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1. Kas'un Sept Rapid Strike Cadre
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» Kas'un Sept Rapid Strike Cadre
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The Tau forces of the Kas'un Sept have been fighting a grueling and costly war on the jungle Dasin Prime against detachments of the Blood Angels 1st & 6th company and the Dasin Imperial Guard. The war has been raging on for eight years already and the Tau have only just begun to gain the upper hand in this struggle. Unfortunately for the Blood Angels and IG the Tau have cut off their supply lines and there for severing any chance for more supplies or reinforcements.


Commander Firestrike

Commander Firestrike grew up as a unrelenting and efficient person. His training which took place at the most grueling academy on Kas'un even furthered his determination and leadership skills. The high trainers at the academy predicted him to become a great leader who won battles efficiently and against any odds stacked against him. He also had a talent for fast, precise, and hard hitting strikes behind enemy lines. That skill landed him into a pathfinder squad. Once he rose to Sha'vre of his squad he took it on a mission that would cripple the command of the Cadian 2nd mechanized infantry battalion. He took his squad and deep behind the enemy line evading enemy patrols and eventually came upon an ramshackle HQ with a lord commissar, Commander, and two body guard discussing were to strike next. Firestrike ordered his men equipped with markerlights two target in on them. after that they took aim and fired! after the dust settled not one those men were standing. As the the soldiers noticed their Commander was dead their morale was crippled almost immediately. by that time the pathfinders had already markerlighted nearby infantry squads and tanks. Soon after the dread sound of precision railgun shots were herd. With the enemy crippled it was safe for Orcas to drop of the soldiers inside. After that campaign was finished he was promoted to a battlesuit Sha'vre in charge of a squad of fellow battlesuits. Soon after promotion he and his squad were being sent to Dasin Prime for the invasion of it. He was assigned to Commander Shadowwalker's rapid strike cadre for a hit & run strike to cripple enemy supply runs. Skip ahead 4 years and the fighting on Dasin Prime has never been to grueling and fierce. Casualties are growing rapidly on each side. During a routine hit & run strike on a dug in position an enemy IG company stumbles upon just as they had destroyed the fortified postion. The Tau were outnumbered 3 to 1. The fighting was taking place at point blank range. The tau were holding back and taking down 5 IG soldiers for every one tau! But the IG were winning out of sheer numbers. Somewhere in last stages of the fight a lucky shot from a Leman Russ hits and kills Commander Shadowwalker. Sending Firestrike into a controlled fury. He flies threw a squad of guardsmen shoots and explodes a sentinel and lands on top of the Leman Russ that killed his Commander. He kicks the machine gunner on top off and rips the turret off of it, and then rips the gunner out and slams him against the floor. Firestrike then jumps off the tanks and shoots it with his fusion blaster that melts it into molten slag. Soon after Tau reinforcements arrive and finish off the IG. Only 30% percent of the Cadre survived. Firestrike is promoted to Commander and has to rebuild the cadre and continue fighting the bloody war on Dasin Prime.

Ethereal Aun'wi

Ethereal Aun,wi was the Ethereal assigned to Shadowwalker's cadre. He lived thru the Ambush that killed Shadowwalker. and is mostly responsible for holding up the Tau's morale and fighting Spirit. He is exceptionally skilled at single combat and has slain the Blood Angels 1st company Captain and multiple lord commissars and IG commanders. He was eventually felled by a Vindicare assassin's round. His successor Aun'u has dedicated him self to killing that assassin.

Sha'Vre Ko

Sha'El Ko is the most prestigious Sub-Commander hailing from the Kas'un Sept. He refused the offer to pilot a stealthsuit and the battlesuit. Instead he preferred to stay with the pathfinders he trained and fought with. He Leads the pathfinder section of Firestrike's rapid strike cadre. He known for his cunning and risky hit & run tactics which has won a many a fight.

Kor'Ui Kao

Kor'Ui Kao is a water caste pilot who pilots a barracuda into war. he has a total of one hundred aircraft kills and two hundred vehicle kills. Kor'Ui has even felled a mighty revenant titan by unloading all of his seeker missiles on the back of the mighty titan. Kor'Ui Kao has even survived being shot down. He was shot down during the fierce air engagement over the hive city of Xander IV in the southern part of the continent Quan in southern Dasin. He eventually evaded enemy soldiers and managed to get back to the Tau HQ in only a week!

Shas'Ui Rou

Shas'Ui Rou Is the most accomplished Hammerhead pilot to come form the Kas'un academies. His most well known and efficient strategy is know as the tide. The tide is when the hammerhead and skyrays under his commander keep moving and firing in a flowing motion like the tide rolling in. This strategy keeps enemy gunners from locking on Tau tanks. Shas'Ui Rou has even felled two revenant titans. One he felled with a upper leg shot that toppled it, and he blew the other one up with a shot that pierced the armor and hit its reactor!

What Is a Rapid Strike Cadre

A rapid strike cadre a specialized type of cadre used for crippling the enemy in many types of ways before the main forces attack. Rapid strike cadre use fast, hard hitting, hit & run strikes to cripple the foe.

Famous Sayings Before Battles.

We fight for the Greater Good of all! We are bred for war and no one will stand strong against the the blazing fire which is the Tau! - Commander Firestrike
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