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First Eastern Mirage Corps Codex: Space Marines Warhammer 40k 1500
» First Eastern Mirage Corps
With the Drop of the 6ed Codex, the painted portion of my army rounds out to a nice 1500pts without much "fluff". So here is where my army is (with the partially painted LS included).

FEMC - 1500

Chapter Tactics - White Scars

HQ - 515
Master of the Hunt (Khorso Khan) on foot
Librarian on Bike, ML2
Command Squad - Plasma, Melta, Company Standard, Powerfist, Apothecary, Combi-Plas (Rhino with Dozer Blades, Storm Bolter)

Troops - 510
Tac 1 - 10 man, Vet Sgt, Power Weapon, LasCan, Melta (Razorback, Dozer Blade, Tw Hvy Flamer)
Tac 2 - 10 man, Plasma, Flakk Missile Launcher (Razorback, LasCan, TW Plas)

Fast Attack - 280
Bikes - 5 man, Vet Sgt, Power Weapon, Plasma, Melta, Attack Bike - MM
Land Speeder - Hvy Flam, MM

Heavy Support - 195
Dev - 5 man, Power Fist, 4x Flakk Missile Launcher
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A little background: As a second army to my Harlequins, I started collecting the roots of my Space Marine army after buying the 2ed Ultramarines Codex. It was just a unit here and there until 3ed hit and the Harlequins disappeared from the game. So I picked up the newest 3ed Space Marine Codex and fell in love with the new space marine bike models. This cemented my want to create a marine force that focused on fast movement, which I integrated into my chapter write-up. I started painting and assembling this army many moons ago. I only got as far as painting the now illegal 10 man command squad, company captain, their transport, and two 5 man tac squads who have illegal weapon loadouts as of 6ed. I had assembled about 2000 pts so I had played the army unpainted a number of times before I stopped playing.

(If you are an old school anime/manga fan yes I did lift the FEMC, names, and Heraldry from one of the greatest sci-fi manga of all time, The Five Star Stories)

The FEMC is a successor chapter of the White Scars from the 20th founding. They have been assigned to the Eastern Fringe in the Ultima Segmentum near the Vidar Sector. Their Monastery, the Floating Palace, hovers above the Agricultural World of Delta Belune. Over the course of their history they have dealt almost entirely with Chaos Forces coming from the Rift in the Vidar Sector and Tyranid hive fleets entering the Eastern Fringe. They have also had encounters with the Orks and the Tau who are heavily present in the Eastern Fringe.

While organized as a Codex Chapter, the FEMC traditionally uses a fast attack structure and fields more fast attack units; bikes, speeders, and squads in fast transports than a standard codex chapter all in the tradition of their progenitor chapter.

Chapter Symbol:
Stylized Sword with Point Facing Upwards

Chapter Colors:
Power Armor: Dark green with yellow and brass trim.

Captains: White armor with red trim and symbols to honor their progenitor chapter.

Veterans: Terminator armor is white with green trim and symbols. Veteran power armor is in standard company colors with white helmets.

Librarians, Techmarines, and Apothecaries: Painted in traditional Codex Patterns with Chapter symbol on left shoulder pad.

Chapter Leadership
Chapter Master
The Chapter Master carries the title of Amaterus and wears a golden suit of artificer armor. In addition to his duties as chapter master, Amaterus acts as monarch of the FEMC's recruiting world Delta Belune.

Company Captains and Honor Guard
The ten Company Captains and the Chapter Master's Honor Guard carry the title of Mirage Knight. The title corresponds with land holdings on Delta Belune and each Mirage Knight rules over his own territory as he sees fit. At any time there can be from eleven to twenty Mirage Knights with the mightiest warrior among them carrying the number XI who acts as the Company Champion. There are currently thirteen Mirage Knights. In the tradition of their progenitor chapter, the White Scars, one of the Mirage Knights is also designated the Master of the Hunt.

Current Roster of Mirage Knights:

Honor Guard
XI -Douglas Kaine (Company Champion)
XII - Bijotorn Corlala
XIII - Hind Kill

Company Captains
I - Landwand Spacorn
II - Aisha Codante
III - Deimos Heirarchy
IV - Leopald Chrysalis
V - Mishalu Ha Lonn (Master of the Hunt)
VI - Poesche Nomien
VII - Eidrian Tag
VIII - Allen Bradford
IX - Dippa Dropps
X - Spector

The FEMC have a deep respect for Librarians, called Divers by the chapter. Perhaps because of the planet's proximity to the Galax Rift, Delta Belune has a higher than standard population of native psykers. The Mirage Corp cultivates the psychic population of the planet carefully and has created four temples across the planet to train the nascent powers. The exact number of psychics on Delta Belune and the locations of the temples are kept secret even from the Administratum, only the Amaterus and the High Diver, called the Emporer of Flame, know the complete scope of these secrets. Only those psychics who are willing to volunteer are sent with the Black Fleet when it comes time to pay their tithe.

Each temple is dedicated to one of the paths of psychic disciplines used by the Space Marines and the Divers use the name of the temples to describe the disciplines. Karada in the north studies Biomancy, Kasai in the tropics studies Pyromancy, Ishin in the south studies Telepthy, and Nenriki in the ice plains studies Telekinesis. Only the most powerful psychics who have mastered all four paths earn the title Diver and are trained as Astartes. Unlike many Chapters, the Mirage Corp maintains at least one Librarian with each Company. Most companies contain two Librarians, a Master Diver and a Lesser Diver.

Notable Divers
Emperor of Flame Nein - Telepathy and Pyromancy specialist accompanies the Amaterus when the Chapter Master enters battle, wears red power armor with white trim.
Master Diver Mel Rince of the First Company - Telekinesis and Biomancy specialist usually wears Terminator Armor
Master Diver Agari of the Fifth Company - Pyromancy and Biomancy specialist rides a custom quad runner and confidant of the current Master of the Hunt

The Techmarines of the FEMC carry the title Meister, and are well respected members of the Chapter. Because of the highly mechanized nature of the Mirage Corps they employ a larger than standard number of Meisters and their servitors. The bikes, speeders and tanks used by the chapter must be maintained to the highest standards, so a Meister is deployed almost any time the Corps takes the field of battle.

A common practice of the Meisters of the Mirage Corp is to give a unique name to the Machine Spirit of each piece of gear the Chapter uses. Some of these artifacts have been with the company since it's founding and a particularly storied machine will have a legend that sometimes rivals it's user. Two well known artifacts currently reside within the Fifth company. The first is the Cross Mirage, a custom quad runner that was the first machine built by Grand Meister Ladioss Sopp upon his return from Mars. This powerful marine bike has been used by the Master Diver of the Fifth Company ever since. Another is the Terror Mirage that was created for Amaterus I the first Chapter Master and the first Master of the Hunt. This powerful bike has been passed down to each Master of the Hunt since and currently is piloted by Fifth Company Captain Mishalu Ha Lonn, the twenty-first Master of the Hunt.

Notable Meisters
Grand Meister Ladioss Sopp - The Master of the Forge for the Chapter, birth twin of the Amaterus
Meister Zebee Corter of the Fifth Company

The sacred duties of the apothecary are honored among the FEMC. The apothecaries, known as Meights, are an integral part of each Company's structure.

Notable Meights
Master Meight Chrome Ballance - head Meight of the Chapter his skills are legendary and has trained apothecaries from a number of chapters outside the FEMC
Meight Meeth Silver of the Fifth Company

Company Structure:
The First Company is a the veteran company per codex standards. The chapter rarely deploys terminator armor and has managed to keep and maintain almost their entire allocation of the heavy armor. Therefore, almost the entire first company can be deployed in terminator armor if needed. However, the veterans of the first company preferred method of combat is as massed Vanguard units supported by bikes and speeders.

The Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Companies are the Chapter's main battle companies. Departing from codex norms they are fielded in the following manner:
  • 3 tactical squads
  • 2 assault squads
  • 1 devastator squad
  • 4 fast attack squads (bikes or speeders)

The Sixth and Seventh Companies are tactical reserve squads often fielded solely in bikes and speeders.

The Eighth Company is the assault company and can also be deployed entirely on bikes.

Unlike their progenitor chapter, the FEMC's The Ninth Company is a devastator company. Departing from codex standard however, this company is almost entirely deployed as land speeder and fighter pilots rather than as traditional devastator squads. They also man the Predator tanks the company prefers over the bulky and slow land raiders.

The tenth company is the scout company, they use bikes heavily for fast scouting and scout speeders for quick deployment.

General Deployment:
With an emphasis on mobility, tactical and assault squads run in razorbacks with rhinos used primarily for command or devastator squads. While the company itself has a small number of dreadnoughts and land raiders these slow moving behemoths are eschewed for faster options like drop pods, deep striking and teleporters.
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» Modelling and Conversion Information
A new escalation league started this year and my goal is to add a painted unit to the army for each months point increase.

Here is the entire company list:

Complete 5th Company

+ Company Captain - Mishalu Ha Lonn (foot and bike)
* Command Squad w/ Rhino
* Librarian on Quad
* 1st squad - Tactical Squad w/ Razorback
* 2nd squad - Tactical Squad w/ Razorback
3rd squad - Tactical Squad w/ Razorback
4th squad - Foot Assault Squad w/ Rhino
5th squad - Jump Assault Squad
+ 6th squad - Devastator Squad w/ Razorback
+ 7th squad - Bike Squad w/ Attack Bike
8th squad - Bike Squad w/ Attack Bike
9th squad - Attack Bike Squad
+10th squad - Land Speeder Squad
2 Predators
*1 Storm Talons
1 Storm Talon

* Completed Unit
+ Legal Unit, but not completed at full strength

Here is the work that needs completed:
  • Paint Captain on Bike
  • Paint Assembled Landspeeders
  • Assemble and Paint remaining Landspeeder
  • Assemble and Paint 3rd Tac Squad
  • Assemble and Paint last 3 biker models for 7th squad
  • Paint existing 5 models for 5th Squad
  • Assemble and Paint existing 4 bikers for 8th squad
  • Assemble and Paint Rhino for 4th squad
  • Assemble and Paint 6th Devastator squad 5/10 figs completed

Models still to buy:
  • 2 Bikers
  • 3 Attack Bikes
  • 2 Razorbacks (Looking for 2ed style to match my current ones)
  • 2 Predators
  • 1 Storm Talons

Here is my Conversion for 5th Company Captain Mishalu (Khorso Khan) on Moondrakken.

If you want to follow my progress check out my painting log.
» Army Photos
Master of the Hunt Mirage Knight #5, Mishalu Ha Lonn (on foot):

Librarian (Master Diver Agari) on His Custom Quad (The Cross Mirage):

Command Squad w/ Rhino:

Command Squad w/ Captain:

Techmarine (Meister Zebee Corter):


Tac Squad 1:

Tac Squad 2:

and their Razorbacks:


<Nothing to see here>

Fast Attack

The 7th Bike Squad:

The 8th Land Speeder Squad:

Storm Talon Escort for the 5th Company:

Heavy Support

The 6th Devastator Squad (half of it anyway):
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