamer at the mo. will be puting more pic's on soon.
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revilo44's Avatar
07/30/2013 05:06
loving the flamer girmhad. What else will you be having in your death shadows army ?
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Grimhad's Avatar
07/26/2013 06:52

No they are Death Shadows. follow this link and it will tell you more.

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Iraqiel's Avatar
07/24/2013 11:07
Very nice, I like what you've done with the flamer and the green stuff robes. Are these guys fallen Dark Angels?
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