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The White Serpent's Cadre Warriors of Chaos Warhammer 2250
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Back ground fluff for the army...

The Tale of Lucian ?The Seducer?
The rise of The white Serpent?s Cadre

Let it be known that in Bretonnia, there is one name that strikes terror into every babe?s mind and makes them hide behind their pillows, whose mere mention sends chills down even the most stalwart of men. The Great Seducer Lucian. It is not known exactly which province he heralds from, but it is known that he was once Bretonnian. There are only a few documents left that tell of his past as the good and wise King Louen Leoncoeur ordered almost all such records to be destroyed. What has been established is that Lucian was once a Bretonnian prince from a wealthy family. Which family is not known and as this is written this spare a thought for the dreadful shame that the province must feel even to this day.

As a young boy, Lucian was a spoilt individual who had every whim catered for, all that is except one? The crown. He craved the power it could bestow on him. Even at this early age, he had an insatiable hunger for power. He would spend his days staring off into the distance and talking to an unknown presence that seemed to be his consort and guide. Though this behavior was peculiar, nothing was thought of this as young children often have imaginary friends. If the King had only known who the true presence was, he would have immediately had his son?s soul cleansed by the local chapel. Many times the King caught his son wearing the crown and sitting on the throne, but mistakenly thought that this was merely a boy wanting to imitate his great father.

As a teen, as is customary, Lucian went to train as a knight. He showed great aptitude in the arts of war, in fact, could best even his tutors in single combat, but for all his success in arms Lucian refused to accept the morality and humbleness required to be a true knight. His Father felt great shame at this. The King demanded that he be trained at home instead, by the finest swordsmen and masters-at-arms throughout the land in the hope of one day rejoining his peers in the protection of the proud land of Bretonnia. Lucian?s training was bloody and violent, but yet Lucian would always succeed in defeating any who were put against him. His tutors were amazed at the progress and skill that he showed. When not training for war, Lucian could be found in only two other places, either in his chambers consulting his mysterious friend or within the sacred libraries searching through ancient and sometimes forbidden scrolls. His thirst for knowledge and power was unending.

By the age of eighteen Lucian had become incredibly vain, only the finest looking maidens would ever enter his room. As before Lucian?s behavior was not questioned as this was not uncommon for a young prince of his age to bed many women. Those young men who cannot perform a sacred quest must have some ?conquests? of their own. Lucian had gone as far as to bed his very own sisters and mother in the pursuit of new sexual pleasures. Soon, the maidens who entered his room began to not come out. Strange figures flowed in and out of his chamber each night. Bizarre chanting and noises could be heard at all hours. The guards began to whisper of strange noises and screams coming from Lucian?s Chamber. For this reason, he dismissed the guards outside his chambers and these were replaced with two strange robed figures. The King was no fool and suspected foul play. He watched as yet more maidens and now young boys were goaded into the prince?s chambers only never to come out. Concerned, the King approached Lucian. Lucian cunningly convinced him that he had not been acting strangely and was the delusions of an old King. The King believed Lucian and continued planning the celebration of Lucian?s upcoming birthday. Clearly Lucian had begun to develop his alluring ways even back then. The King ordered a great feast for his son and all the local aristocracy were to attend. Lucian heard his invisible adviser his opportunity to finally take the crown!

At the banquet, Lucian sat next to his father smiling and laughing at the arranged jesters and reveled in all the attention. The cheering and laughing stopped when suddenly the King began choking and clutching his throat. Lucian proclaimed himself king that very night and demanded his crown. But no-one would bow. All locals gathered round him protesting the murder and deceit. Enraged, the new king slaughtered all his guests and bathed in their blood and entrails, skinned them and decorated his halls with the remains. As a final insult to his now deceased father, Lucian took the late king?s most prized possession, a beautiful white Pegasus as his own. Lucian sent messengers to all the towns and villages in his lands that he was the new king and all should pay homage or die. I t was during this time that The Voice announced it?s true presence to Lucian, claiming that it was a daemon sent by his great lord Slaanesh and had instructed him to protect and advise Lucian. The newly crowned king made treacherous oaths to Slaanesh. Lucian called to the Beastmen that dwelled deep in the forests that his father had spent so long trying to expunge. They came by the thousands. Before long the other nobles attempted to rise up against him and drive him from the land, but the wretched beasts had encircled the kingdom and were cheering to vile and ancient gods in open blasphemy. All but a few of the proud nobles who once stood against him were slain by these Beastmen as Lucian sat within his castle laughing. The nobles that did escape made their way south east towards the capital.

The news of the Lucian?s actions reached the ear of all Bretonnia. The great King Louen Leoncoeur, ruler of all Bretonnia, proclaimed that this most heinous act against the kingdom could not be tolerated. King Louen Leoncoeur ordered seven legions of knights to march upon Lucian?s Kingdom and vanquish this new evil. Knowing that he could not yet face these forces and win, Lucian fled north. Leaving the Beastmen to be slaughtered as he made his escape. As Lucian fled, he looked back at the glorious carnage and made a vow that one day Bretonnia would fall by his hand and all would quake in his presence. The world would tremble and bow before him and his one true god.

Lucian found solace within the corrupt regions of The Empire realm of Nuln. Here he soon found the cult of the White Serpent and rose quickly through the ranks. Within the year, guided by his daemon consort he became the spiritual leader and Arch Magus of the cult. This was achieved after slaying the Chief Magus and wearing his skin as a cloak, for Lucian had no sense of shame or decency. His self involved actions became more and more evident, but the more he became self indulged and twisted, the more his followers loved him. His thirst for all the knowledge that the daemon gave him was astounding. It was while he was here that the daemon told him in a waking dream of the three great treasures of Slaanesh. These treasures have the power to grant a mortal with all the power of a daemon prince without having to ascend to daemonhood. After twenty years it is said that he grew weary of the pathetic weaklings that groveled at his feet and he proceeded to slay all his followers and dedicated their deaths to Slaanesh. Slaanesh was pleased with the gesture and spoke to Lucian in a vision that night. Enraptured by these visions, Lucian followed his vision north through the towns and villages on his way, he raped and killed hundreds. No-one was safe be them young or old, male or female, all felt his warped touch. Entire villages fell as he passed through like a dark wave. The villagers were given a choice, follow him to glory and rapture or be killed. Lucian force began to swell. Twisted mutated beings that were once men and women followed and were warped beyond recognition as they slowly devolved into vile chaos spawn. Each seduced into following their beautiful leader through all eternity. Witch hunters soon pursued him but all who caught up with Lucian were either seduced into following him as a devout slave or were cut down in the name of Slaanesh.

Lucian traveled north through the blasted wastelands of Troll country and is rumored to have slayed a band of trolls single handedly. Here in the troll country that was to find the first great treasure. The Daemon spoke to Lucian and guided him to a great cave. Lucian found a slumbering dragon ogre of immense size. While the beast still slept, he crept up to the beast and plunged his sword deep into the dragonkins? skull. Lucian tore out the beating, jewel encrusted heart and to this day wears the undying heart under his armor as a trophy. It is rumored that this has given Lucian everlasting life. There are many tales of Lucian being cut down in battle only to be found the next day tearing the flesh off the very men who slew him. These rumors grew and he became a legend in his own right. As his fame grew, Norsemen from far and wide came to his side to bask in his glory and maybe through him gain the gaze of the gods. Champions of chaos began to challenge him in single combat. Each time, Lucian would arise victorious as if somehow they could simply not strike anymore. Each standing in awe as he would take their last breath and almost play wicked tricks on the souls as they left the fallen champions? bodies. Each victory was rewarded in kind by Slaanesh. His skin became as white and as hard as purest marble, his eyes became black and danced with fiery power. His pure white Pegasus was not immune to these changes either. It became serpent like. It?s white fur became a shimmering white, brilliant and confusing to the eye. Truly, Lucian had been blessed by Slaanesh.

Lucian strode forth undefeated for fifty years ever heading northwards. For all these years, the Daemon had not spoken to him then finally he reached a great mirror. The daemon was sat on the other side of the mirror and spoke to Lucian. The Daemon stared proud at Lucian as it changed into the reflection Lucian. The mighty champion before him was beautiful beyond comparison but unlike Lucian was adorned in the most intricate armor made of the strangest and finest metals. Lucian then raised tribute to Slaanesh, but before he could finish his tribute, the reflection stepped out of the mirror. Lucian bowed graciously to his beautiful counterpart then raised his weapon. For twelve days and nights the two champions clashed. Each dancing with such elegance and grace that the followers could only stare in awe at the spectacle. Finally, Lucian was victorious lopping the head off the Daemon. He took the armor for his own. So was Lucian to be granted his second treasure of the dark prince. Lucian raised a huge monolith to the victory.

That night he was visited by his daemon consort now bitter and full of malice. The daemon smiled wickedly as it told Lucian of the importance of the third treasure, a great chalice of the realms of man that remains hidden and protected by a sacred deity of the southern realms of man. Lucian instantly knew of what the daemon spoke of? The Holy Grail of Bretonnia protected by the Lady of the Lake and by the most devout knights in all Bretonnia. Lucian would rain down untold terrors on Bretonnia and once it was under his thumb, the world would tremble before him and he would truly be a living daemon, still of this world with untold power.

Lucian silently sailed south to the coasts of the wastelands in The Empire and led his forces to the Grey mountains. Lucian made his way through the mountain ranges facing and overcoming many trials. In Caverns deep underneath Whitestone mountain, Lucian clashed with the twisted Night Goblin horde of the Green Moon. For six long days the goblins unleashed wave upon wave of green skinned fanatics and warriors towards the army of the white serpent. The sound of swords and hammers clashing against steel and shields was deafening. His Chaos warriors and Marauders tore through thousands of the cloaked goblins with their great blades. Thousands of mottled screams echoed through the caverns as Lucian personally dispatched the chieftains of the great tribe. In an act of true malice and sedition, Lucian Tore their limbs from them while they were still alive and fed them to the very squigs that they revered so greatly. This routed the goblins and as they fled, Lucian?s knights chased them down and crushed them under hoof and sword. To this day that mountain pass is known as the Endless teeth gorge in dark remembrance to Lucian?s foul deeds.

Lucian continued south through the Grey mountains where he faced the great Dwarven Hold of Karak-Karr led by the brave and noble King Thonax Whitebeard. The siege lasted an entire month. Cannons roared and tore through many marauders and daemons but nothing could stop the devastation Lucian?s horde was causing. The great walls that protected the forge were smashed asunder as a Keeper of Secrets tore through to the realm of mortals and proceeded to destroy all in it?s path as it sang the glory of Slaanesh. There would be no reprieve for the Karak-Karr as Lucian took to the air and smashed the Gyrocopters that sought to escape and send word to their allies. Before the end of the thirtieth day, all within the hold were killed? All that is except the great king Thonax Whitebeard. His fate was to be shaved from head to toe and left to die slowly upon a blasphemous pile of corpses arranged upon a great monolith of living pain and flesh that tore at Whitebeard?s skin. The great leader?s son Thonae Greybeard returned several days later from his trading with the Empire to find his own realm in tatters and his father dead. Thonae Greybeard has sworn an unbreaking oath of vengeance that he will not rest until he has vanquished all the vile horde of The White Serpent from the world, and personally taken Lucian?s head.

Lucian turned his attention towards the sacred forests of Loren to swell his numbers with the vile Beastmen who were once his allies before. The Beastmen of the Jagged Tooth did not want to join his forces for they still held resentment for his failure to lead their kindred a hundred years before, Lucian was enraged by this decision and drew his blade cutting a mighty Doombull of the tribes without a seconds thought. Lucian then went further skinning the fowl beast and sucking the brains out of it?s skull. Lucian looked up and smiled at the horror on the faces of the Beastmen. The Bray Shaman declared this to be a sign given by the gods and all the vile beasts fell to their knees swearing oaths of loyalty and fealty to their new dark master. Lucian is now rumored to be hidden within the mountains of the Pale sisters in a dark palace. Gathering his strength, laying in wait to strike. His spies ever watchful for any clues to the Grails presence. Though there have been many attempts to find the hold of Lucian, none have ever returned. Let us hope that his countless hordes never rain down from the mountains, for it may lead to the fall of Bretonnia.
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