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Dark's Angels Blood Angels Warhammer 40k 2500
» Dark's Angels
The army come about purely due to me finding enough of the hatch half legs, that normally are used with turrets, to make an Assault squad looking like they was up to their waists in water. I planned to base them as if they was wadding through a swamp using water effect, after looking through my bits box i found and added enough troops to fill out quite a good basic army.
I chose not to base the Assault squad as in a swamp as the whole army would need to be the same and i did not have enough 'half' legs for them all.
The Tanks came about after a botched trade, I originally was trading for the Dark Vengeance Dark Angels to go with one of my other armies and got 4 tanks instead.
The Landraider i got went to my Deathwing army and the other 3 were repaired and joined the ranks of my new Blood Angels.
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I know that this army has too many elites, this is just the list of all the models I have at the moment

Astorath the Grim

Mephiston, Lord of Death

Chaplain, plasma pistol

Sanguinary Guard, 1x Plasma pistol, 1x Power Fist, 1x Infernus pistol

Sanguinary Priest, 3 models, 1x Infernus pistol, 1x Power sword

Terminator Squad, 6 models, 1x Chainfist, 1x Assault cannon

Tactical Squad, 10 models, 1x Power Fist, Melta-gun, Missile Launcher

Death Company, 6 models, 1x Power Fist, Jump Packs

Death Company Dreadnought, Heavy Flamer, Blood Talons, Magna-grapple

Assault Squad, 10 models, 1x Plasma gun, 1x Infernus pistol, 1x Plasma pistol, 1x Power sword, Rhino, no Jump Packs

Fast Attack
Baal Predator, Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy flamer sponsons

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad, 2x Missile launchers, Multi-melta, Plasma Cannon, Power Fist, Razorback, Twin-linked Heavy Bolters
» History/Fluff
Most of the army is now painted
Just part of the Sanguinary Guard to finish and 1 Sanguinary Priest.

I am not painting the Terminators as they are part of my Space Hulk set and i don't tend to use them much but put them in the army list to make it up to a nice round 2.5k points.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
The conversions in the army was quite simple
The razorback just had the bike faring wings from a raven wing added to each side of the turret.
As you can see the Dreadnought is a lot larger than normal, this was achieved by using parts from a defiler to add to the waist and 2 old tank wheels from a leman russ to make the legs longer and bits to add detail.
The go faster engines was just odd bits i had in my bits box! I thought it looked cool so went with it.......lol
» Moving On
The next stage for this army is to go the same way as my other marines, company size!!!!!
Time to hit the trade forum to get the rest, will add as i get the models in and painted.
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