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Altansar Warhost of Lost Dreams Eldar Warhammer 40k 2622
» Altansar Warhost of Lost Dreams

The Warhost

The Warhost of Lost Dreams is sent forth whenever the Farseers of Altansar reach a point in the skien where a new thread converge with that of Altansar and makes it stronger. The Warhosts aim is to make sure that those threads reach Altansar and don't go amiss among the myriad destinies that cross Altansar each cycle.

The Warhost name is taken as a reminder of the dreams those Eldar had ten millenia ago when they first set out on Altansar, away from the comming Fall.

There is no running from the great enemy, no hope of hiding. If we are to survive we must play her game and beat her in it. We must be depraved beyond her, not bye whim but bye our own choosing. We must not feel unconssious pleasure from our loathsome actions but indifferent, conssious pleasure. She Who Thirst is a shadow of the Eldars of old but we have evolved. We are capable of depravation She could never comprehend, and that is why we will stand victorious in the end.
~Anarnesh, Altansar philosofer before the escape from The Eye.

We Eldar can never forget The Fall cause it's child constantly screams from the immaterium. Only we hear Her, as a whisper at the edge of our hearing. There She urge us to feel more, to give in and to seek sensations anew. This neverending torture is the testament of the Eldars of old. But also it shields us cause it reminds us what we must not become again. And for those who hunts Her, all they need is to follow the whispers to find their way to The Great Enemy.
~Lorpan, At the Battle of Echoing Past. Destruction of Slaaneshi Cults in the Orath system.

The Undying Strife Shrine is the most important of the Dire Avenger shrines on Altansar. Though it's followers numbers more than the other shrines together, it's size is no bigger than the smallest. This is because all who finish the training at the shrine is to be on forever guard and battle until they chose to leave the shrine. During this time they never show themselves in the public without their aspect armour and when they ain't attending a warhost they patrol all of Altansar.
Colour: Blue and white with yellow mane

The Shrine of the Last Dawn is one of the most secretive shrines among the Dire Avengers. Their members never speak of the true nature of their shrine but they represent the highest standard of devotion and discipline of all shrines. Their Exarchs has never been seen joining a warhost, instead members join other Dire Avanger shrines on the field. There is rumors that all the Exarch of the Last Dawn will emerge as a single devastating host if the final days of Altansar where to come.
Colour: Black and blue with purple mane

The Shrine of Falling Demise is said to be one of the oldest shrines on Altansar and is devoted to the Dark Reapers. Their presence is never missing when a warhost is dispatched out of Altansar. As the desciples of Maugen Ra they are the most honoured shrine among those who do not walk the the Path of the Warrior and it is said that when the light of Altansar flicker into oblivion, the Shrine of Falling Demise will be the last light to go.
Colour: Black and bone with purple weapons

The Deathstalker Shrine takes it's name from an infamous Il-Kaithe Striking Scorpion Exarch. The Deathstalker had the habit of splitting off from his squad and set his own ambushes. This did not fall well with the seers of Il-Kaithe since it often resulted in Eldar lives beeing lost in those squads. During a boarding action against a Slaaneshi Chaos Cruiser, the Deathstalker disappeared. Some days later he contacted Il-Kaithe from a small landing craft with the signature of Slaanesh. He where not allowed to be taken aboard but where directed to land on moon not far from the craftworld. A shuttle where deployed with a five man squad of Dire Avengers to bring him back before the seers for final judgement. The Deathstalker must have known what was awaiting him cause just a few moments after the shuttle had landed near the Slaaneshi craft, an energyspike on the surface indicated that the shuttle's webway had been activated. Soon, the shuttles lifeboat floated out from the main webway on Il-Kaithe and in it rested five spiritstones. The Deathstalker made his way to Altansar where he where welcomed and erected his own shrine in an all but uncared-for area of Altansar. The Deathstalker Shrine excels at seting ambushes in arid and semi arid plains where few others can hide. They always dispatch several smaller squads instead of larger squads whan attending warhosts.
Colours: Brown and black

The Masque of Elusive Intent is a Harlequin troupe led by Alanathir. He have been sent from the Black Library to keep a close vigil over the eldars of Altansar and record any knowledge of chaos that can be extracted from the walls of the craftworld. Ten millenia in the Eye of Terror must have left it's traces on the craftworld and anything is valued in the highest if the battle for survival is to continue. His troupe is still unknown to the great part of Altansar and they have even followed warhost without beeing seen by the other eldars. In the end, Alanathir's objective is his alone.

Lorpan is one of the most devoted Farseers on Altansar. Many times he have risked his life on the battlefield as he have joined the warhost's effort to secure Altansars future.

Amirith is the youngest member of the inner circle of Seers on Altansar. As she have once walked to Path of the Warrior she prefers to lead from the front, more often than not in a squad from her old shrine, the Undying Strife.

Serian have traveled many paths in his long life. Once a Shining Spear and from that driven onto the Path of the Outcast he was drawn to Altansar for the thrill of the unknown. Now as a Farseer he have again mounted the Jetbike to assist the windriders of the warhost.

Iriana and Marodea are twins that always have paired through the different paths they've walked. In a contest of siblings between they always try to refine beyond the other. This have led them dangerously close to becoming trapped in several paths. Now they join the warhost to lead the craftworld's guardians on the threads which in the end will secure their return from the battle.

Zoras is very young but have shown great potential on every path he have walked. As an stearsman on a small shuttle he were recruited to the windriders in times of war, finding the thrill of the jetbike invigorating there were no question which squad he was to join as a seer. Zoras returnes upon his personal jetbike to the Deathstalker Shrine to retrieve his wargear.
» Army Details
This army is still under construction and where it will end is still written in the stars. My goal with this army is mostly creative. I want to paint it to more than tabletop standard and name every character, shrine and vehicle and write fluff to everyone/thing. With my future plans I'll reach above 4000 points.

You can follow my painting endeavours in my plog; Moriouce's Workshop.

Latest update: New battle pics!

So far my Altansar warhost consists of:

Avatar of Khaine
Farseer Lorpan
Farseer Amirith
Farseer Serian on Jetbike
Autarch Dimmira
Maugen Ra
Warlock Council of 8 (Zoras on Jetbike, Iriana and Marodea)

14 Dire Avangers of the Undying Strife Shrine
6 Dire Avangers of the Shrine of the Last Dawn
15 Guardian Defenders
Windrider squadron of 9

Fire Prism - Radiant Lament
Fire Prism - Dawnspear
Falcon - Bird of the Burning Skien
5 Dark Reapers of the Shrine of Falling Demise

Wave Serpent - Deeds of Greater Devotion
Wave Serpent - The Steed Unnamed

Ongoing projects:
3 Dire Avengers of the Shrine of the Last Dawn


Future purchases:
3 Vypers
11 Wraithguards/Wraithblades
Harlequins of the Masque of Elusive Intent (Cegorach's Jest Formation)
16 Striking Scorpions of the Deathstalker Shrine
5 Dark Reapers
» History/Fluff

Avatar Of Khaine

Farseer Lorpan

Farseer Amirith

Farseer Serian

Autarch Dimmira

Maugen Ra

Seer council

Warlock Conclave


Deeds of Greater Devotion

The Undying Strife Shrine bolstered by the Shrine o the Last Dawn

The Steed Unnamed

Guardians of Altansar

Windriders together with Farseer Serian and Warlock Zoras

Heavy Support

Shrine of Falling Demise

Bird of the Burning Skien

Radiant Lament



Beacon of Lost Dreams, objective marker
» Modelling and Conversion Information

The Warhost of Lost Dreams

Lorpan guide the warhost along with his seer council

While the Avatar of Khaine leads the aroused Eldar into battle

The windriders under Serian hurry forward supported by a Fire Prism


The warhost zoom into battle with the Ultramarines and their Tau allies.

Altansar join forces with the Ultramarines against a Tyranid swarm.
» Current and future lists
Comming 1750 friendly play, 2 vs 1 3500p


9x Dire Avangers + Exarch + Shimmershield + Wave Serpent + EML
9x Dire Avangers + Exarch + Diresword + Wave Serpent + Starcannons
15x Guardians + EML + Warlock + Spear
6x Windriders + Warlock + Spear
3x Windriders + 3x Shincannons

5x Dark Reapers + Exarch + EML

2x Fire Prism

1850p Wishlist

1x Farseers
3x Warlocks +2x Jetbikes

Wraithblades + Axe and Shield

7x Dire Avangers + Exarch + Wave Serpent + EML
6x Dire Avangers + Wave Serpent + Starcannon
6x Dire Avangers
15x Guardians + Bright Lance
4x Windriders + 1x Shuriken Cannons
4x Windriders + 1x Shuriken Cannons

Falcon + Scatter Laser
Fire Prism
Fire Prism

ADL + Icarus Lascannon
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03/30/2015 15:11
Thanks everyone for the kind words! I'm on the way back to my Eldars so keep an eye open.
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09/16/2014 06:41
Beautiful army as always - Keep up the good work!
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08/04/2014 07:01
i just found this, and its brilliant,good work Moriouce
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08/03/2014 19:23
Well done with this Eldar project Moriouce, it's a nice showcase with a good amount of fluff, listing and some pretty pictures of eldar. I especially like your mougan ra and the freehand runic icons that you have painted on your wave serpents!
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06/28/2014 13:24
Thanks Iraqiel! For the moment I feel finished with my Eldar. I'll paint myself a White Seer just for fun and he will be displayed here aswell. Hope you have enjoyed my updated since your latest comment!
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04/06/2014 11:19
Nice, keep those updates coming!
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07/24/2013 11:27
Good work mate, good to see your plan and so much thought put into fluff. I look forward to seeing updates, and recommend that you hyperlink that 'plog' address so that people can find it easily.
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