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The Eternal Crusade Black Templars, Imperial Guard, Inquisition Warhammer 40k -
» The Eternal Crusade
High Marshall Helbrecht leads his Chapter from the Land Raider Redeemer command tank - 'Helbrechts Fury' (still a WIP, detailed later). In addition, a 5-man Honour Guard follows him. This elite group of the Marshals Household are heavily armed and come with a 'Banner of the Eternal Crusade', champion and thunder hammer, two guys with relic blades and two guys with power weapons. He is still joined by a the obligatory neophytes from the previous codex and the fluff armed with a mixture of shotguns, bolt pistols, bolters and a heavy bolter thrown in there and one with a Chapter Banner - these guys are purely for fun but count as a standard scout squad if required.

Reclusiarch Grimaldus, Hero of Helsreach guides the brothers of the Black Templars (and goes around pwning heretics, daemons and witches alike). His cenobyte servitors carry his spoils of war.
I have converted a Rhino to be a Templar version of the Ravenwing Vengeance land speeder - a mobile tank shrine to the Emperors Glory! I plan to use the rules for the Razorback for troop capacity and put Grimaldus and his retinue in it ready to bring the light of the Emperor, and his associated Justice, anywhere of the battlefield.

Chaplain Martelus leads the assault squad into battle. He is armed with croxius and power fist and jump pack, as well as the usual chaplain kit.

Chaplain Ambos leads the terminators and is one of the few unconverted models in the army and is pretty much as per the GW model. i have however given him the 'Primarchs Wrath' relic storm bolter for some added pwnage.

Chaplain Gewheit leads the footsloggers of the force. He's the new chaplain from GW Rechlusiam command squad but with a huge chainsword - the 'Teeth of Terra' relic chainsword in fact.

Castellan Draco takes the second in command role for this army. He has 'The Blade of Vinculus' relic weapons (counts as burning blade) and leads a squad of 5 from one of the LRCs - 'Dracos' Revenge'

Champion Priamus is the Emperors' Champion for this force after the death of Bayard at Helsreach.

Forgemaster Jurisian tends and maintains the machine spirits of the Eternal Crusade and is armed with a conversion beamer instead of any servo harness'. Similar to Grimaldus, he has his own rhino conversion - a Combat Repair Vehicle (basically a razorback with a lifter arm of the back instead of any heavy armourments). He also has a unit of servitors with him to help carry out battlefield repairs all with servo arms rather than any ranged weapons.

[bTechmarine Frachlich[/b] rocks around the battlefield with the 'Brothers of the Omnissiah in a TL Lascannon armed razorback
» Army Details
In the Aftermath of the 3rd War for Armageddon, High Marshal Helbrecht and the forces of the Black templars crusade fleet set off to hunt down and kill Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka.

The army grew around a central theme of Grimaldus and Helbrecht, two titans of the battle for Armageddon and the fight against Ghazghkull. Its heavily fluff orientated and each 'detachment' is focused around a specific character.
Its worth remembering that the whole focus of the army is the rule of cool. So when you see points sink units, deathstars that are practically useless, and made up units; don't forget - why shouldn't it be like that? Its a game after all.

Forgemaster Jurisian heads up the armoured section of the army from his combat repair vehicle. In the fluff I see these guys as being the techmarines, tankies, and heavy weapons experts of the Templar fleet, as well as the bikers and other long range experts.

Castellan Draco (ignoring fluff at this point, but he's a cool character) heads up the rapid reaction force of assault squads, drop pods and mechanised troops, with the tactical deployment troops assist with locator beacons to clear the way for the main assault army.

=] Please Note: This force does have a fair few illegalities in it from conversions which look epic, but are 'counts as' on the table. [=
» History/Fluff
Combat orientated units with massive points cost for engaging the enemy elites and vulnerable vehicles.

The Sword Brethren of this Black Templars force eschew the use of terminator armour in favour of regular power armour and agility. All ten of them has one, if not two, power weapons - if you've reached the rank of sword brethren, you should be able to have a power weapon at least!

Sword Brethren Teminators for this force are designed to work as either two squads of 5 or one squad of 10. The full ten contains 5 x lightning claws and then a mixture of thunder hammers, power glaives, chain fists and storm shields. I figure that in a competitive game they will all have lightning claws or thunder hammers, but given the fluff of the Templars fighting with weapons they are most familiar and comfortable with, a mixture of power weapons should be present representing this deviation from the doctrines of the Codex: Astartes. The terminators are usually on deep strike duties ready to bring the heavy combat to wherever its needed. Chaplain Ambos accompanies the terminators into battle.

The Sword Brethren Assault Squad for the force is a five man unit of heavily armed battle brothers with a mixture of relic blades, power fists, power axes and lightning claws and some melta bombs thrown in, just in case.

The Brothers of the Omnissiah are a unique unit of five vanguard veterans who accompany the techmarine into battle, they all have extensive bionics and are all armed with chainswords and power fists - although the power fists take on more unusual forms such as drill bits, servo arms, and other experimental bionics.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
The fast attack section of this force is designed for recon and swift assault.

Land Speeder Hurricane is the forward recon element of the force. It is a design of Forge Master Jurisian which has been brought into service recently. It is essentially the LS Storm crossed with the Typhoon (hence the name Hurricane). It is the chassis of the Storm but carries only three neophytes; one armed with a sniper rifle, two armed with bolters. The rear compartment of the chassis is taken up by ammo for the side mounted Rocket launcher systems from the Typhoon. This design creates a long range vehicle capable of delivering swift, accurate anti infantry and armour capabilities. (Points as per a Typhoon + the initiates and weapons). There is also a unit of scouts I have made in case the skimmer is downed and the crew manage to disembark which is armed exactly as the occupants of the vehicle - 2 x bolters, 1 x sniper rifle, 1 x heavy bolter and a shotgun for the pilot.

Black Templar Bike Squadrons are rare in the Templar army, but there are some! This squadron operates as 3 x bikes + 1 x attack bike with multi-melta. The bikers are armed with combat weapons and a plasma gun for the added punch.

The Assault Squad is made up of 10 initiates, similarly armed to the sword brethren squad - lots of power weapons! Chaplain Sorrus guides the jump packs of the assault squad to the daemons, heretics and witches.... and then burns their faces with righteous jump pack fury!
» Troops
There are a total of ten troop units in the force, one of which is a unit of 'Devotees of the God-Emperor (described below).

The Devotees are in fact a unit of 10 flagellants from the empire army. They have worse stats than a guardsman and no ranged weapons, but they do have 2CC weapons each and a hell of a lot of banners proclaiming the emperors greatness! They most usually act as meatshields running in front of the armour.

Crusader Squads 1-4 are all 5+5+Rhino squads all armed with bolt pistols and chainswords with a power fist and flamer thrown in for good measure. Jump in rhino, drive towards enemy, hit in face with chainswords - job done!

Crusader Squads 5-8 are all five man squads with plasma gun + plasma cannon and are designed to move up behind the armour and sit on objectives/key vantage points.

Crusader Squad 9 is another five man squad as above, but with melta + multi melta for anti armour capability, designed to sit on the most forward objective/pinchpoint.
» Armour & Support
The heavy support and vehicles making up the Eternal Crusade are not particularly varied, although they are very converted!

There are two Land Raider Crusaders to carry the sword brethren and other elite combat units into the heart of battle, and Helbrechts very own Redeemer with additional firepower from coaxial storm bolters, heavy bolters and multi meltas. The Redeemer also has a large comms array on the back so Helbrecht can keep in contact with ground and orbital forces and a gigantic banner inspiring nearby battle brothers.

There are four Rhinos which are dedicated to the 5+5 crusader squads noted above, and a razorback for the Techmarine and his Brothers of the Omnissiah.

There are also the 'Sh-Rhino' for Grimaldus, and the Combat repair vehicle for the Forgemaster.

For Apocalypse games, there is a Land Raider Terminus Ultra which happily sits at the back and unleashes lascannon shots at the traitor scum.

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04/19/2017 06:51
Really liking the background theme for the army. Would be great to see more pics of the units as they come together!
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08/31/2014 17:08
Great backround fluff, im inspired!
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10/27/2013 09:30
Hurrah for Black Templars, looking forwards to seeing some photos on here!
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