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1. Da Golden Waaagh!!!!
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Da Golden Waaagh!!!! Orks Warhammer 40k 8000
» Da Golden Waaagh!!!!
Da Golden Waaagh is led by many mighty creatures all who bow (GET STOMPED ON BY) to the Mighty Warboss

This Close up shows The mighty Jaw plate and "Zoomeee" goggles allowing for the bosses vision to equal his tactical might

The final shot of the warboss shows his scavenged weapon a wrecking ball ripped from a trukk that got to close to scratching the paint job of his wagon.

Waving the mighty "Lukky Stick" Mordiki accompanies the Warboss into battle, further drving the fervor of Da Boys.

Da Mad Dok Grotsnik who in his alliance with the Bad moons, has lost his only useful arm, therfor the rage he has for his enemies has intensified and he often goes into a blood rage slaughtering friend and foe.

Having lost much of his boys at the hands of Da Orks many foes he has joined Da Golden Waaagh in the pursuit of the Final Waaagh.
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Da Golden Waaagh!!!! Is my current army and painting project. They are the Da Golden Boys from the bad moons klan of orks whos bright yellow vehicles, stand out apon the battle feild with their extravigant colour scheme.

I have a Painting blog of Da Golden Waaagh on facebook found at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Da-Golden-Waaagh/630659176948989?hc_location=stream which show cases the slow rise of Da golden waaagh.

This a list of the models i currently have https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=122962 which was posted a while ago in the ork lists of this forum.
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» Speedy Gitz (Fast Attack)
Da Kaptin, a fighter ace known for destroying many a plane (enemy and Friend) in his elevation to "DA FASTEST OF DEM ALL".

Da Reaper; an ork pilot of renown, not for his kill but for the amount of times he has been shot down an survived, with much of his flesh flennsed by shrapnel or burnt by the flames of his many jets. He has gained an unkillable moniker and thus is known for his suicide runs, either flying directly into other aircraft or sweeping infantry with his scythes.

» DA HEAVIES (Heavy Support)
Da Boss has many Wagons this is one shwoing both the mek's kunnin designs with pop off dakka.

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10/16/2015 05:51
Hope to see this showcase expanded. The vibrant yellow is realy nice!
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