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Magnetizing a Helbrute
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So this is my second attempt at a Chaos Space Marine army. It is actually the remnants of my very first army, but I stopped playing it and focused on Daemons for about a year. Now that I've gotten a bit more experience under my belt, I thought it was time to get to work on this army again, so I have 2 armies to play that also works as battle-brothers.

This is a bit of a slow project (lies, I painted like 4 units in 2 months) but it is one I really like. My focus is painting troops so that I can field an entire setup in Crimson Slaughter colors for now.

The painting in this log will also be part of my plog. You can follow the project log here:
Project log

5 x Daemon Prince
1 x Typhus (Calas Typhon model)
1 x Zarduk Layak (Sorcerer in 40k)
1 x Chaos Lord on foot
1 x Chaos Lord on Juggernaut
1 x Chaos Lord on Bike
1 x Chaos Sorcerer

20 x Close-Combat Chaos Space Marine
30 x Shooty Chaos Space Marines
25 x Chaos Cultists
15 x Possessed / Gal Vorbak

10 x Noise Marines
2 x Decimator Daemon Engine
3 x Contemptor Dreadnought
1 x Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought

Heavy Support:
3 x Obliterators
1 x Defiler
3 x Helbrute
1 x Sicaran Battle Tank

Fast Attack:
12 x Chaos Space Marine Bikers
15 x Chaos Spawn (Spirit Host models)
2 x Maulerfiend (Slaughterbrute models)

Lord of War:
1 x Kytan, Daemon Engine of Khorne

Dedicated transports:
1 x Landraider
3 x Rhino

1 x Aegis Defence Line

As always, any and all feedback is very welcome!
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  • Juggerlord
  • Spirit Host (Chaos Spawn)
  • Kytan, Daemon Engine of Khorne
  • Aegis Defence Line
  • Decimators
  • Daemon Prince
  • Lord on Bike
  • Sorcerer
  • Typhus the Traveller
  • Terminators
  • Diabolist
  • Centurion
  • Assault marines
  • MKIV Tacticals
  • Rhino
  • Sicaran
  • Slaughterbrute / Maulerfiend
  • Helbrute
  • Gal Vorbak possessed
  • Mhara Gal tainted Dreadnought
  • Zarduk Layak + Bodyguards
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05/11/2016 07:37
Dark Apostle Marduk - The bloody bases (which I'm guessing you're referring to) are made on standard GW bases. I use Stirland Mud for the earth effects, drybrushed by Ushabti Bone and the blood is a undercoat of 1:1 Khorne Red: Abaddon Black followed by a HEAVY helping of Blood for the Bloodgod special paint
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Dark Apostle Marduk's Avatar
04/16/2016 17:39
Did you create those bases or did you buy them somewhere? If you made them, how!?!?! If you bought them, where?!!?!?!
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Moriouce's Avatar
09/11/2015 08:05
As always you painting knows no limits. Any chance of than armyshot? A joint armyshot togheter with you deamons maybe?
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Nordicus's Avatar
11/26/2014 03:26
Thanks! People have responded very well to this army, although I did fear that they were tired of the Crimson Slaughter theme.

My plan was to finish off this year with a "This got painted in 2014" shot. A surprisingly good amount of models in that photo, but it would be a good way to see that the monthly challenges on this site works.
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Mossy Toes's Avatar
11/23/2014 17:23
Nice to see the collected fruits of your plog here. Any chance of a group shot any time soon?
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