501st clone troopers

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Army Name Race Game System Points
501st clone troopers space marines Warhammer 40k 2000
» 501st clone troopers

space marine commander 160 Librarian 185
jump pack epistolary
power sword null zone
plasma pistol gate of infinity
melta bombs combi melta/terminator armor


tactical marines x10 4 squads 210 (840 total)
flamer x4
heavy bolter x2
missile launcher x2
melta bombs
rhinos x4

melta squad x10 235 scouts x5 75
melta snipers
multi melta
combi melta
melta bombs
drop pod

devastators x5 185 storm raven 200
heavy bolter x2
missile launcher
multi melta
power fist

thunderfire 100
» Army Details
The legion of the 501st are considered the first storm troopers. They killed most of the jedi in the galaxy in an extermination. They are considered the most brutal of the clone army.
» History/Fluff
commander: Jango Fett
Librarian: Count dooku
tactical marines: 501st trooper
melta squad: commander blys troops
scouts: clone scouts
Rinos: clone grav tanks (as wave serpents)
storm ravens:clone drop ship
devstators: arc troopers
thunderfire: heavy support weapon
drop pod: orbital support
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ipwnuevryday's Avatar
06/06/2013 16:11
Please post some pictures, I would love to see what you've done
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