World eaters/Khorne daemons

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Army Name Race Game System Points
World eaters/Khorne daemons chaos Warhammer 40k 2000
» World eaters/Khorne daemons
Kharn the Betrayer 160 Huron Blackheart 160

Helbrute 115
Power scourge

Khorne berserkers’ x20 2 squads 405 (810)
Icon of wrath

Chaos space marines’ x10 195
Plasma gun
Las cannon
Combi plasma
Veterans of long war x10

Fast attack
Heldrake x2 340
Bail flamer

Heavy support
Obliterators’ x3 217
Mark of nurgle
Veterans of long war
» Army Details
World eaters list. An army still loyal to the world eaters but at times must bring an unexpected ally. When low in units, Khorne will grace them with some of his loyal daemons (as well as one of nurgles) to aid the world eaters in combat.
» History/Fluff
Bloodthirster 300 Kharn the betrayer 160
Exalted rewards
Greater rewards

Blood crushers’ x3 140
Blood hunter

Khorne berserkers’ x20 390 khorne berserkers ‘x10 200
Icon of wrath

Blood letters x10 2 squads 105 (210)
Blood reaper

Fast attack
Heldrake x2 340 chaos spawn x2 60
Bail flamer mark of khorne

Heavy support
Soul grinder 180
Daemon of nurgle
Phlegm bombs
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