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Tash'var Cadre
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Tash'var Cadre Tau Warhammer 40k 2000
» Tash'var Cadre
Sept: Tash?var
Sept Color: Dark Blue
Armor Color: Black
Cloth: Dark Grey
Supreme Ethereal: Aun?O?T?au?Kavaal?O (Aun?Kavaal?O)

Tash?var is a planet plagued by raiding of Orks, Dark Eldar, and pirates. It has weathered invasions, Imperial attempts of reclamation, warp rifts, and Necron awakenings. This history of constant warfare has turned the residing Tau into a very hardy and practical, but courageous people. The population is primarily Fire caste, as thousands of warriors could be needed to repel invaders at any time. The Earth caste makes up a large part of the remaining Tau population.

The surface of Tash?var is a dark, rocky desert broken up by mountain ranges and tropical ocean valleys. The Tau live in subterranean cities. They farm their food in vast caverns and live in homes carved out of the rock. The only structures on the surface of Tash?var are the fortifications of the city gates. The planet has a rotation time of almost seven days so the Tau have had to adapt to extended periods of darkness.

The Armies of Tash?var are the only Tau forces that specialize in static warfare. Although they are still proficient in the usual Tau war craft, after centuries of repelling invasion after invasion, the Fire caste commanders have learned to use the fortifications of the city gates as a fire base for their armies.

The armies often include a larger number of Fire Warrior squads. The Fire Warrior teams are all equipped with black sun filters and trained to accurately shoot in dark conditions. There are fewer Crisis suit teams as their size makes it difficult for them to maneuver through the tunnels and halls. To make up for this lack of specialized fire power, turrets are mounted on or in the walls of their fortifications. These are armed with common Crisis and Broadside suit load outs and are manned by Shas?ui or Shas?vre. Shas?ui or Shas?vre that don?t man the turrets have taken to using rail rifles and working in small teams with a spotter to target key enemy units. Shas?el and Shas?o are uncommon, as the armies are generally lead by Cadre Fireblades and Ethereals.

Outside of their fortifications, the armies of Tash?var either use conventional tactics of the Tau or opt for a mobile gun line. Due to the larger number of Fire Warrior Squads, the mass amount of Pulse Rifle fire is enough to halt even the toughest foes long before they can reach the Tau. Those resilient or lucky enemies that do manage to get close meet the Crisis squads that act as mobile support for the Fire Warriors.
» Army Details
The new Tau list did well at the tournament. I placed 3rd out of 12, and my only loss was to Necron ark spam (Tau can't handle massed heavy armor :'( ) I did not manage to get them all painted, too much real life. I'm going to keep working and posting as I go. Hopefully next tournament I'll have a fully painted 2nd place army.

Tournament Record:
4th ed. Codex: 6/2/0
6th ed. Codex: 7/1/0

Current 2000pt Tournament List:
? Cadre Fireblade 60
? Ethereal 50
? 12x Fire Warriors 108
? 12x Fire Warriors 108
? 12x Fire Warriors 108
? 12x Fire Warriors 108
? 12x Fire Warriors 108
? 12x Fire Warriors 108
? 2x Crisis Suits (T-L fusion blasters, shield drone) 108
? 2x Crisis Suits (T-L fusion blasters, shield drone) 108
? 2x Crisis Suits (T-L missile pods, shield drone) 108
Fast Attack
? 6x Pathfinders 66
? 6x Pathfinders 66
? 6x Pathfinders 66
Heavy Support
? 3x Broadsides (3x T-L plasma rifle, 3x shield drone, 3x advanced targeting system, ?vre) 265
? 3x Broadsides (3x T-L plasma rifle, 3x shield drone, 3x advanced targeting system, ?vre) 265
? 2x Broadsides (2x HYMS, 2 x shield drones, 2x missile drones, 2x early warning override) 188
» History/Fluff
Aun?O?T?au?Kavaal?O (Aun?Kavaal?O)
Aun'kavaal'O is a bit Eccentric for one of the Ethereal Caste. He lives for battle and Inspiring the troops. His name: Aun (a memeber of the Ethereal Caste), Kavaal (Tau word for battle), 'O (commander); Ethereal Battle Commander. In game he has done nothing spectacular, but I haven't had a unit fall back since he hit the table.

Shas'Nel'Tash'var'Kor'La (Nel'Kor'La)
The most notable commander currently stationed on Tash'var, Nel'Kor'La is infamous for his peerless ability to control a Fire Warrior gunline. In battles across the sector the Cadre Fireblade and his Fire Warriors have denied the enemy with precision pulse fire or overwhelming amounts of it. Nel'Kor'La earned his name while commanding an honor guard of Fire Warriors for the Ethereal Aun'Kavaal'O. They were ambushed by Ork raiders and the thirty-eight members of the force were surrounded by over a hundred Orks. During the battle, the Cadre Fireblade did as much as the Ethereal to bolster the morale of the fire line. After the Orks were broken and fleeing, Aun'Kavaal'O addressed the Shas'Nel as his Kor'La (Faithful Warrior) and the name stuck. In the test games I have ran the Cadre Fireblade has been a huge influence. The first game I ran was at 500pts and the opening volley, with marker light support, took out a ten-man squad of Necron Immortals. The look on my friends face was priceless.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
Fire Warriors. They are honestly one of my favorite models from Games Workshop. I have three squads painted, and four more in the pipe line (one was supposed to be an Ethereal Honor Guard). I will run the full six squads in my 2k tournament list. Each squad has different shoulder pad paint scheme. On the table these dude kick some serious tail. They regularly take down everything from a Guardsman to Dark Eldar Ravagers. If it is armor ten or eleven or has a toughness value, the Fire Warriors can and will kill it. I had a really crappy game where the only model I had left in turn three was a Fire Warrior Shas'ui (squad leader), and he shot a Dark Eldar Raider. It exploded and killed the entire unit inside. I LOVE THESE DUDES!!!
» Elites
Crisis Suits are awesome. End of story. With the new codex I have had to rearrange my Crisis suits. I now have three pairs: one with twin-linked missile pods, and two with twin-linked fusion blasters. Between these guys and my Broadsides there is rarely a vehicle on the table after turn 3. After the vehicles are gone they jump-shoot-jump to draw fire away from the Fire Warriors and Broadsides.

(Note: I found his foot. My couch tried to eat it.)

I have a Riptide, but am waiting til it is built to playtest. A friend of mine ran his in the last tournament and I think it may replace two of my Crisis Squads. I'll let you know how it goes.
» Fast Attack
With the new rules I will be taking three six-man squads of pathfinders. I have two in the pipeline and I'll order one of the new boxes soon. Until I get the Pathfinders atleast base coated I leave you with a pic of my Piranha.
» Heavy Support
The heavy support slot completes the focus of my army. Broadsides. Fire Warriors and Broadsides are why I started Tau, and they are the foundation that all my lists are built on. I absolutely love the new models and I will have eight of them (two with high yield missile pods, six with heavy railrifles). My collection also contains a Hammerhead and two Sniper Drone squads (the drones won't be seeing the table anytime soon). Here is a pic of the four Broadsides I pre-ordered with the dex. The rocks under the feet do a lot to break up the lack of variation in the leg poses.
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Iraqiel's Avatar
08/04/2014 21:22
Nice one mate, any updates this year?
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emporershand89's Avatar
12/14/2013 16:06
Looks great, and I'd love to know your painting technique to get such a fine finish. But Ack!!! The Commander's head is missing :p
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kavyanshrike's Avatar
11/02/2013 10:03
Looks awesome can't wait for more! Love the crisis suits
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Shas'Ui's Avatar
10/13/2013 15:45
Loving how you've set up the rail guns
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death_monger101's Avatar
08/30/2013 06:07
you don't need a fireblade model when you cam kit-bash! lovin it buddy, all of it
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Shanny2's Avatar
07/08/2013 06:08
hey nice looking models cant wait to see more, my brother is giving me his Tau im working on them lol
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furyion's Avatar
05/28/2013 05:03
Since I watched a friend use a Riptide at a tournament, I think I may drop two Crisis Squads and take a Riptide in my tournament list. I think at the least it will soak up more fire while doing just as much damage.
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Dah Gobbie's Avatar
05/12/2013 05:42
Looking real beautiful. I am currently working on A Tau Army list right now. With everything I want to run in the army, it will be over 4400 points. I too love the broadsides and the firewarriors... But I am finding the love for the riptides. Being the same amount of points and a lil more survivablity, I think ill take the Riptide. Maybe once my army is built, you and I can have a Tau show down! :D
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