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scarab eldar Warhammer 40k -
» scarab
After the fall of the eldar race an ancient eldar farseer named zenat rounded up 2,000 eldar to build a craft world fit for the entire race. Unfortunately as the craft world began to grow other species and races took notice. The craft world was attacked by orks, necrons, and even tyranids. After seven years a large necron force attacked the craft world. They were able to fend them off but at a cost. Most of the craft world was destroyed and zenat was killed in battle. This craft world after being finished was named scarab, after defeating the necron force that attacked. Each exarch in the army had to have an insignia of a blue scarab like zenat did. The current war host is a farseer who is said to be a descendant of Zenat but this has not been confirmed.
» Army Details
With three forces to counter attack enemy armies they are not a very strong force and are one of the youngest craft worlds. They have a small army but it is growing and they are also known as the wraith guard craft world because they have an entire battalion of wraith guards and wraith lords (accompanied by warlocks and a far seer) They are the reason that they have not been taken over yet.
» History/Fluff
swooping hawks x6 156 xtra fire dragons for dragon squad x5 80
hawks talon

» Modelling and Conversion Information
Scarab does not have much contact with Biel-tan. They have had two battles with them against tyranids but try to avoid each other and not keep in touch. Scarab eldar do not get along with eldar from saim-hann. After a mis understanding in the battle for the sixth meteor (where an eldar shrine is said to lie within it) a dire avenger had shot a saim-hann leader in the back accidentally. This resulted in a short battle after which the saim-hann would never forgive or join craft world scarab in battle. Ulthwe is the only craft world where eldar from scarab have actually joined in battle and in their craft world. Scarab gets along very well with Ulthwe and have been in battle many times together. No scarab eldar has ever seen an alatoic eldar. Alatoic do know of the craft world scarab, but avoid them due to the failure of their first craft world. Although iyanden and scarab get along the tend not to do battle very often. They have a coupleof times when orks attacked craft world scarab and small tyranid force attacked iyanden. They have had more battles but not many.
» primary force
the primary force of the craft world scarab is a usual force that Eldrad usually partakes in.

eldrad 311 Farseer 150
warlocks x3 runes of witnessing
enhance, embolden, destructor runes of warding
1 spiritseer (with wraithguard) doom/fortune
spirit stones

fire dragons x5 105 wave serpent 135 wave serpent 115
exarch bright lance scatter laser
fire pike (fire dragons) (dire avengers)
crack shot

guardians x10 95 Dire avengers 157 wraith guard x10 350
scatter laser exarch spirit seer
dire sword/shuriken pistol (points calculated under eldrad)
blade storm
rangers x5 120

Heavy support
dark reapers 227 fire prism 115 wraith lord 120
exarch scatter laser
tempest launcher shuriken cannon
fast shot flamer/shuriken catapault

points 2000
» wraith force
Far seer 155
runes of warding
runes of witnessing
mind war
warlocks x3

wraith guard x10 386 three squads rangers x6 144
warlock pathfinders
spirit seer

wraith guard x5 175 wave serpent 115
scatter laser

heavy support
wraith lord 120 wraith lord 130
scatter laser scatter laser
shuriken cannon missile launcher (krak)

» 1850 point list
Eldrad 313 Farseer 150
Warlock x3 Runes of witnessing
Embolden/enhance/destructor Runes of warding
Singing spear Doom/fortune
spirit stones

Wave serpent 130 Wave serpent 115
Twin bright lance Twin scatter

Fire dragons x5 100
Fire pike

Dire avengers x10 157 Rangers x5 120
Exarch Pathfinders
Dire sword/pistol
Blade storm

Guardians? x10 135 Guardians x10 151
Scatter laser Missile launcher
Warlock Warlock/spiritseer
Conceal conceal

Heavy support
Dark reapers x5 227 wraith lord 135
Exarch Flamer/shuriken catapault
Tempest launcher Scatter laser
Fast shot missile launcher

Fire prism 115
» Images
  • guardians after being built. (they are still not painted yet)
  • dire avengers when recently built (paint hob still pending)
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Have you painted any of these? How have the lists changed since 6th ed?
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sorry for the pictures being blurry
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