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1. Dragon Slayers
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Dragon Slayers Space mairnes Warhammer 40k 1500
» Dragon Slayers
Founded in 38th Millennium

Home World
Desert Hive World (shields protect the citys form sandstorms)

Countless foes have been vanquished by Dragon Slayers .there a strong and relatively young chapter, whom have already made a name for themselves in serving the Imperium.

The chapter maintains the production capacity of a forge world at its home planet of Jaggafall V. Its fleets patrol a cluster of planets In sub sector Alsar IV, and its presence is made known to the planetary populations under their protection.The chapter's heavily-defended fortress monastery is perched atop a sandy mountain.

The Dragon Slayers attack is relentless, forcing the enemy on a defensive footing and pressuring them from all sides. Furthermore they a highly balanced and versatile fighting force with 9 powerful clan companies .

The chapter is notable for their use of tactical marines in their campaigns against the vile greenskins.

Chapter master
Galvicus Buthus

Master of the Watch
Ashor Talros

Master of the Arsenal
Veluriah Avother

Master of the Fleet
Hellao Aviifer

Master of Marches
Belutias Coraxiro ++ killed in action ++

Master of Rites
Conubel Novacus

Chief Victualler
Tritocius Archaromus ++ missing in action ++

Lord Executioner
Hellariah Grimocifer

Master of Relics
Aviura Rhysacius ++ missing in action ++

Master of Recruits
Banermen Grimunox
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* Chapter Tactics

+ HQ + (95pts)

* Librarian Santon Reaves
Auspex, Mastery Level 2
* Power Armour
Force Maul

+ Elites + (517pts)

* Dreadnought Sivan Decis (135pts)
Extra Armour, Multi-Melta, Venerable (*)
* Dreadnaught Power Fist
Storm Bolter

* Sternguard Veteran Squad
Vandar Sevenum;Combi-Grav, Galatan Decetus:Combi-Melta, Jogaten Leonurias:Heavy Flamer, Garom Sargo;bolter 5x Veteran
* Space Marine Sergeant Galvafer Tarkio
Boltgun, Power Fist
+ Troops + (550pts)

* Tactical Squad Kilus (215pts)
Missile Launcher, 9x Space Marine
* dedicated transport Rhino
Extra Armour
* Space Marine Sergeant Mantis Kilus
Chainsword, Storm Bolter, Veteran Sargeant

* Tactical Squad Isuriah (160pts)
Meltagun, 9x Space Marine
* Space Marine Sergeant Mudiun Isuriah
Bolt pistol, Chainsword, Veteran Sargeant

* Tactical Squad Argus(175pts)
Heavy Bolter, 9x Space Marine
* Space Marine Sergeant Llovan Argus
Bolter, Power Weapon, Veteran Sargeant

+ Heavy Support + (336pts)

* Stormraven Gunship The Winged Falcon (236pts)
Extra Armour, Hurricane Bolters, Searchlight, Storm Strike Missile, Twin Linked Lascannons, Twin Linked Multi Meltas

* Thunderfire Cannon Stromshell
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