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In response to the kind comments on my painting, then I perhaps wasn't clear that I hold myself to the standards displayed online, rather than those seen at the local hobby shop/club, and in that regard, I am sure that my armies come in the bottom third of the talent on display. Just head over to the project logs/modelling and painting sections of the site if you don't believe me!

I am improving slowly, but I'm never going to reach the heights that some of our resident painters achieve on a daily basis, but that's alright because I am satisfied with the tabletop standard that I manage. I just didn't want anyone to look at it and think "ahmagad it burns my eyes!! The goggles... they do nothing!!!"

Eldrad is probably the best model I've ever painted, and I spent hours on him. Say something nice or GTFO please!
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All my Eldar! I have loads more stuff which will be added as it's finished.

The Harlies are my latest project and I'm extremely happy with them, hence the close ups...
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Sethis's Avatar
06/18/2012 15:16
Updated with new stuff, more soon (I hope).
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02/17/2012 14:06
great paint jobs! I dig the grav tanks schemes...
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Poomba's Avatar
02/13/2011 19:03
Agreed..... u paint quite well....... close ups wanted
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02/06/2011 01:24
Pft, show-off.

Seriously, those models aren't even close to poorly painted.
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HorusReborn's Avatar
02/05/2011 20:21
i actually don't think your models are painted badly and I think it's a shame you under sell yourself by taking small pictures and the like! Would love to see some close ups!
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